My Make-Up Pet Peeves/Common Make-Up Mistakes & How to Fix Them!

Hey Everyone!
This is the only time I get to wear bad make-up and get away with it. I have to admit it and I’m sorry if I sound mean but there are times when I just wanna help a gal out. Either in the MRT, mall or even on the street, sometimes I just wonder what’s going on in their heads when they put on their make-up this morning. Being a make-up artist, it’s really hard not to look. Here are my top 5 make-up pet peeves (peeves are things that really annoy you) and how to fix them! They’re common make-up mistakes that everyone makes! Not like you gotta fix them for me, but let’s just say you gotta help yourself.
1. The Reverse Panda Eye
This is probably the most common. You’re doing your make-up and you didn’t sleep much last night so you’re layering on that concealer under the eye. In the mirror it looks pretty good but trust me girl, it’s deceiving. You think it brightens your look up but when the camera snaps and flash goes off, you look like what I call – the “Reverse Panda”.
It’s not a good look. You look like you have headlights under your eyes and it’s just plain distracting. But, here are a few tips to help you out. If you have heavy and dark under-eye circles it is totally understandable why you want the coverage. Instead, make sure you opt for a concealer with no SPF and no reflective properties. Anything that is a concealer and highlighter in one or a “radiant” concealer is an absolute no. Instead go for something that’s just a liquid concealer. However, if you have no under eye circles like me, and want to highlight – then, just dab three dots underneath your eye and in short dabbing motions, blend the concealer out! Just to clear things up, your under eye concealer should be the same color (not lighter) as your foundation/face.
2. Round Blush-a-Holic
I don’t know how this trend made it here, but it did. The round circle blush shape is making waves with it’s Japanese fans but truth be told, we don’t all look like Japanese dolls. I’ve seen this on girls on the train, going shopping, at the movies. And I hate to be mean, but I really think you look like Krusty the Clown’s wife. I mean look at me! I didn’t even do up myself that bad to show you. I usually see these girls with bright red or orange circles on their cheeks. I just wanna go up there, ask for their permission of course, and blend it out. Trust me, they’re not doing cosplay either.
Blush can do so much for you and it’s not just about looking fresher and more alive. It can help slim you down too. For the most natural flush, work the blush slightly from the top of your cheekbones down to your cheeks. Make sure you add a little at a time till you get the perfect flush and you can see that the blush looks much better and more complete!
3.  The Ashy Foundation 
One of my friends is super fair, but really wants to be tan so much so, she’s in “foundation shade denial”. She refuses to get a foundation that is her shade and usually goes for the shade 2 or 3 shades darker. Then, she bronzes up her entire body. Although looking tan isn’t the problem here in Singapore, I still think we have a similar problem. A lot of the more tan models I do always ask me to apply something lighter so they look lighter on camera. That’s not a problem since it’s on camera but walking around, you do look a little funny. The reason why you look ashy, dull or gray is because your foundation either is too light a shade for you or you’re walking around with the wrong undertone.
And it’s not your fault either. The BB Cream craze here is…crazy! They only provide one or two shades and all of them are for light skin tones. Even walking to your local Watsons and Guardian, most of the make-up brands even major ones supply only foundation shades for light skin tones. It kinda makes me a little mad. Find something that is your skin tone. But, it could be the fact that the actual foundation is gray! There are so many bb creams out there with a gray undertone. You squeeze it out on your palm and it’s obviously gray! Do you check this or no, because it’s gray. I show you ze difference. Gray vs. Yellow – BOTH are bb creams. I’m not going to name any names but you can see the difference for yourself.
gray and yellow
4. Top Heavy Lashes
That picture makes me wanna go “heheheheh”. Lol. You can see how dramatically smaller my eyes have gotten and this is everywhere. I mean false lashes can do every Asian great things, including myself. They do open up the eyes. However! You must get lashes that suit your eye-shape. Sometimes people think that all false lashes are created equal but no, they come in different shapes and sizes for a reason! Getting super full lashes does not equate to getting super big eyes. In fact, it equates to smaller eyes if your eyes can’t carry them well.
So how do you pick a good lash. Granted the “good lash” isn’t the best lash I have but it will do. You can see the “good lash” has varying lengths, cris crosses, has more space between the lash and is layered. This is for sure going to look a little lighter on your eyes than the “bad lash”. Of course if you have really large eyes you can turn the “bad lash” into a “good lash”, but this lash is going to just flatten and squash your eye. It’s a straight cut which isn’t natural. It’s just thick. It’s like I can just grab the thing as one piece of hula skirt and take it off.
As you can see, the “good lash” makes such a gigantic difference. Even though the “good lash” isn’t as thick as the “bad lash”, it’s able to open my eyes even bigger than they originally were without lashes and that’s exactly what you want!
So I really hope you found this useful! Hope I don’t see any of you girls sporting the above anymore or I haven’t done ma job properly!
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