Tangspiration: Get Excited for the Hard Times

Hey Everyone!
I know it sounds crazy. How can you ever really get excited for the hard times in your life? What on earth would you get excited for. I know it sounds ridiculous but really – from the bottom of my heart – get..excited..for the..hard times. Throw a freakin’ party.
To be honest, probably the hardest point in my life was when I was just about to graduate high school. It was my senior year and when a lot of people were getting excited for college and preparing to jet set to another country – I was pretty down in the dumps. I just broke up with my first boyfriend, I had to leave leadership of my club that I spent three years growing and what I called mah baby, and to be honest, I didn’t really have that many friends. Yeah, you could probably say I would cry in the bathroom to get my act together and yeah, I was there. And the most amazing thing is that at that point in my life, I could choose whether to mope around and cry all day or pick myself back up and refuse to listen to those voices in my head saying I was worthless. I refused every single one and I got the chance to turn my life around. It was right there at my lowest valley that I picked up make-up. That’s the moment where I turned my life around and that’s exactly why you should get excited for the hard times.
You see life is this journey that we’re all just living out. God has a purpose and plan for each and everyone of us. He created us for a reason – just like he created apples so we could eat them and other animals too. We are all here for his purpose for He created each and everyone of us. So knowing that, my life is this journey and with every journey – times are gonna go real good and other times are gonna be hard. It’s just the way things are. I’m excited because I know that every hard time and trial that God gives me is a time for me to grow and learn. If your life was smooth sailin’ your whole entire life. you’d miss out on a lot. You’d miss out on real feelings and even moreso appreciating and being thankful for things. You see every difficult time I go through, God puts me through that because He wants to draw me closer to Him. He wants to draw you closer to Him. It’s in our times of desperation that we seek and pray when really God is there the entire time.
But what’s interesting is that in every low moment we have, something always breaks free for the good of the world and for you. If I didn’t go through that moment in high school, I probably wouldn’t be a make-up artist right now. I wouldn’t be here writing to you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So I’m thankful for that moment in my life because it made me who I am today, literally. I’m excited for the hard times because I’m excited to see what God is gonna turn this into and why. You know that saying when you won’t know why something happened until much later? Yeah.
So I just wanted to let you know that if you’re going through a hard time right now, feed less the fire of worry and more so the fire of excitement. You’re going to get through this. Your breakthrough could just be right around the corner. Keep going, keep positive, and get out of the forrest. Life is a journey. I’ve been in love with Katy Perry’s Choose your Battles song, so I’m gonna end with – “Choose your battles babe, then you’ll win the war. Stop diggin’ your own grave, when there’s so much to live for.” 🙂 Next time you’ll be telling yourself – “Yeah, I was there, but now I’m here”.
Love, Roseanne