Tangspiration: I had NO idea.

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Tangspiration post. I guess it’s because I only write one of these when I get inspired to. I was sitting on the couch eating my lunch today when I started to reflect on what I’ve done in life (funny what a bowl of fried rice can do) and it came to me, “Man, I had NO idea.” I had no idea that I’d be blogging and youtubing and collaborating with major companies and agencies. I had no idea that one day I would welcome Christ into my life and just have such an awesome relationship with God knowing that I’ve been brought up differently. I had no idea that I’d be in a relationship even. I remember only a few months ago saying that I’d probably never get married (I know, issues much?). I had no idea that I’d even be in make-up, much less get into fashion jewelry and now in the midst of opening my own online store. Growing up, I’ve been trained to feel like I should be a doctor or a lawyer or a successful CEO and never have I even imagined that I wouldn’t even care about any of that, now.  I guess the point is in reflecting that “I had no idea”, I see really how awesome life can be because you really have no idea what’s next.
I think part of the beauty in life is how unexpected things can be. I was really the nerd in High School. All I cared about was my grades, all I cared about was things that I don’t care about now. And I think a lesson to learn from that is that sometimes the things that you care so much about right now, won’t really matter in a few years. As we grow as people, we change and hopefully for the better and we change what we like, what we enjoy doing and grow into who we were made to be. Sometimes slowy, but surely. I think that’s also why when we listen to the superficiality of the world as they call it, and go into something that we weren’t meant to do like become a banker when we really like painting, we are unsatisfied and unhappy. No matter how many mountains of cash you can make, we feel empty because we do not fulfill a much deeper purpose and from my perspective, God-given.
I wonder when again I will be telling myself “I had no idea” . I wonder what it might be. Perhaps I’ll be in another country and telling myself “I had no idea” or staring something else that “I had no idea” about. For me, I trust God to lead me and use me for whatever He wants me to do. But if you can’t relate, I still believe that just like me, you have no idea what you might be into in a couple of years. All we can do is anticipate in excitement and perhaps stumble upon the fore-shadowing of hopefully something great. What did you have no idea about?


  • Rhoe

    It’s amazing how you’ve accomplished so much!And even more so that you’ve become a professional at what was once just one of your hobbies.Great job!

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      Thanks Rhoe! and thanks for reading my blog!

  • Annalisa Reyes

    I really like how you made the point that God gives us a purpose-the things we love we love for a reason. Like when you said we might be a banker but really love painting. It is really hard in this world do go with your artistic dreams because so many people just don’t believe these desires mean anything. so many people look at artistic things as just a form of play and not as something important and full of life-improving potential. I firmly believe we do have our talents and artists dreams for a God-given reason and that we are meant to use them.
    Thanks for sharing also your experiences. Its true life can take you places you didn’t expect but are good and better than what we might have been going for-even by far.
    Great post! Thank you! <3

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      Thanks Annalisa! I agree, you never know where it’s going to take you!

  • Elvira

    I’ve always loved how bubbly and down to earth you seem on camera 🙂 you deserve everything you get, i can tell you put a lot of effort into what you do! You are so blessed and I’m happy for all the good things in your life~~ congratulations 😀 and yes God really gives us purpose

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      Thanks Elivra! I agree, God really gives us purpose!

  • Vicks

    Dear Roseanne,
    Thank you for writing this post. I have been following your blog for a while, and I especially love your Tangspiration entries cause it address many things that I have pondered over.
    I’ve always thought that it would be ideal to go into one of those “proper” office jobs. I achieved straight As for my ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels, but things changed when I entered Uni. It was as if I couldn’t do well no matter how hard I studied. We would seemingly be bell-curved to have lower grades or there were so many people who were far smarter than me. In those 4 years, I became disillusioned and went through bouts of low self-esteem/confidence, self-doubt, and depressive feelings. I graduated with mediocre grades and couldn’t find a “good” job, it was a far cry from my secondary school and JC days. I still thought banking was the way to go (I’m an Econs major), so I settled for a contract job thinking things would eventually get better. It got worse – there was so much strife in my team and I felt so stifled I eventually became disengaged.
    Almost everyday at work, I would ask myself if this was how I would want my youth, and the rest of my life to be – unfulfilling, unsatisfying and aimless. I believe that we should all take risks and chase what we’d like to do, as you have emphasised many times throughout your blog. I admire you for taking this step because I don’t know if I have the courage to deviate like you did – I have academically outperformed my parents’ expectations in the past, and I’m sure they are still expecting me to walk down the “proper job” path.
    My contract is ending soon and I have no intentions to continue working in my company. I will be taking a break and thinking hard about how I want to re-chart my life. I have played with the idea of modelling and blogging, or maybe go be an air stewardess (I swear people around me will flip knowing that me, a uni grad, can even think about “wasting” her degree on a “high-class waitress” job. On the other hand I think this actually gives me a chance to see the world while getting paid for it, since I’ve never studied overseas and have taken few overseas trips.), and study for another degree and masters after that (I do like studying too!). Am I insane to think this way?
    All the best in what you do. Someday I hope that I will also be able to tell people that ‘I had no idea’ just like you.

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      Thanks Vicks! let me know if you have any tangspiration requests 🙂
      Thans for sharing your story love, I would feel just as stifled and I am glad that you have picked a life that can help you breathe. It is really important and not insane. Do what you love and I really think that if there’s nothing wrong with it, don’t mind what people might think of you. If your friends think that you being a flight stewardess is just a high class waitress, then they are not great friends I think. They should support you instead. We still have yet to see what life has to offer both of us, I’m sure you will be declaring that statement soon for a good thing 🙂

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