Excuse Me, your hair smells like Vanilla Birthday Cake – Organix Vanilla Silk Shampoo

Hey Everyone,

When I was twelve years old, my friend would bring her Lip Smackers lip glosses to school from the States and we would sniff all of them cooing at it’s yumminess when they didn’t have them in Singapore yet. Lip Smackers lip glosses were amazing and my favourite flavour was the vanilla. It just smelled like you just made a batch of Mommy approved vanilla cupcakes. How good is that smell. I’m in love with Vanilla. I’ve been in love since I was little when all of us would spray Bath and Body Works Vanilla and Brown Sugar body spray on ourselves before class, light vanilla Yankee candles and of course eat vanilla birthday cakes. If you’re just as big a fan of vanilla as I am, you will LOVE the Organix Vanilla Silk Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum.

I’ve seen Organix shampoos everywhere on the shelves and I have always wanted to grab one of these eco-friendly bottles myself. Let us not remember a fake vanilla smell that’s too sweet but one that is absolutely perfect. That is the smell of these hair products and I’m not suprised. There are  real Tahitian Vanilla Bean Oils! There are also silk amino proteins that are able to strengthen and seal your hair’s cuticales to reveal smooth hair.
When I tried the Organix Vanilla Silk Shampoo, it made a gorgeous rich lather. It was surprising almost and after the rinse, my hair felt squeaky clean.  I’m not sure if I really felt the absolute softness of the shampoo, it was really just clean. I of course couldn’t stop smelling the atmostphere when I showered as I was wrapped with the smell of the Tahitian Vanilla bean oils. Remarkable scent. Can’t get enough. Can’t..stop smelling my..hair.

To top it off, there is a great after-smell after the rinse which is refreshing and even though you might think vanilla isn’t refreshing, this vanilla smell isn’t awfully heavy either. The Organix Vanilla Silk conditioner does the job and is able to soften my hair. I do think that you also need to follow up with the serum though which says you should apply it on towel dried hair. To be honest. apply it on your hair once dried if you have any fray bits for in my opinion, it works best this way. It’s like the Mythic Oil that I’ve talked about before and it does once massaged produces a non-oily finish but defo smooth hair.

As you can see, how thick is that conditioner. The shampoo really does create a very creamy vanilla lather. The smell also lasts unlike most shampoos and if you let down your hair, people will probably wonder if you’re hiding a cake behind your back.

Overall, even if you don’t need a shampoo and conditioner, you should still give this baby a whiff when you see it in the store. Especially if you’re a vanilla fan like me.