DIY Drugstore Hair Dye Review & Tutorial! L'Oreal Fashion Excellence Golden Nude Brown

Hey Everyone!
I guess it’s like that time of the month again. No, not that one – time to dye my roots. Of course back in the naturally black hair days, it wasn’t a problem but now I finally know how it feels. Other than my roots, I’ve always felt like my highlights were a bit too strong, especially the ones near my face. They made me look like a forest fox. Instead of going to the salon, I thought why not try a box dye – one that you can get at Watsons, Guardian or any local drugstore. And hey, it’s good for your wallet too because we know how expensive salon dyes can get!
My hair dye of choice today is the L’Oreal Excellence Fashion Golden Nude Brown. The L’Oreal Fashion Excellence range of hair colors are browns that are most suitable for Asian skin tones. Christopher Robin, Colorist Expert for L’Oreal Paris quotes that the dyes are “ideal for darker base tones who want to visibly lighten without a drastic change. The balance creates an elegant look that counteracts rosiness or dullness in the skin.” Sounds good to me. I’ve always been careful about color because you really need one that suits your skin tone. I know that Golden Nude Brown is a lot lighter than my original color because I thought that if my roots are black, I should get something a bit lighter. It also comes in Ashy Nude Brown but I thought the Golden Nude Brown was closer to my current shade so there would be no mess-ups when I get my roots done!
I prefer a perfect shade of dark brown but a dye that doesn’t dry out my hair either. After my first salon dye, I didn’t take care of my hair properly so you probably noticed my oily roots and brittle ends. The Excellence Fashion range has Hi-Shine Complex which promises high color uplift and also Micro-Cera Essence, Amino Acid and Collagen which is able to protect, strengthen and replenish hair so I though that it was the best bet. It’s only about $18.90 at your local drugstore but currently going at $15.90 just for the month of August!
The L’Oreal Fashion Excellence Range comes with your regular assortment of hair dye parts. You have the gloves which are important to protect your hands, protective Pre-Color serum that protects your hair, Protective Creme Colorant, Creme Developer and Protective Conditioner. I just love the packaging. Super glamorous! Make sure you also have an old t-shirt on or a towel to make sure you don’t have any ruined clothes at the end of the process!
Anyway, this stuff is amazing. It really does offer you spectacular shine and great color payoff and the triple care formula has made my hair so much softer. Very impressed. I thought what better way to show you than in this video tutorial I did trying it out for the first time! But if you’re too lazy to click play, let’s get started! 😉

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Step 1: First apply the Pre Color Serum evenly to your hair and leave it in so that your hair can absorb the serum. This will protect your hair!

Step 2: Whip on your gloves and add the Protective Creme Colorant to the Creme Developer. Just squeeze the entire contents of the colorant into the developer bottle! Then, cap it and give it a shake! Make sure to shake it vigorously so the color develops fully.
Step 3: Take the cap off immediately and add your comb cap head onto the bottle.
Step 4: Start from your roots. Color takes longer to seep into your roots so it’s a good idea to start here first. Apply the formula onto your roots, combing out evenly.
Step 5: Now its time for sections. Take your hair in medium sections and apply the formula to the sections. Use your hands and pull gently and apply the formula until the strands are completely covered. Pin up on your head and repeat! Tip: If you find it hard to reach parts of your hair with the comb, use your fingers instead! 
Step 6: After everything is pinned up, I like to let down my hair and make sure that all the inside hair is covered with any excess hair dye that I might have. I then put it back up!
Step 7: Wait for at least 30 minutes. If you have grey hair or hair that is more difficult to dye, then you can add five to ten minutes more to the waiting time!
Step 8: Rinse your hair in the shower and then apply the Protective Conditioner and then rinse again until the water runs clear and your hair is clean.
Step 9: Dry your hair and style it whichever way you prefer!
I’m so impressed with this stuff. I mean just look at my hair! It looks so silky and beautiful and I absolutely love the color. I love how it has completely gotten rid of my roots and has toned down my highlights. It’s perfect!
I also want to introduce you to my life saver hair shampoo and conditioner. As you know, I had for the longest time after the color – oily roots and the most dry and brittle ends. I was so upset because my hair was known for being really thick and beautiful and after trying out something new, it became so dry and thin and brittle. I talked about it to my friend and she told me I should be using a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. I kind of dismissed it because I thought it was ridiculous. But I have to say after pretty much not finding a solution, I just went ahead and used this – the L’Oreal EverPure Range for colored hair which has really helped repair my damaged hair from a previous colouring at the salon. It happens to be 100% sulfate-free and I saw results overnight. Maybe my hair was just allergic to something but I know that it likes this one. It also has an anti-fade system, UV filters and natural botanicals like rosemary, mint and juniper!  The range comes with a shampoo, conditioner, hair masque and a leave-in conditioner that I pop on my bedside table and apply to my ends before I sleep!
And guess what guys, you get to try all this for free! (Oprah moment right now). I have two sets to giveaway – each set including the entire L’Oreal EverPure range and also one L’Oreal Excellence Fashion Hair Box Dye in Golden Nude Brown so you can see for yourself! To enter the giveaway, you must comment on my Youtube Video why exactly you want to win. Click this link basically to enter which links to the video! Thought it would be good if you’re looking to get your roots done or want a new colour:) Giveaway ends Sept 1 and is only open to those residing in Singapore!
Good luck everyone! Seriously very impressed with this stuff and loving my new hair 🙂