How To: DIY Ombre Lips Make-up Tutorial!

Hey Everyone!
There are so many crazy make-up trends happening these days – from lip tattoos to furry and claw shaped nails! Ombre lips have been in for a while now and I just love how it looks like absolute art on the lips. They’re not something I would wear out on a daily basis, but it was a monday afternoon off so I decided to play with my lipsticks. The essence of an ombre lip is just playing with light and dark shades to create shadows or highlight. Blending is also key so that the colors just melt into one another! I decided to do three looks to show you today. The first is in of course my all time favourite color – hot pink! Ombre can be interpreted differently. We just need to go from dark to light or light to dark somehow. I really like doing ombre lips like this because it makes my lips ten times fuller and gives you that glossy magazine effect! I didn’t photoshop my lips at all mind you!
To do this, you need to start with a hot pink lip pencil. Lip pencils are so good for ombre lips because they are more precise and they have a less wet formula that won’t blend instantly. You’ll need to blend it but it is better in a situation where you can control the blending. Simply outline your lips and fill in the edges, leaving the middle of the lips bare. Then, take a hot pink lipstick and and precise lip brush to soften the edges and blend the liner into the lip, still leaving the middle bare. Then take a nude lipstick and pat it in the centre of the lips. For the nude, I’m using M.A.C Creme D Nude.
Before you apply the gloss, make sure you blend things out but just slightly. You still want the colour borders to be quite clear. I do this with a few pats of my finger. Then, take a clear lip gloss of choice and apply it over the lips. You want to do this very carefully so you don’t rub off any of the colors. A great tips is to get those clear glosses in a tube and squeeze it on the back of your hand and just take a whole bunch of lip gloss on the lip with a brush and spread it on the lip – so you’re just moving the gloss and not what is underneath.
You can always do this with other colours too – just remember – get a dark version of the color, a lighter version and a nude lipstick. I did a more red apple lip by using a really dark lipstick, a red lipstick and a nude lipstick to create this look. I then layered the gloss over the top too. Do you like the pink or red better?
Of course doing ombre lips means you gotta be creative too, even though I know I’m not walking out with these lips anytime soon. I decided to do a sunset ombre lip. Start with a yellow lipstick. I didn’t have one so I used yellow cream eye-shadow to do the trick. Then, I took a bit of the orange lip liner on my finger and put that right on top of my lower lip.
I then took an orange lip pencil and applied it just on the edge of my upper lip and gradually worked my way up with red and hot pink! Of course don’t forget the gloss! It always looks so good on an ombre lip because it melds everything together!
So that’s how you do an Ombre lip! It’s not too hard after all and you can play around with crazy colours! What’s your favourite out of the three looks?
A little update on life. I was booked for quite a bit of makeup and hair jobs to do last week, it was crazy. The last one on Friday was a huge event and seriously, I was like doing make-up and just breathing. Haha. After all that, my friend asks me if I still want to do more and I just said yes. I can’t imagine my life without make-up. I mean, it’s who I am yo! It’s a pretty relaxed week this week, thank you God. I have a few meetings planned and a test to do. I had my driving test today and I failed! Oh my gosh, I was so close to passing but unfortunately I had one immediate failure and I was so silly and drove on the wrong side of the road (in the circuit) for two seconds. It was dark and raining and I was so nervous I just turned into the wrong road. That’s another two hundred bucks gone but thank God my Dad is helping me sponsor these car lessons. He says it’s a life skill. Gosh, can’t wait till the day I can drive!