My Facial Experience at Asian Skin Solutions! Just for you – Get a $1K + facial for only $10!

Hey Everyone!
It’s that time of the month again! Well, no..not that time of the month but it’s certainly time to get a facial! Facials are an important to any skincare routine and is recommended by skin experts to be done once a month (or whenever you need a little pampering).  I was invited by Asian Skin Solutions to come down to try out their facial services and intrigued by the way they’ve dived into specialising in asian skin, I couldn’t wait to try them out to see whether it actually makes a difference.  Asian Skin Solutions have discovered that Caucasian and Asian skin is structured differently and that they both have different skin problems that can’t be solved by just one solution. In fact, it’s one of the few salons that specialise in Asian skin here in Singapore.
Even though everyone’s skin is different and it’s hard to make a general statement about any skin, there are similarities that can be noted. The more common problems that Caucasian girls face include freckles, dry skin, wrinkles and skin that is more prone to sunburns. On the other hand, Asian skin often has pigmentation issues, open pores, dehydrated skin and acne scarring. It’s probably due to the fact that we are exposed to a different climate and environment. The humidity in Singapore doesn’t help the open pores, air conditioning that we are often in due to the hot climate makes our skin dehydrated and pigmentation issues are due to the sun. Asian Skin Solutions specialise in addressing these particular concerns.
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I first started out with a personal analysis of my skin using this ultra cool “magic wand”. I’ll call it a magic wand since I’m not sure what it’s actually called. Anyway, it reminded me of the SKII magic ring crossed with an ultrasound instrument. It’s great because when put to the face – it can analyze on a program different skin issues like how rough your skin is, to oil control and pigmentation.
My major skin concerns were pigmentation and uneven skin tone. I wasn’t surprised to be honest since I do have a few little acne scars popping up recently. I haven’t been getting much sleep either since the boy is a chef and gets off work really late. However, my skin texture and collagen count wasn’t too bad at all!
If you haven’t recognised, the amount of collagen is directly related to how many triangles you see right here in this analysis. The first picture in the top left is my face, the second on the top right is my neck and the bottom is my forearm. My forearm is like baby skin un-exposed to the sun so that’s why it’s like the “ideal” skin. The other two seem to say that I haven’t been applying enough sunscreen, but to be honest that’s my facial skin with make-up on. Contrary to popular belief, consuming collagen doesn’t always guarantee you that you’ll be softer and supple because you can’t control where and to what body part the collagen will go to after its been consumed.
After the analysis, I was prescribed the Rose Oxygen -Infused Facial Peel Treatment! This facial treatment is supposed to hydrate your skin, and revitalize and brighten your complexion. It’s definitely a must-need for me since my schedule makes me a busy bee even during the day and into the night. I learnt from a skincare specialist ages ago that blackheads are easily removed when the skin is hydrated. I’ve been having more than a few clogged pores even with exfoliation lately so I’m glad the treatment called for that. I asked to skip the extraction part of the facial not because I can’t stand the pain, but because I don’t believe in extraction. Girl, didn’t your mama tell you, you should never pick your pimples? Well, even if its done professionally, I don’t believe in it.
Of course the first step is to remove your make-up! It was really relaxing thanks to the massage skills of the specialist and the warm damp towels to remove the make-up. My lipstick was really hard to remove since it’s the Revlon Ultimate Suede – my favourite lipstick of the moment!
After a super cleanse, the specialist scrubbed my skin clean to remove any dead skin cells and then turned on the steam! I love getting a good facial steam. It’s really relaxing and warm and it just feels like my skin cells are breathing again. After the steaming, the specialist massaged my skin with an oxygen infused serum and added a rosewater mist. I don’t know if it’s the fact that my name is Roseanne that makes me love rose flowers and smells so much, but wow, that rosewater just made the facial. It smelled amazing and the serum gel felt really nice and cold. It was a wonderful massage that helped drain any toxins away too. She then added a softening mask and let me just melt into it for the next 15 minutes.
I know, I look a little freaky. But don’t be scared, you’re about to be informed about basically the most interesting facemask method I’ve ever done! This is a two-mask system. Basically, she added a white clay like mask on first. I thought that this was it until she added a layer of soft cotton mesh on top of it. She then added a towel on top of my eyes to relax them. Then, she applied a layer of the green peel treatment on top of the mesh layer. Did you know that I took these pictures blindfolded (I know, pretty good right?) and I only saw what I looked like after the facial? I was pretty shocked too!
The gel dries to a soft rubber that peels off and my skin feels ridiculously soft and smooth after it! This is me about 2 hours after the facial after coming back home, no make-up or skincare on at all. My complexion really does look brighter, rosier and healthier! It also feels much calmer too. Overall, it was a really good experience (despite looking like the incredible hulk, rawr!)
Asian Skin Solutions was really nice to offer all of you (my lovely readers <3) a GSS 2013 special promotion too! The Rose Oxygen Infused Facial Peel Treatment, illuminating eyes treatment and relaxing face, neck, shoulder and head massage actually costs a whopping $1,688. However, you get to do the facial (and all of this) for only TEN DOLLARS (SGD$10)! Woooo. All you have to do is leave your details at this link and then call them to make an appointment at 6767 0077. Seriously, ten bucks. If you’ve never done a facial in your life, NOW is the TIME! Treat your mama, treat your friends, treat someone off the street. Just go. Click here.
T&C – above 18 years old only, strictly by appointment and this promo will only be valid for 2 months. There are two outlets in Singapore – the one at Parkmall (9 Penang Road, S238459) and Bugis Village (154 Rochor Road S188427).
Hope you liked my review! Thank you Asian Skin Solutions for sponsoring me! I really enjoyed myself and hope you will too!