London-Bound & Makeup School!!

Hey Everyone,

This is just a quick blog post because I’m basically half-asleep already writing this. It’s 1 AM and I’m going to plop myself on a plane tomorrow and fly to London to pursue a diploma in Fashion and Photographic Makeup!  I also just quit my full-time job, had an entire day filming with Mediacorp (the local TV station) and had a remarkable time.
To be honest, it really hasn’t hit me yet. This is all like a dream. Today was such a dream. Three years ago, I was plopping my camera on a tissue box and a few books and today, I had a 6 person crew, studio, two pro cameras, the whole lighting gig and even a producer to tell me what to say “Action” and “Cut”. Such a surreal experience as being on TV has always been such a DREAM for me and it’s like I’m living the dream. How good is God! Well, it’s not my own TV show just yet, I filmed 8 episodes for a series called Beauty Basics for the new Mediacorp Toggle TV. But hey, we all gotta start somewhere!
As to that, I also left my full time job. Sometimes you learn that you really can’t do everything nor can you please everyone. I’m really good at hiding how much I have on my plate but at this moment, I really want to concentrate on my store, the blog, you all and the videos. This is my dream and I felt that pursuing that job held no long-term benefit for me and I really had too much to do. I was really tired and stressed out and basically had no time for myself at all. Plus, I’m opening my online store in January. It seemed as if there would be no time for me to even breathe. I’m happy that the company can now hire someone who will be 100% committed. So in a way everyone’s happy. You just have to trust sometimes that what you love and what you are made to do will payoff.
I’m excited for London and I think it hasn’t hit me yet. I think tomorrow night when I’m in a London cab, cold and craving some British fish and chips will I realize that I’ll be in London for the next three months. I’ll be attending the London School of Beauty and Makeup for an IMA Diploma in Fashion and Photographic Makeup! I am really excited to learn and will share tips right here on the blog and youtube channel so stay tuned!
Thanks for putting up with my “flying everywhere” life. See you in December, Singapore and HELLO LONDON!
xx Roseanne