Hong Kong Disneyland (Day 3)! – Mystic Point, Space Mountain and Goodbyes!

Hey Everyone!
I can’t believe it’s the last day of our Disneyland adventure. It has been such an inspiring and fun trip to Hong Kong and such a break from the city. From having breakfast with Mickey to going vertical on RC Racer, it was such a dream vacation. But, let’s finish off with a bang shall we? Of course, it’s breakfast time! This time, it was at our Hollywood Hotel at Chef Mickey!
Chef Mickey is a restaurant with an international buffet! You’re for sure talking an international cuisine with food from Japan, USA, and of course local delights again like Dim Sum and noodles. It’s a really nice spread of food. Apparently Mickey is supposed to come out and surprise us in his chef costume but I guess he slept in today!
Look at the uniforms and those Mickey buttons!
They didn’t have egg tarts at the Enchanted Garden and Hong Kong (especially Macau which is just a ferry ride away) is known for their delicious egg tarts! These for sure didn’t disappoint.
6 7
Full tummies yet again! I really liked the dim sum. I’ve never had that much variety of dim sum at a breakfast buffet before. Well we are in Hong Kong I guess!
Time to work it off and our first stop is Space Mountain – of course after a bit of walking and shopping! I know right. But it’s actually one of my favourite rides in Disneyland. Space Mountain is a fast moving indoor roller coaster but don’t worry, there’s not flips or anything. It just goes really fast.
I love Space Mountain because it feels like you’re really in outer space! There are stars everywhere and you feel like you’re really rushing through all the stars on a space rocket. It is so much fun and I totally recommend it!
But I guess we shouldn’t forget the classic rides either like Orbitron. This is the classic spinning ride that allows you to push a button to let your carriage go up and down as you please. It’s been done by Dumbo the Flying Elephant and even Dinosaurs but it never gets old.
I always feel like I’m flying on this ride, even though pushing the button is a bit redundant since I like it at the max level!
After the ride, we managed to get a meal and drink coupon so why not try the Quick Service restaurants around the park! These are just sort of like food centres and there is one pretty much at every land. If you aren’t keen for spending a lot at a cafe, then try these food centres as they’re much more affordable. Since I liked the ambience of Adventureland so much, we settled for Tahitian Terrace!
The food was actually not bad. Jacob got the Butter Chicken with rice and I got the Balinese Chicken. It kind of tasted like green curry and rice and the portion size was pretty good too. I remember when I was in Disneyland in L.A and my parents would by just two meals to feed four of us because the portion sizes in the states were so huge!
After that, we made our way to the media launch of the new land, Mystic Point! Mystic Point is the last land of Hong Kong Disneyland’s expansion project and the land will be open to public on May 17th, 2013! How exciting right? I felt so blessed to be able to see it before everyone else could!
The story about Mystic Point isn’t something that is classically Disney. It’s about this character called Lord Henry who is an eccentric explorer and adventurer and his explorations and travels around the globe. He has an extensive collection of fine art, findings, antiques and collectables from all over the world which he has put in Mystic Manor for everyone to see. It has a mysterious and alluring vibe to it. Lord Henry also happens to have a mischievous monkey as well that you’ll get to know more about when I talk about the ride.
I thought they did a beautiful job with Mystic Manor. I mean look at it. It’s a full scale mansion. You can like go in and live in it now. It’s amazing how much detail, effort and attention goes into everything that Disney creates. It’s so magical! We also got to try their new drink that will be available at Mystic Point called the Blueberry Myst! It is a yummy cream soda with blueberry compote and the lighted ice cubes make such a nice mysterious touch!
The main dining area is the Explorer’s Club Restaurant. The restaurant is divided into five themes and countries – like Egypt, Russia, Morocco, India and China. They will be offering 16 special dishes and guests can admire the decor as they savor all the yummy delicacies! The Chef recommends the Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup (which is also approved by yours truly) and the Blueberry Myst.
The whole land was absolutely stunning and fit to the theme. You’ll also get to go shopping at the Archive Shop which offers a brand new merchandise assortment of over 140 items with 4 main themes of Mystic Manor.
Of course the highlight of the trip is the ride of Mystic Point – the Mystic Magneto-Electrical Carriage! This ride is about five minutes long and features state of the art 4K HD Cinema projectors that are used to create 40 different types of special visual effects.
The ride tells the story of Lord Henry’s mischievous monkey and the magical music box that turns Lord Henry’s collection and artefacts to life! Music dust from the music box weaves its way through the rooms of Mystic Manor as you see the story progress. The cars actually rotate which brings you almost a mobile theatre experience!
From seeing music instruments coming to life, to singing Egyptian Antiques to Tribal Arts and Mediterranean Antiques – it is surely a ride that really tells an engaging and fun story!
If you’re more keen on exploring, the Garden of Wonders at Mystic Point is really cool too. There are several ancient sculptures and mosaics there including optical illusions like this one and 3D illusions as well.
There’s a view finder to see the illusion come to life! Jacob looks so much bigger than me right? It’s just an optical illusion!
The Mystic -Point Freight Depot will have cultural ambassadors that will appear in traditional Native American, Egyptian, Bulgarian, Indian and Mexican costumes to meet the guests for a truly international experience. The Depot is also scattered with precious artefacts from different historical backgrounds that you can take pictures with!
I still can’t believe that sitting here and typing up this post means it’s the end of the adventure but the memories will always remain. It was a remarkable time and such a good break from reality. Even though I’ve spent three days at the park, I’m looking forward to many more trips to Hong Kong Disneyland in the future. I can never really get tired of it because each time you visit, it still is magical and new.
Hong Kong Disneyland is a really special place to visit and I totally recommend going. I mean look at me, I still sing Winnie the Pooh from time to time. If you’re tired of city life and really want a magical escape then I don’t see why not.
Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions below!