Life through Instagram – A little update :)

Hey Everyone!
I know I don’t write about my personal life much but today I’m being good to myself and taking the day off and I though I’d update you on life! (and what better way than through instagram).
The boy is now a pastry chef at Saveur which is a really great affordable french place on 5 Purvis St. I’m always bringing people there not because I’m an awesome girlfriend (hehe) but because their food is amazing – especially  their duck and desserts – not to mention their salmon confit. I’m really proud of him for pursuing his dreams to be a chef and despite the long working hours, our day offs pretty much make up for it. I’m actually pretty big on food and want to find Melbourne – like brunch spots. We gave the Orange Thimble in Tiong Bahru (supposedly the hipster place of Singapore nowadays) a try but was a bit dissapointed. Their food was good, but it was just sandwiches and expensive juice. Our trip to Kki near Chinatown didn’t disappoint though. The cakes there are japanese inspired cakes – think japanese soft type cheesecakes and desserts – absolutely delicious but they kind of cost a bomb. A worthy trip if you’re looking to splurge a little.
I am so proud of my blogger friend, Renee of beautyfool, for launching her own set of bath products thanks to Lemongrass House! I have a few in my stash and will blog about it soon. They are limited edition so if you hop down to Lemongrass house, do give them a whiff and pick some up before they run out! The Philosophy Eternal Grace EDP and I met in London in Selfridges and it’s been long distance since then until I spotted a bottle at the Philosophy branch at Tangs the other day! I absolutely love the scent and it’s so wearable. It’s kind of strong when you first spray it so leave it a few seconds before giving it a second whiff. Reminds me of my very first perfume from Zara! I’ve been experimenting with tons of beauty products too thanks to all the companies out there and Zalora, a new and major online store based in Singapore is having their anniversary! They’re giving out a Golden Ticket in purchases that let you redeem certain gifts. I got a $50 Zalora voucher which I happily spent on shampoo.
It’s not been very long since I launched my online store, I just want to thank everyone for the support, it has been quite challenging running it on my own and getting used to taking care of every single bit of the business. I hand wrap your packages myself by the way! Thank you so much for supporting me and do take a look at the store and see what you like! I source them from all over the globe but I’ve been thinking of making my own using wire. It’s just a blueprint right now but I don’t know, you never know right? We are launching our new collection soon so stay tuned!
I have to say that I’m getting pretty much settled in and back to my new life in Singapore – after running back and forth from Melbourne and then London. I miss the kopi and half boiled eggs and even visited my high school the other day for some nostalgic lemon chicken and strawberry capri-sonne. We used to freeze the capri-sonne and cut the bottoms out for a really good frozen dessert. I’m also learning how to drive but not sure what I’ll be driving thanks to the sky high prices for cars here. But overall, things are pretty good.
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Love, Roseanne