How To Get Winged Liner PERFECT

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How To
Applying perfect eyeliner can be a difficult task for the newbie in make-up to some of the experts. It’s something that requires practice and patience. But if you’re out of both, here is a really easy way to put training wheels on your eyeliner. All you need is a dark eye-shadow like a matte black or brown that will be your eye definer and a sharp synthetic angled eyeliner brush. Use these two tools as your training wheels. Simply draw on the eye shadow where you would put your eyeliner. The synthetic angled eyeliner brush (I recommend the Ecotools one) will help you draw precise lines with the shadow.
The beauty of this is that if you make a mistake, you can simply rub or gently brush off the shadow. Good thing I’m wearing a smokey eye here! If not, use a dry q tip and in quick strokes, brush the powder away.
Once you’ve got your training wheels perfect, you can then go over the whole thing with your favourite eye liner.     HT3
So that’s about it! I think the best liner to use right now is a liquid liner. I’m using the Make-Up Forever Aqua Eyes precision liner but really like the Maybelline Impact Express pen looking one as well as the Revlon Colorstay! Hope you liked this post! I’m launching my online store soon! Do stay tuned on my Facebook Page to keep updated!

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