How To: Lip Liner Tutorial with Orange Lips!

Hey Everyone,
Lip liner is one of those love it or don’t know it kind of products. Most of us don’t even use lip liner and reach straight for our lipsticks right? I know I used to. But I find that for bold lips – whether it’s red, pink or even orange –  nothing beats a good lip liner to really define your lips and make sure that your lipstick doesn’t move or fade.
The best lip liners are smooth, easy to apply, sharp and pigmented. You need to be able to get pigment by a very light trace of the pencil. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to apply your lip liner. Of course the way you do this is just like eye liner in that you have thousands of different ways that you can draw the line but here’s how I do the job:
Start with your cupids bow and draw the line so that it frames your lips exactly. Lightly trace the pencil. Then, connect both ends to the ends of your top lip. Move down to your bottom lip and press your tongue against your chin so that you can see your lip line more clearly. Draw the centre first and connect to the ends of your bottom lip. Then, fill in the lip entirely with the lip pencil. Follow with matching lipstick. Another trick is to set your lipstick with a powder and then apply another coat of lipstick to make sure there will be absolutely no budging whatsoever.
The stars of this show is my new purchase, the MAC Moorange lipstick which is an Amplified Creme and the LA Girls Endless Lipliner in Nectar kindly suggested by the wonderful Sarah Chaudry or (facesbysarah) during dinner a few days ago. I love this lip liner and it does not budge. Plus it’s 10 bucks so I got myself a neutral shade too. Orange lips are good for this season if you’re looking for a more unique pop of color instead of the standard bright red and pink. It’s an often forgotten lip shade but it can look pretty cool too.
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