Cetaphil Skincare Haul & Mega Cetaphil Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!

To be honest, the first time I saw Cetaphil was  when it was stacked up in my parent’s bathroom. My Dad swears by the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser which was recommended by his dermatologist  for helping cure his skin condition at the back of his neck. He has been using it every day and has seen massive improvements . Yet it wasn’t probably the first time I heard about it either. Cetaphil has long been a holygrail product that is not only effective but affordable .  I remember way back  when the first time I used it and I fell in love with it’s non-soap formula. Like an old flame,  I’ve fallen in love again so when Cetaphil contacted me to be their Cetaphil Facebook Expert Tips Ambassador, I couldn’t be happier.

As Ambassador, I will be  giving webisodes of my Skincare tips  answering your questions on topics from how to remove make-up properly to protecting your skin daily. Join me on the Cetaphil Singapore Facebook Page if you want to be part of it all! So here’s a haul of Cetaphil’s best sellers so you can get the low-down on these babies and how to win a  full set of Cetaphil Products later of your own!
1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser  (237 mL)

The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser ought to be the star of the show. It has been talked about so much and it really is like nothing I’ve tried before. Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin cleanser is not only suitable for all skin types, it can cleanse both the body and face (which is why my Dad uses it for his body and I use mine for my face).

It’s a very versatile product and because the gel that you pour out is so gentle, it doesn’t cause skin irritation and can be used for even the most sensitive of skin. The cleanser also happens to be soap-free and pH balanced (did you know that our skin has an optimal pH and that most cleansers aren’t pH balanced therefore stripping away natural oils?) – bet you didn’t. And better yet, it can be used with our without water making it great for removing foundation.

Although you’ll have to wait till I do a full review, I’ve loved it for a while now. When you pour it out onto your hand, it is a cloudy smooth and silky gel. It’s as if the cloudy bits make it so silky. As you apply the cleanser, you can really feel it gliding and it is unlike any other cleanser – it’s just soft and smooth..and well a little hard to describe. Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser is also fragrance free which is great. Cetaphil is not only recommended by dermatologists, it’s affordable and accessible by people like you and me.

2. Cetaphil DailyAdvance Hydrating Lotion (85g)
The Cetaphil DailyAdvance Hydrating Lotion although it claims to be for dry to very dry skin can also be used for normal skin. Not only is it a face moisturiser, it also is great for your body too just like the Cetaphil cleanser. It’s core offering is it’s Epidermal Replenishing Complex that hydrates skin for 24 hours and it’s quickly absorbed.

The lotion is more luxurious and creamy than what is expected out of a lotion. It absorbs quickly and I like to use it for my arms and can’t wait to use it more in London when the winter comes and I’ll be scrambling for moisturisers!

3. Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense Sunscreen (550mL)
I’m always on the look-out for the next best sunscreen. These skincare products are one of the most important but is often overlooked. When we think skincare, we think of cleansers, toners and moisturisers but to seriously care for your skin, we are always in need for a good sunscreen. The Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense sunscreen is actually SPF 50+ which is a pretty high SPF, great for whether like Singapore..or Australia where the suns rays can be pretty potent. It is also suitable for all skin types, provides broad spectrum  UVA/UVB protection, is easily absorbed and leaves no white residue. Even better, you can use it for body too the next time you’re at the beach.

I’ve been using this daily but I haven’t come up with a consensus just yet, you’ll have to wait for my full review . It gives you a fantastic glow and after you properly work it into the skin, the white residue quickly disappears which is great for make-up fanatics like you and me!

Did you know this sunscreen ha s ablend of 7 UV filters? Pretty noteworthy.

So you’re probably asking c’mon Roseanne, where’s the giveaway? Well, here we go!

To win your very own set of Cetaphil Products and to celebrate my new ambassadorship with Cetaphil, you are eligible to win your very own Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, a Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion and a Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense in SPF50+! all you have to do is…

Comment in the comments section with why you want to win! It’s that easy. The response with the most effort will win the Cetaphil Hamper and will be chosen on September 20th, 2012! The contest is open internationally!

Cetaphil Flash Sale – And if you’re in Singapore, and want to get the Cetaphil Gentil Skin Cleanser with a discount – exclusive to  readers,  from now till 18th September, you can purchase the 473ml Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser here https://cetaphil.com.sg/sale for only $9.90 (U.P $20.90). Do remember to redeem it at the redemption centre before 30th Sept!
Good Luck Everyone and if you want to stay tuned with what Cetaphil and I will be up to, be sure to join their Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/CetaphilSG
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Love, Roseanne


  • Narelle Rock

    an itch here,
    a scratch there,
    red sore marks everywhere,
    sensitive skin all over,
    only thing that helps is a cold shower!

  • Ebonie

    Hey Roseanne, I’d love to win these products!
    I think this give away came at the perfect time because at the moment I’ve actually been looking out for a good cleanser because my Nivea one isn’t working out at all which makes me want to try the cetaphil one because you’ve clearly said it works well. I’d also like to recieve this kit because I have very dry skin, not only in winter but all year round so the moisturisor would be a huge bonus. Thanks heaps!

  • Angel

    I have heard about Cetaphil a few years ago when I was struggling with studiest. I wanted to try the products so much because back then, I have had the worst breakout ever from staying awake to do my revisions, assignments and thesis but due to lack of budget, I didn’t manage to try out any of the products even though I have heard a lot of wonderful comments about Cetaphil. I would really love to win it because Cetaphil has always been one of the brands I am curious and want to try out and experience the difference myself.

  • Vanessa

    First off, I would like this opportunity to say ever since I bounced my way onto your site (and its only been a few months) I have come to love visiting your site, watching your tutorials and learning makeup tips from you! Thank you so much for sharing yourself to every one of us out here. From someone who hardly know anything about makeup (or don’t put on that much at all) I have now begun to love dolling up! Once again, THANK YOU for being an inspiring role.
    I have never tried Cetaphil before but have heard raves about it from a couple of friends who do have sensitive skin or with skin problems like me. I would definitely love to try Cetaphil out because Im constantly worrying about my body and face. Being a combination skin I tend to break out easily if the facial wash I use is too harsh for me & I tend to break out in rashes easily as I have minor case of eczema on the arms and legs. . I have tried several brands – expensive and reasonably priced ones – but I can never find one that suits me well.
    My horrible confession is that I hardly use sunscreen because most of the brands Ive tried leaves an oily heavy feeling, causing me to skip it entirely and I know that’s very very bad. So I do hope I get to try out Cetaphil’s as it is suitable for all skin types and has UVA & UVB protection with SPF 50+! As for moisturizers, though I have combination skin, I would so love to try out Cetaphil’s moisturizer for my body – my hands, elbows and feet are in need of some moisturizing love!
    I do hope I win this! Thank you very much for this opportunity.

  • Valentine Low

    I want to win Cetaphil products because they are gentle on my skin and I love Roseanne’s blog because I get to win giveaways.

  • Yaya

    Hi Roseanne!
    I have been having Eczema for about 3 years. Went to the doctor for so many times and got injections…plus the medicines given doesn’t make my eczema get better. One day, I chance upon reading about Cetaphil. The reviews I read about Cetaphil makes me went to Watson and buy a bottle of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I have been using Cetaphil for 2 years, everyday for face and body. My Eczema got better and better. And although my eczema get better, I don’t wish to stop using Cetaphil because I still need to take care of my skin. I love Cetaphil!

  • Vica Andriani

    I’d love to win this because I’ve never tried any Cetaphil products before. My friends did and said it’s awesome! So yeah, this may not be a quality answer but I hope to win hehe! Thanks, Roseanne! 😀

  • Siti Nurul Hudah

    I must say that Cetaphil really works wonders on my 3 year old daughter who really had a bad eczema. After a few wash, I could see the difference and her skin is getting better after each wash followed by the mosturizer/lotion. I was very happy by the result that I couldn’t wait to buy the next bottle to see the improvement. I even took before and after photos of her skin. Being a mother, I surely want my daughter to have a skin, smooth as a silk and it really breaks my heart to see her scratching and told me its very itchy. Now that her skin is getting better because Cetaphil is her permanent body wash, she just love taking her shower not like before. I even use Cetaphil for my newborn baby. I want what is best for my family.

  • Nicole

    I’ve never tried Cetaphil so this’ll be a great chance! Great post as always(:

  • annaliza bautista

    hi roseanne,,i really would like to win this products for my son!!he is having an allergy from something that makes his skin itchy and dry..i just bought cetaphil from a drugstore but it would be so great if i could win these complete package…it will be a great help for my son!!thank you heeps!!

  • annaliza bautista

    hi roseann,,,i would like to win these cetaphil complete package for my son!!he is having an allergy that makes his skin itchy and dry,,i bought cetaphil cleanser from the drugstore but still it will be a big help for him if he could use the complete product package…thanks a lot and hopefully i will be the lucky one to take this package back home for my little boy!!

  • Sheri

    Hi Roseanne, thanks for this giveaway!
    I actually used Cetaphil when I was younger because my mum used their moisturiser and I could not BELIEVE how moisturising it was. It also did not break me up, and now, I’m considering going back to Cetaphil because I have had non-stop breakouts recently 🙁
    I love trying out new skincare products, especially moisturiser and that hydrating lotion looks great!

  • liz

    Hi Roseanne,
    Congrats for being chosen as the Cetaphil FB expert tips Ambassador! And thanks so much for sharing your feedback on these lovely products.
    I’ve been a Cetaphil-user, the gentle skin cleanser is my trusted body wash ever since I experience too much dryness on my legs. By having a very sensitive skin, it is sooo hard to find ‘affordable’ yet ‘very effective’ product. And what’s good in this cleanser is that you can use it even on face — all-in-one right! =)
    How I wish I could win those lovely products and get the chance to try and fall in love as well with Cetaphil’s hydrating lotion and sunscreen… =)
    Thanks a million dear!

  • Chua Zong Han

    Hello Roseanne, I have just recently ‘found’ you on YouTube and your videos are really really helpful! You teaches me how to use bb cream the right way, what are some of the products you recommend I have tried and is very good and you show me how to wash my very first brush! I’m a boy student in Singapore and I’m a very self-conscious person though I’m still lack a lot.I felt insecure beacuse my friends look so good and I’m just a normal big size students(not quite big but still big) with oily skin. I have to make sure I’m in order, nothing goes wrong before leaving my house to school. But I’m having a problem is that my pimples are like, ‘1 gone, 2 back’, especially my forehead. I’m been finding all kind of skin care product to reduce my pimple but somehow new ones just kept poping out. Recently I bought 2 acne cleanser, one from the the face shop cleanface series while the other is acnes from watsons. Both cleanser dry out my skin and some part of it felt itchy and tight, though I have a oily skin, I hate that the cleanser drys me out because my sister and from the interent said that my skin will produce even more oil if I wash off all my oil. And now I have no where to find what cleanser. Roseanne, this cleanser seems like a good cleanser as yoy rave it but I shall use up my 2 cleanser 1st before purchasing it because my mom will nag at me for wasting extra money. 🙂 The hamper looks good, if I can win, it will be a bonus to me! Thanks for reading!

  • Jan S

    I would love to win the set as I have pretty dry and itchy skin. Have not yet found anything gentle enough for my sensitive and dry skin yet! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  • Jacob

    I want to win Cetaphil products!

  • CHloe

    I would like to win because I use cetaphil as one of my holy grail products.
    It’d be great to get some for free.

  • elvina

    i want to win those awesome Cetaphil products because they are really the best brand for me. I recently got eczema a year ago and it sucks so badly. i hate it so much because my cheeks and lips would be so dry and itchy. whenever i sweat, i feel my face itching up so badly and it’s been affecting my cheerleading training so much. but after trying out cetaphil products, my skin really cleared up significantly because it is so gently yet effective to remove all the horrible dirt. i’ve become really dependent on the cetaphil cleanser and moisturizing cream to ensure my skin remains clean and moisturized, if not it’ll have red and dry patches that flake sometimes. my eczema medicine helps keep the flare ups under control, but the medicine causes acne and thinning of the skin, hence creating a new problem after solving the old one. i’ve stopped using other skincare products, even those that attempts to soothe and tone sensitive skin, and cut down my putting makeup, all because of my eczema. Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizing cream are my bread and butter now, as all i want is just to keep my face clean and hydrated. After reading your post, i am even more sure of the positive qualities of cetaphil products and am so so excited to see that there is a giveaway! i sincerely hope that i can win the products! =)

  • Priscilla P

    I’m in love with Cetaphil’s products. I use the daily gentle facial cleanser for my face – I love that it doesn’t leave my face feeling dry afterward, and that there is no scent. Thanks!

  • Renzze

    Cetaphil is an old favorite that I’ll go back to every now and then even though there are a multitude to enticing skincare out there. It’s gentle but does it’s job perfectly well. My younger sister swears by it and would use no other brand of cleanser! Awesome stuff!

  • Annsley

    I would love to win the Cetaphil products because I am very particular about what I use especially what I use on my face. I usually would not go out to buy a product that I do not already know that my skin likes. Plus I hate wasting money and products that makes me even more reluctant to buy products that I have not tried. Winning this would satisfy my curiousity about this brand and allow me to try out Cetaphil’s products before buying more of their products.

  • Lina

    I definitely need something that is gentle, which i can use everyday. I have always wanted to try out cetaphil but never had the chance 🙁

  • SK Wang

    Hi Roseanne, would like to win this to give it to my colik who has very very sensitive and super dry skin,
    and I would like to keep the sunblock for my own use, i have sensitive and red skin 🙂
    wish me good luck 🙂

  • Priscilla

    Hi Ros,
    Im really dying to win the hamper!!!! I had been a SUPER big fan of Cetaphil for 3 yrs now…
    It all happened when I got eczema which caused spots all over my body, with itchiness and bleeding.
    Yap! Its horrible. But hey.. Cetaphil saved my life!!!
    I had a friend who is now going through the same issue as what I had before, but she is super skeptical about this brand,
    I hope I can win it and give to her n prove to her that this brand is THE REAL THING!!!!
    * pray hard* Let me win pls!!!! * dramatic cry*

  • Mira Razak

    Hi Roseanne,
    Wanna know
    Why I Want To Win?
    Because i’ve heard so much about Cetaphil. I’ve a very weird skin, its oily but when i used skincare for oily skin it’ll dry up. Then i’d turn to hydrating it and after awhile it’ll turn oily. i’m 23 and this has been going around for so long that i am now declaring war against my own skin! If Cetaphil can be my ultimate cure, send me one! ^^
    p/s : i love your videos! (well, who here doesnt right? lolz… just HAVE to say it.)

  • Elizabeth

    I would love to try these products out for myself because reading your great reviews I think this will help me. Due to my lupus I have dry skin so the hydrating lotion would be very helpful. Medication has also caused me to break out every now and then, thankfully not severely where I need to seek doctor help so Cetaphil cleanser might do the trick. Finally for my condition I am more sensitive and have to wear some type of sun protection everyday even if i won’t be doing a lot outdoors. Thank you for the great giveaway I would love to try Cetaphil out.

  • Lynne

    Hi Roseanne! Congratulations on becoming Cetaphil’s Expert Tips Ambassador!
    I would absolutely love to win these products because I have been wanting to try Cetaphil out for the longest time but have never taken the leap on my sensitive skin. I’ve heard things about them but after reading your blog post I really want to try them now! My skin is getting worse and worse and I’m in desperate need to find a solution.. I’m hoping that Cetaphil’s gentle and moisturising formulas can help. Winter also hasn’t been good to my skin – with the harsh winds and chilly air – and with the warmer weather coming up I’m in need of a new skincare routine to rejuvenate and replenish my skin and a good everyday sunscreen to protect me from the strong Australian sun 🙂
    Thank you for holding this giveaway, and congrats again!

  • Momo

    I want to win because I need some new skin care products for the fall that will keep my skin moisturied and not dry it out while trying to keep my acne away. I’ve heard great things about this brand, so I’d love to try it (with you) and see if it works as good for me as everyone else says it does =)

  • Joanna

    I would love to win because I have really stubborn skin. There are areas which are very oil and between my brow tend to be dry. I have being on the verge to look for product that would help balance my skin issue. Also I’ve learnt that Cetaphil is an amazing product for eczema and would also love to try out for my niece. Thank for host such a generous giveaway and Congrats on being Ambassador. xoxo

  • dewi

    Hi Roseanne,
    Am reeeaalllyy interested to get this Cetaphil starter packed ( i call it that way) since i’ve been watching the good reviews in youtube and none of them are telling not to try this products.I had a complexion skin with big pores and also dark spots on my cheeks.. Lots of cleanser i’ve tried various products from bodyshop but didnt seem to have any different.. so am search for a products review on youtube and found out Cetaphil is the answer.. I live in Indonesia and had difficulty to get it one.
    So Roseanne, please please sent me one of those Cetaphil hampers.

  • Esher

    Firstly I have extremely acne prone skin, because my skin is combination (annoying I know).
    But, I have been using the cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser religiously everyday for quite a while now.
    However, I also want to protect my skin from the sun, and all the sunscreens I’ve tried have broken me out! 🙁
    I can’t find the cetaphil sunscreen anywhere from where I live, and it’s going to be summer in Australia soon!

  • Hilda Bolt

    The Cetaphil products sound awesome. I’ve never used them before but I’d love to give them a shot.

  • Jane Cyres

    I’d love to win these products because:
    I could not buy those (I’m just a student who doesn’t have enough money to buy for it)
    that product is not available here in the Philippines (so not available)
    and I really have a bad skin, it might help me.
    Heard a lot of good feed backs from Cetaphil
    many Dermatologist said that this is helpful for sensitive skin.
    Hope I can try some. 🙂

  • Jane Cyres

    I’d love to have this product because
    – I can’t afford these things (since I’m just from a poor kid from Ph)
    -These products are not available in Philippines.
    -I really have dry skin, I really want to improve my skin complexion. (since Philippine weather is sooooo hot) >_<
    -I have sensitive skin, I get rashes when I put lotion which my skin don't like.
    -heard good feed backs from the internet that this works really good. 🙂
    I'd really really like to try it. ^__^
    Hope this product can help me.

  • Jess Tee

    I love n trust Cetaphil. To me, it’s like a good old friend, always reliable, always there n always never fail or disappoint me. Though I love using different brands of products, be it drugstore or high-end, I still find myself reaching out for Cetaphil on days when I just wish to take a break fr other brands just to let my skin breathe n rest. I always have Cetaphil cleanser in the bathroom. I used it on my kids too. It save my prone to hives skin when i break out. So I cannot be without it.

  • Quek CH

    I would like to win it for my mummy cos’ she is a huge fan of Cetaphil. She has very sensitive skin and I’m sure this set will be most suitable for her. She is always taking care of us and doing all the household chores, I hope she will have good skin too. This would be a great gift for her coming birthday.

  • Roma Raymundo

    I want to win because it will be a great gift i want to receive on my 30th birthday! (my first birthday here in Singapore)
    Thanks Roseanne!

  • SY Tan

    I have been using Cetaphil Cleanser for months and its the most gentle cleanser which I have ever own. I love the cleanser and have spent tonnes of money on cleansers before and nothing works better than cetaphil Cleanser. Its cleanse without dryness on my face, it cleanse well for light makeup
    Since I have eczema, I have not been using much moisturiser and sunblock on my face as I’m worried that my condition will flare up. But in Singapore weather, its a bad case to not apply moisturiser and sunblock. Since Cetaphil is suitable for all skin type, i am sure it will help to combat my eczema while protecting my skin from harmful UV. and its sunblock can filter 7 types of UV. Sounds amazing and cant wait to get my hands on them. Its best i could win them 🙂

  • Bebe Lee

    Cetalphil has always been my favorite. I’ve really sensitve and dry skin, and only Cetaphil products has helped my skin to stay calm, supple and moisturized. With regular use, it has prevented my skin from getting dry, sensitive and I’m really happy that there’s no more ugly flaky skin on my legs.

  • Grace Lee

    I’ve never tried Cetaphil products, and would love to try them. I’m sure it will help to smooth and hydrate my dry skin. It would be nice to bring them on my honeymoon trip to Europe during the winter month, to prevent my skin from getting drier and the itchy crack skin from appearing.

  • Debbie

    Hi there! I’d love to win because I absolutely love Cetaphil products! They are my number one go-to for cleansers and make-up removers. I haven’t had the chance to try the sunscreen and the lotion yet, so I’d love to try them out too! Thanks, Roseanne!

  • Debbie

    I’d love to win because Cetaphil cleansers are my number one go to for my daily morning routine! I also haven’t had the chance to try the lotion and the sunscreen so winning this giveaway will let me know how good they will be for my skin. Thanks, Roseanne!

  • joey

    Hi Roseanne, thank you for having this giftaway! I think it comes at a right time as I desperately need a change in my skin care routine! My combination skin is prone to breakouts whenever I use too-strong cleansers! And I’m prone to having minor cases of eczema on my body as well! (it itches for no reason, but gets worse when I’m showering) I’m dying to try out Cetaphil as many of my friends have recommended, but im not sure if Cetaphil will suit my skin, thus I’ve been looking around for a starter kit, but it’s no avail! Please please pick me for the cetaphil hamper!!

  • Charlene Pacheco

    I want to win this because the product Cetaphil is the only product that is suitable for my skin. And my skin is sensitive

  • Rachel

    I would LOVE to win the Cetaphil products as i didn’t tried their brand before, hope to win it (:

  • Bling

    Hi Roseanne, I would like to try out those Cetaphil products that you reviewed above. I’m only 20 years old this year and was troubled with Rosacea skin for 3 years. Often, people around me would joke about me having such a red flushed face which makes me feel sad at heart but I always put on a smile while joking back at them saying ‘ good what, no need put blusher’. Over these years, I’ve always been finding effective products to cure and improve my facial conditions. I’ve tried many high end and over-the-counter products but those products only aggravate my facial conditions which left my skin even more raw, red and itchy.
    I really hope I am able to win the Cetaphil hamper and will try the products with a peace of mind since Cetaphil is recommended by derma worldwide. One day, I wish I could have a Rosacea-free skin and would go out on street feeling good and confident about my skin. I always believe that a lady will looks good and confident once she has got nice skin.

  • Ginee Chuck

    I want to win these products just because i want to give it to my younger brother. I still remember during the times when my face is full of acne and breakout, and it is so so so so so itchy and i can’t touch if not i will probably scratch my face. Had been trying a lot and a lot of products and none of them helps me. I went to specialist and the doctor giving me a set of skincare, thats really me because the cleanser is very gentle, it doesn’t have any smell/fragnance and colour, but at the same time, i’m thinking i MUST get any cleanser that similar to these in the market. I do so much research on the internet, and i found one of the vlog of the hk beauty shared about these, but i didn’t listen Cetaphil products before, so i not sure whether this is available in Malaysia, so i went to checks in guardian and i saw these, i was like so so so happy just because i found this and i still remember everyone is staring at me. I bought the product and during the afternoon, when my face is so itchy, i use the gentle cleanser and wash my face, and ya, the products didn’t make me disappointed, my face aren’t itchy after using it ( I’M JUST SHARING HOW AFTER I’M USING IT, NOT TRYING TO PROMOTE THESE AND TO FORCE OTHERS TO BUY IT). I don’t suggest their cleanser to use it at night because their cleanser is a bit gentle so if you are make up, it probably not suitable , but i think it more suitable in the morning. Although i’m not using this product now, but i still have their gentle cleanser in the bathroom just because i’m not sure when i need them , but i hope they are there when i’m urgent and need to use. And now have a chance to grab one for my brother, so why not ?

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  • Fe

    Hi. I’ve been using cetaphil for along time and
    I love it. I’m from the Philippines. Do you also
    have this promo here
    Thank you

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