Quick Tip: How to Apply Creme/Cream Blush

Hey Everyone!
Cream blush has always been a love it or hate it product for me. If applied to heavily, I look like Krusty the Clown and for some reason it never wants to stay on your cheek right? So today I’m going to teach you how to properly apply cream blush so that you get the exact color every time.
Cream blush is simply a blush in cream consistency. Almost every big name make-up brand has a cream blusher and for good reason. They give you a healthy glow especially great for photoshoots when you want to a healthy and glowing finish on your model.
The trick to applying cream blush is to apply it only after your foundation. Or, if you have flawless skin, straight on your skin. Never apply it on a powdered or set face because powder and cream (like oil and water) don’t mix and you will end up with a cakey mess. Then, you will need two fingers to apply your blush. One blush to dot the cream on your cheek where you want it and the other to blend. That way you don’t apply too much and you can build the color up. I painted my nail a different color so that you can see that I’m using two fingers.
After that, dust with a transparent powder to set. For an even longer life blush, you can dust over a complimentary powder blush over your cheek but make sure you aren’t going too heavy! And that’s it!
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