My Idiot Proof Guide to RED Lips & Lipsticks!

Hey Everyone,
I’ve been sporting red lips like nobody’s business – just like or so it seems – the rest of the world. When I walk around Orchard road, I’m seeing more people with red lips than ever before so today, I decided to do my guide to getting those perfect red lips. I love red lips because they just stand out from the crowd. They’re able to make your entire look come alive and turn tired faces into energetic ones even though we might be faking it. For this post, I’ve chosen a few of my favourite tips and my favourite red lipsticks (with lip swatches too!) to show you.
If you ask any makeup artist or professional, they can walk you step by step to doing red lips and making them last. That includes getting a lip liner, filling it in and then applying lipstick over it. Because I should be responsible, I’m going to tell you yes, that should be the way. This method prevents feathering. You should also use a lip brush to get those really defined edges and of course don’t forget a concealer to make sure they’re super sharp. Although all these tips are super dandy, wouldn’t you feel as free as a bird if I just told you – well, yes there are lipsticks you can just glide on straight from the tube? In fact most can be done and if you don’t mind reapplying after lunch and dinner – I say hey, why not. To be honest, I always need to do my make-up fast, so I always apply straight from the tube and then I pop that tube right in my purse for easy application after.
I think the most flattering red lip is matte or suede. If you’re looking at everyday of course. I mean, if you have maybe a dinner or a function and wanna look extra special, you can add a bit of gloss. But really, red lips look great when they’re intense or matte. I just love the look. That kinda scarlet matte dark red is the best I think. It’s sexy, glam, and at the same time says you’re a power woman. I’d probably save the gloss for photo shoots and models that wish their red lips were matte.
What about the color though. You might think, red right? Not really, all reds kind of have an undertone – either cool or warm. Cool red lipsticks have a blue-ish undertone while warm red lipsticks have a bit of a yellow or orange base to them. It’s a bit hard to say how you can tell – but I can tell just by looking at it. This is really important because if you yourself are a warm undertone, you should look for warmer red lipsticks and if you have a cool undertone, look for more cool red lipsticks. I think the only exception here is if you’re really fair. If you’re like snow white – anything is really fair game. In fact, cool reds would look really nice on you and give you that snow white effect in my opinion.
What are my favourite red lipsticks right now? Well that’s easy, I have four that are like super cool.
he first one is the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in Finale. It’s my first ever red lips and red lipstick is notorious for slipping, sliding and leaving their marks on water glasses and your boyfriend’s cheek. This one stays forever. Forever and it doesn’t transfer. I’ve done the tissue test and if I wear it, let it dry and use a tissue, there will be no lip stains on my white tissue at all. It’s amazing and something I love wearing for days I’m gonna be out all day. The only downside of it – is that it’s a little drying.
The next one is the Topshop lipstick in Hazard. I know you’re thinking but this is one of the best red lipsticks that I’ve tried. They’ve just got that red that’s suitable for any skintone. It’s like a classic red lipstick that you should get and it’s not expensive either which is great. The texture is nice and smooth and it’s not drying. The pigment is there as well and you can get red lips instantly. I totally recommend this. You can even pick it up when you’re out shopping for an outfit. I depotted mine into my lipstick palette so here’s a lip swatch.
I also really like is the Shu Uemura lipstick in Spiky Rose. It’s limited edition though so make sure you get it in stores soon! This red lip is incredibly smooth and moisturising and although it’s not matte, it still has great pigmentation. It’s a daily lip color for sure and the slight gloss makes it really everyday. I like to just slightly dab the color to give my lips a nice tint or go all out and apply it.
The final lipstick love is so pigmented and really smooth – it’s the Bobbi Brown lipstick in “Red Carpet”. I love this so much because the color is so intense and it’s such a dream applying it when I do work too because I know the color payoff will always be constant. It also has a silky smooth formula that I really like too. So there you have it, a few tips to applying red lips! You’ll know you’ll probably be sporting them this holiday season coming up soon (how exciting and already?)! If you have any questions, just ask in the comments section below and if you like what you see, share it with your friends and family! πŸ™‚