Renee's Blend Review – Singapore's First Beauty Blogger & Brand Collaboration

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renee's blend
Meet Renee, a great friend and a crazy successful beauty blogger – the woman behind I first met her over a dinner at Cedele which happened to be both a favourite at that time and it’s been more than a year! It’s so cool to see that we’ve both grown to where we are now – from getting into newspapers, magazines, and working with companies. This journey has been crazy fun and it’s great to have someone there to talk to who understands what it’s like! Now, Renee has her very own bodycare brand and it’s Singapore’s First Beauty Blogger & Brand Collaboration. I think this is amazing and I’m super proud of her. She even flew all the way to Thailand to create these products with Lemongrass House! For all of those who don’t know, Lemongrass House is known for its eco-friendly products using the power of natural ingredients and essential oils.
Renee’s Blend is a mix of pure essential oils including Siam Magnolia, chocolate, vanilla, pink grapefruit, papaya and coconut. The result is a smell that smells really clean and fresh with subtle notes of warm musk, papaya and coconut. It is definitely spray all over your room worthy! Siam Magnolia especially is known for being able to promote tranquility, spiritual reflection and help you focus. Not only does it smell great, it can also be somewhat mentally beneficial!
But let’s get started. I have here three products from Renee’s Blend – the Shower Gel, Salt Body Glow Scrub and the Room & Pillow Spray. I just sprayed my room with the stuff and it is amazing. The shower gel is infused with the lovely scent and is a vegetable based deep cleansing shower gel that is made with fresh plant infusions of cucumber and aloe vera, pure essential oils and moisture rich glycerin! My skin smells uber smooth with this in the shower and the smell is great. I love how the scent stays on you unlike other shower gels.
But before that, when I’m feeling extra luxurious or just need a good scrubbin’ – I like to use the Salt Body Glow. I absolutely love this product! It’s a great salt scrub that doesn’t make you feel greasy but provides just enough moisture. It is made from sea salts from the Andaman Sea, Jojoba, Aloe Vera and Renee’s Blend and gently exfoliates and revitalises.
As you can see, the scrub is not too course or too fine and is perfect for sloughing off dead skin cells and makes your skin uber soft.
Last but not least is a best seller, the Renee’s Blend Aromatic Room & Pillow Spray! It’s a natural botanic mist of just the scent of Renee’s Blend wafting through the air. I mean what could be better. I love Room Sprays, keeping your house smelling extra nice is  a must, especially if your room is like your home office like mine! I spray it in my closet too so my clothes smell extra fresh.
Overall, I am really proud of you Renee! This is amazing and the products are amazing too. All of this is limited edition everyone so the last day to get your fill of Renee’s blend is the second week of April! You can get Renee’s Blend at any Lemongrass House shop including 112 Katong (#03-20), Liang Court (B1 – 26) or Raffles Place (03 – 07A)! I highly recommend the Salt Body Glow!
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