SK-II Stempower Essence Review!

Hey Everyone!
SK-II is probably my all time favourite skincare line right now. I love the stuff. Not only are they highly raved about in Singapore (and probably everywhere else on the planet), I love their products because they work. You’ll see results right there after using it just for a week or two!
I also have some great and exciting news!! I’m happy to share with you all that I have been appointed a blogger ambassador for SK-II on Clozette!
I don’t know if you saw sneek peeks on Instagram (follow me @roseannetangrs), but I’ve been filming a series of 3 really fun videos with them. A hint is that I’ll be doing make-up on myself, bridal make-up on a bride-to-be and lastly, I’ll also be showing you a few style tips when it comes to accessorising yourself! My three tutorial videos will only be launching on Clozette next month in November but the video site is already up and running if you wanna see some of the other ambassadors featured too! Stay tuned for my videos here.
My latest obsession is the SK-II Stempower Essence which is the newest edition to the SK-II family. I mentioned its sister, the Stempower moisturiser, in a past favourites video and I love them both so much.
The Stempower Essence claim to fame is the ability to make your skin super bouncy and pore-less. “In collaboration with one of the world’s foremost authorities in skin cell function research, SK-II’s joint study unveils that turning on our skin’s “Master Switch” enables the protection of epidermal stem cells, by optimising its environment.” Basically, they’ve found the master switch to activating your skin to be more youthful, bouncy and alive. They say you can see results just after two weeks.
It doesn’t help that the Stempower essence comes in this beautiful red bottle. Look how classy this looks and it’s red chrome too! Just like the SK-II Cellumination Essence EX, the product comes in a dropper form so you can drop 1 or 2 drops into the palm of your hand for easy application. The texture of the essence is sort of milky and borderline silky smooth silicone feeling. It’s very soft and blends easily into the skin.

To really test the product out, I only applied it to my cheeks for a few weeks. That way I could compare the texture on my cheeks to the rest of my face. After a few weeks, I have to confirm results and say that my skin on my cheek area feels really nice and firm now. It’s like they got a work-out. Like when you work-out and your arms feel firmer! It’s for sure bouncier and softer as well. I’m actually gently poking my cheeks now as I write this and I’m really impressed with this stuff!
Overall, I’m really happy with the results of the SK-II Stempower Essence. My cheeks are thankful for it and now that I’m happy with it, I think I’ll go ahead and apply it to rest of my face! Hehe.
Hope you liked this review! Let me know if you have any questions below! You can purchase the SK-II Stempower Essence on Clozette right here if you wanna check it out! Stay tuned for my videos 😉