Review: April Bellabox!

Hey Everyone!
I’m sure we all love getting surprises in the mail, but how about monthly? And even better, they’re all beauty products. Bellabox has always been probably the most well-known brand of sampling boxes, being based in both Australia and Singapore. With so many these days to choose from, Bellabox I feel is the warmest and friendliest! In fact, they were started by a group of young women just like you and me who loved trying out beauty products but didn’t want to keep making trips to the counters for samples.
Plus, they understood that beauty products are expensive and they never wanted to regret buying another bottle. Thus, they started Bellabox. They really care and hand pick the samples that go into your box and have partners from cult and major brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Sleek, OPI, Laura Mercier and Shu Uemura. I’ve been itching to try them out, and finally am here to open up a Bellabox right in front of your very eyes! So exciting! It’s April’s Bellabox by the way!
First of all the packaging of the boxes are I feel are the best out of any sampling box I’ve tried. I love the flamingo pink and the white victorian feel to it. It certainly sets the stage! April’s Bellabox is all about Beauty Goodness. You’re first greeted with a lime polkadot wrapping and orange seal of approval.
And then all of this! But let’s dig a little deeper.
First up is the ElishaCoy Vivid Party Lipstick. They’re no ordinary lipsticks because they actually use the heat from your lips after application and transform into a naturally beautiful pink. How cool right? It’s like a mood ring. Sort of. Plus, they smell absolutely delicious! Just like your favourite strawberry popsicle. After trying them out, I was surprised at how smooth and hydrating they are! They leave a really pretty glow on the lips too. A definite must have!
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This fragrance is no stranger. Its the DKNY Fresh Blossom EDP sample. I finished a bottle of this way back in College and this scent just brings me back to all those memories. It’s a really nice fragrance – sweet and citrusy – perfect for Spring. This small mini vial makes it easy for me to drop it in my bag instead of lugging the whole bottle around too! If you want a lighter take on the popular DKNY Be Delicious, this is perfect for you. I have gotton so many compliments on it.
As you can tell if you’ve seen my recent videos, I have been crazy about Bioderma lately. It’s a really great make-up remover and cleanser for sensitive skin so when I saw this Bioderma Atoderm Shower Gel sample in the box, I was thrilled! I mean, I haven’t tried anything else than the Bioderma make-up remover from Bioderma and I’ve been having a bit of contact dermatitis recently due to stress so I’m excited to see how this can heal things up (because it claims it can) and maybe start venturing into other bioderma products.
I’ve heard about Twistbands, but I haven’t tried them yet until now. They’re basically bands that don’t hurt or bend or tug on your hair which is great! I always lose my hair ties. I buy a whole pack of them and slowly they scurry away to some far off island so I’ve become very appreciative of the next one I find. The Twistbands look very cute when tied on the hair and pulling them out is super easy!
Last but not least, a little something for your skin and your body. Also in the box this April is The Skin Pharmacy Collagen Building Serum! It includes key natural ingredients that increase your skin’s vital components so that it can increase in elasticity and firmness. Collagen is super important for your skin as it causes it to be supple, soft and firm. Then, there’s the Kilo Off Herbal Slimming Tea that use 100% organic French natural herbs and ingredients to help you detox or help with your digestive system. They surprisingly taste really good and you can drink them hot and cold.
And if that’s not enough, they’ve also added a Skin Pharmacy voucher and a Chocolate Souffle recipe so you can get some shopping done and make a souffle at night. Brilliant right? I haven’t been baking much so I think I shall try it. After all,  this Chocolate Souffle recipe isn’t just from any cookbook. It’s how Laurent Bernard, the Chocolatier does it.
Overall, I think that Bellabox is really honestly a great thing to get involved in. You get all these products delivered to your doorstep and every box is going to be different. I love how they take from well known brands as well as some sampling boxes just give you a bunch of things they probably even they themselves haven’t heard of. You can simply join Bellabox at a montly subscription of $19.95 or you can take a look at this!
Bellabox is super sweet and wanted to give us a special offer just because you read my blog. If you’re a lover of SLEEK Make-up like I am, they’re giving one away FREE to anyone who subscribes with them right now at 🙂 Go, go, go! They make great gifts too and imagine getting a box of different goodies every month delivered to your doorstep – you get to try new things and stay updated with the top beauty trends of the season!
Hope you liked my review! Totally would take advantage of a free Sleek Trio Blush!