Filming with SK-II – Perfect Wedding Make-Up & Skincare Tips for Brides & Brides To Be!

Hey Everyone!
We all know that being a bride to be can be stressful. You’ve got to plan everything – down to what color all the flowers are gonna be, what your dress will be like, not to mention your wedding cake and even down to the chairs and tables. I’m not getting married yet but I can imagine what it would be like and to be honest, I’m not sure if I can stop myself into turning into a classic bridezilla! I’ve been working on an exciting project with SK-II to reach out to brides all over Singapore. Part of the project is this video that we made, check it out here!

That’s right, SK-II chose me as their make-up artist to speak to all the brides about what make-up best suits a wedding and why skincare is so important! It’s such an honor.Β I love the brand to bits. It is one of the few skincare ranges that actually show results after only a few uses and it certainly has improved my skin. Even though I’m not near getting married yet, I totally understand with my own bridal clients. The stress from planning can cause break-outs, a dull complexion and anΒ unevenΒ skin tone that is hard for me as a make-up artist to work from and can be worrying for brides. That’s why getting into a good skincare routine early is so important and something I suggest to all my clients because I’m sure that we can all agree that your skin can really influence how you feel on your big day. It’s finally great to see a skincare brand that’s actually listening and that actually works. They’re the first to reach out to brides-to-be with the new SK-II Bridal Glow Set!
If you haven’t read my post on my Top Bridal Make-up Tips, make-up for your wedding should always be four things – timeless, classic, natural and long-lasting. You don’t want to flip back in your wedding photo album thirty years later with your kids and wonder why you looked like you just came out of Katy Perry’s E.T – unless of course that floats your boat. That’s why your make-up needs to be timeless and classic because classic suits all themes. Of course since you’re going to be greeting and meeting your loved ones all day, you don’t just want to look like a caked up mess for the photos – but something that looks natural and that lasts long.
However, a huge part of having a great looking bridal look on your special day is your skin. I can’t emphasis enough that make-up looks best on clean, hydrated and supple skin. It’s not magic and it can’t make a pimple look less 3D and how good would it be if your skin really glowed not from the make-up but from within. That’s why you should get into a really good brightening skincare routine as soon as possible before your special day. Even if I didn’t get to do this project with SK-II, I’d stillΒ recommend their range to everyone! It really makes you glow!
The video was so fun to do. I love doing videos and getting in front of the camera, but I’m sure you already know that ;). The video was filmed at the bride to be’ s house. Her name is Rachael and she’s getting married next year. I could just see the excitement from her eyes.
While the camera was rolling, I just gave her the normal consultation that I give all my bridal clients before the big day – asking her things like what look she wants to achieve, what issues she has, and what she likes and doesn’t like. From there, I’m able to custom design a look for her that suits all her facial features.
I had a really great time. I thought the video was really beautifully done. Although this is just the teaser to the event, I throughly enjoyed myself. I was a little more nervous about getting in front of so many brides and teaching them about make-up but I guess when you know your topic so well, it’s okay!
By the way, if you’re looking for a make-up artist for your wedding too, I’m free to do your make-up too πŸ˜‰ Check out my portfolio here and feel free to send an email to!
For the video, I decided to wear a pink blazer and simple black skirt and white top. For the make-up, I wanted to go a little bodler. In fact, for video and TV, you always have to wear a little more than usual so it shows up on camera. This is my classic look – red lips from the Ultimate Suede Lipstick, Ardell individual lashes and a neutral smokey eye.
Stay tuned to my next post to see how the speaking went, really cool make-up and skincare tips for weddings from yours truly and what set SK-II has to offer to all the brides! πŸ˜‰ Here’s a sneak peak of the Bridal Glow Set that I will be talking about more in my next post!