Review & Tutorial: Benefit GimmieBrow Brush-On Fibre Gel for Eyebrows!

Hey Everyone!
It’s probably something that most of us forget but no make-up look is complete without perfect eye-brows! It’s so important because it frames your face and when done properly, can make you look skinnier, more symmetrical and just overall gorgeous. I’ve been absolutely a big fan of the new Benefit Gimmie Brow Brush-on fibre gel which is like an all in one. It defines your brows and actually comes in 2 shades, and because it’s a gel – it will keep your hairs in place too.
I also love how it’s so portable. It comes in this little tiny tube that I can bring on the go whenever my brows need a touch-up – especially when I have them plucked or threaded and the therapist removes all my brow makeup. I usually use a brow powder and another angled brush to draw my brows and fill them in. I love how this is an all in one though and it takes one step to get really nice looking results. I was a bit hesitant at how dark it was going to be though. These are my bare brows. I went to this random threading place in the neighbourhood who was like five bucks and yep, I think they kind of messed up so know it’s not Β my fault ;P. I’m still comforting myself that it will grow back. In the meantime, I just have to add a little more makeup.
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The Benefit Gimmie Brow claims to be water resistant, long-wearing, natural-looking and buildable! It’s for sure buildable. To achieve the intensity of color that my brows usually have. I usually stroke it about 3 – 4 times. It’s still tons easier than getting my powder out though. I mean, it’s like a liner. It’s so easy to use. The brush is super tiny, how cute right?
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There’s not much after that really! I like how it’s buildable too because you can decide what look you want. If you want a softer appearance – maybe brush it on 2 or 3 times, but if you want darker brows, then maybe 4 to 5 times.
I am really a fan of this and it’s something you should for sure check out the next time you’re at a Benefit counter!
Hope you liked this post! How do you normally do your brows?