Review: Face Mask for Oily Skin – éPure Membranous Jelly Masque!

Hey Everyone!
There are so many face masks on the market right now and I understand that it’s pretty hard to find a good one that works. Lots of them have the same ingredients, claim the same things but I still wonder if they’re just good for teenage sleepovers. Always on the hunt, I decided to try out one that’s a little different from the conventional. We’ve all heard of sheet masks, clay masks and even gel sheet masks but have you heard of one that’s totally made of jelly? Today I’m going to be reviewing and showing you how to apply the éPure Membranous Jelly Masque that has rave reviews on the net!
The éPure Membranous Jelly Masque was developed by the renowed Dr. Yulong Moy from the USA and is the first of its kind that has ACF or Active Cellular Factor. It’s formulated for intense hydration and works to restore and balance the skin by removing whiteheads and blackheads instantaneously. It also inhibits melanin synthesis (the cause of pigmentation marks) which lightens pigmentation and balances uneven skin tone. It claims to leave skin much brighter and supple. Let’s open it up shall we?
Cool enough, the pack of masques come with a white spatula with two different ends. Use the end that looks like a flattened spoon to scoop out the jelly masque. The masque comes in a satchet filled with the jelly masque. There’s quite a lot in there and certainly enough for one use.

Once you’ve scooped the jelly out, slap it on. Not literally but apply it by spreading it on the skin. It’s kind of like spreading icing on a cake.
It feels uber cooling and refreshing. I love this feeling, especially after a long day. I usually put my sheet masks in the fridge but with this, you don’t need to.
Make sure you apply a generous amount. Basically apply whatever is in the sachet onto your face. You want to add more on places with more blemishes or whiteheads. You can see it is quite a thick layer on my skin so be sure to do the same.
Up close and personal, this is what the masque looks like. If you have areas where the spatula can’t reach, just use your fingers to spread it over. Now it is time to wait! Wait 20 – 25 minutes to let the masque fully do the work.
As time goes on, you can analyse how your skin is doing and you can see cool things like air bubbles and your whiteheads being lifted up and floating in the jelly. Do you see them being lifted up?
Once the time has finished, use the other end of the spatula to scrape the jelly off. This is a lot easier than trying to rinse it off. Scrape it off and discard of the jelly.
After you’re done, just have a warm rinse and pat with your favourite toner.

I’m really amazed at the results of the masque. I mean look. It really is like instant results. When you wash it off, and look in the mirror, you really see that your skin looks different. It has a subtle glow to it but not over the top which is great for people like me with oily skin. It’s that subtle matte glow that makes you look as if you are wearing make-up. I certainly am not in this picture though but I look like I have no pores.
After using this over a period of two weeks, I really feel like my skin is getting a little less oily. I mean, it’s weird to say that but I feel like I’m looking less like an awkward oil fart in the middle of the day. I still oil up no doubt but I think I’m doing it a little less now. To me, the masque out performs my expectations when it comes to oil control and the removal of white heads. However, I have yet to notice improvements in the lightening of acne scars and pigmentation. I guess I need to wear it for a longer duration.
Overall, the éPure Membranous Jelly Masque works. Who knew that jelly could take care of oil so well. I used to think only clay masks could do it but now jelly to me has a whole new meaning. A great masque to get if you have oily skin, white heads or just want great looking skin.
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