Review: Getting my Hair done at Organic Hair Professional, an All Organic Hair Salon!

Hey Everyone!
Today I thought I would review a new hair salon and one that is pretty special and unique. It’s the Organic Hair Professional. They have quite a number of salons in Singapore already and the best thing is – it uses almost all organic and natural hair products! I knew I was in the right place when my hairstylist told me that he loved working here because he felt he could finally breathe and he doesn’t get sick from all the chemicals anymore too! With the current state of my hair, I for sure didn’t want to dip them in any more chemicals after the colouring process and thought I should visit a more healthier alternative.
Walking into the salon was really relaxing. This particular branch is at River Valley Road, on the junction of Hoot Kiam Road. There were no chemical smells at all and it just felt really relaxing. After a little scalp analysis, the hairstylist told me that my scalp was dry and needed a little help so in total, I got the scalp and hair treatment. I didn’t want to cut it or anything. I quite like the length of my hair currently. We first started off with a scalp exfoliation (O’right Scalp Exfoliating Spa) – with this pear wood gel. Section by section, he massaged the gel into my scalp. It felt so calming and soothing and very minty fresh.
It smells amazing too. That’s not dandruff hehe, it’s just the exfoliation particles getting massaged into my scalp. This takes away all the dead skin or pollution that gets trapped, even if you wash your hair daily. It can lead to oily scalp as well.
Then, it was off for a quick wash! I love this part. It’s like my favourite part because only your hair gets wet and they give quite a good head massage. It’s so relaxing.
My hairstylist then gave me a oxygen scalp treatment. Using an airbrush, oxygen is pumped and sprayed onto the scalp so that the skin at the scalp can finally breathe. It was very cooling and I really felt the difference between going to other salons and this one. I mean, they used green tea shampoo for my hair. I felt like my whole head was de-toxing and it felt really good. Like I just felt like my hair was breathing again.
Then it was off to PH balance my hair. It’s just a little leave on treatment that they do. I think it’s important too because different parts of our body have optimal pH levels. It’s important to get a balance so they all perform..well efficiently I guess and your hair will just look much better.
Now it’s time for the treatment part! My hair stylist used a Yogurt Hair Mask for this and rubbed it into my scalp and hair. He then used  micro nano mist diffuser to open up the pores so that it can absorb the treatment better. A yogurt mask. Love it.
One of their most popular products is their hair tonic from Taiwan. It’s in a perfume bottle so that customers can spray it on their hair on the go and it won’t look like it’s a hair product. Lol, talk about being conscious of what people see. I guess it’s the same when you’re touching up your lipstick or powder and it doesn’t hurt that it’s in a nice case ;P.
After all that treatment, my hair was smooth, soft and felt really healthy. It was time to pimp it up. You know I love my curls so my hair stylist wanted to do nice waves on me. I like big hair guys so I wanted nice volume too.
I just also wanted to show you how organic stuff is. Their products can go trees! I know, TREES. Haha. Each one is biodegradeable and each one contains a tree seed so that when it does well disintegrate, it is healthy enough that the seed will sprout and grow trees. Amazing.
Thank you so much Organic Hair Professional for doing my hair! I hurried off to the Sephora Press Event shortly after and had a lot of compliments about my hair almost everywhere I went! Haha, I didn’t do it myself though, all credits to the hair salon. I really felt like my hair was bouncy and soft and happy. I look forward to coming back and if you all are reading this, why not get a treatment there and try it out for yourself. Your hair will surely thank you for it! The salon I visit is at 376 River Valley Rd #01-01 but they also have branches at Orchard Central, Hougang and more. Click here to find out their other locations!
Did I also mention that Tarte Cosmetics is coming to Singapore? They’ll be here at Sephora next month! Happy Mid-Week everybody! Hang in there, Friday is coming in like 2 days. Then it’s the weekend, weekend, Yeah!
Ok cya guys in my next post!