Must Eat in Singapore: Saveur @ Purvis St.

Hey Everyone!
As much as I love make-up, you could ask anyone, sometimes I wonder if I like food a little more. My guilty pleasure isn’t spending a bomb on clothes (although I can’t say much about make-up) but it is eating out. And today I can’t wait to share with you something that I’ve been visiting almost every week and that’s a quaint restaurant on Purvis St. called Saveur. It’s not like this place needs any more attention than it already has being featured in countless magazines and newspapers, but hey, I’m here to say that all of that is true. It’s that good and girl, you need to go!
Yesterday I decided that today is the day that I’m going to take the pictures and blog about this place. So, I took Trisha, a good friend from Melbourne now staying in Indo. She’s just visiting in Singapore and it was so good seeing her! She’ll be starting work in a few weeks so I’m glad she got to fit in Singapore before everything starts!
First up was the Salmon Confit. This is my all time favourite starter. It is salmon cooked in its own “fat” with a green apple salad and chives and the black bits you see which is kombu, salty seaweed, the yummiest thing ever! The salmon is so soft and melts in your mouth. You can just taste the beauty of the fish which is really hard to find these days. Plus, it’s only 9.90. Saveur is known for being really affordable. If I got this anywhere else, I’d probably be paying twice the price for it. That being said, it’s such a great place to bring people because you have great food and you don’t have to spend that much.
Saveur has five main main courses and they also have a specials menu at the back. I think the best seller is the Duck, which I always order. You can see just order upon order coming out of the kitchen! The duck is absolutely delicious. It is duck leg confit, with the softest home-made mashed potatoes, saute shitake mushrooms, orange segments and orange infused natural jus. It is crispy on the outside and tender, soft and moist in the inside.
For dessert, I totally recommend the creme brulee. I’ve tried every single dessert on the menu and I think this one is my favourite. They have seasonal favourites so the last time I had the creme brulee, it was pandan flavoured (so good) but today it was coffee which didn’t disappoint at all either. The sugar on top complements the coffee really well – kinda like a caramel coffee.
But of course they don’t just carry normal desserts, they carry pretty innovative ones as well. I love the Textures of Citrus because it’s so refreshing! It is blood orange jelly, served with orange granite, freeze-dried pineapple, feuilletine (the cereal part), citrus segments and lime zest. It’s like the perfect end to the meal and there’s so many cool things going on, you just don’t know where to start!
Overall, it’s never a sad meal at Saveur. It’s totally a must go to place if you haven’t been yet. There is always a queue for their lunch and dinner session so go early to beat the queu. Just like the Transformers Ride in Universal Studios, it’s worth it.
You can find Saveur at 5 & 6 Purvis St. which is just across the National Library. You can stop at City Hall mrt and walk past Chijmes towards the Raffles Hotel and just go straight until you see Maybank and Saveur and Purvis st is just there. They are also opening up a new restaurant starting April 2nd at Far East in Orchard. It used to be the Old Town cafe next to KFC but now it’s going to be Saveur! *happy dance*. Hope I added something to your bucket list this long weekend.