New Arrivals On My Online Store!- Origami Animal Necklaces

Hey Everyone!
I love unique necklaces with a litte twist so when I saw these babies, I knew I had to bring them in! If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m founder of my online store, – actually also the all-in-one employee – and I find necklaces all over the world and stock them in my store! I select all of them so that they’re a representation of my style. You get to give back to the community too with a percentage of profits going to featured charities that you pick at check-out. It’s all about being stylin’ and giving back to the community – and can be found right here
We recently launched some new arrivals this week that we call Origami Zoo! It’s a really cute collection of Origami animal pendants that are so sweet and simple and great for any outfit. Let’s have a peek, shall we?
Mr. Wabbit Oragami Necklace – SGD$10.90 (click it to go to the link in the store)
Mr. Wabbit likes eating carrots but has a midas touch that turns it’s friends into gold or silver (depending on his mood). You can adopt one to show it some love! I love how it looks like it’s about to hop on out of here but when you’re wearing it as you see above, it’s really cute and simple!
Fluffy the Puppy Origami Necklace – SGD$10.90 (click it to go to the link in the store)
I love dogs and puppies so I thought this was appropriate to bring in as well! It’s a simple origami puppy that’s also available in gold and silver! I love how it has long ears like a sausage dog or a beagle, but its also a little artsy so that it can be worn with a lot of things. They make great gifts too!
Mr. Elephant Long Chain Necklace – SGD$13.90 (click on the link to go to the store)
This is a best seller so far! In fact all the gold elephants have been adopted! Thank you so much <3 But the silver elephants still need a home so be sure to visit them and pick one up! I love these because they can be so casual worn over a shirt and some denim shorts too. They’re unique and cute and long chain as well! 😉
Fold Me Origami Boat Necklace – SGD $10.90 (click on the link to go to the store)
I used to love folding these origami paper boats when I was little. We’d fold them up and find a body of water to float them on – whether it be an actual pond or even the bathroom sink. Why not make them into necklaces! And here’s what you get, an origami boat necklace hanging on a chain. They make gorgeous and special gifts to remind us of our childhood. I love them!
Nuts About You Origami Squirrel Necklace – SGD $10.90 (Click on the link to go to the store)
Squirrels are adorable. The last of the zoo is this Nuts About You Origami Squirrel. It comes in silver and gold too and is so cute and simple!
Check out the whole new collection here: :)I have a lot of other cool items up there so if you haven’t checked out my online store! Please do 🙂
Hope you have a wonderful day. It’s nearly TGIF!