Trying out Fancl Skincare for the First Time!

Hey Everyone!

Fancl to me has always been one of those brands I’ve wanted to try  for so long, but never got around to doing it. From the super bright store lights, to the beautiful sales assistants dressed to the T, I’ve always been curious at what they had to offer. I mean c’mon, Japanese beauty products belong to a whole new world and I happen to be a fan of the whole thing. Not only do they offer skincare, they also offer supplements to just about any womanly ailment out there, whether it’s fiber  to slimming to hormones for skin clarity. I find that pretty cool.
But if you’re unfamiliar with Fancl, Fancl is a very popular Japanese brand here in Asia created in the 1980s which believes in the philosophy of “Mutenka”. “Mutenka” is a holistic approach to a lifestyle that advocates “fresh, pure and safe” and one that is free of additives and stressful elements. That being said, their products are also free of potentially harmful perservatives and other additives. It is an innovative beauty and skincare company that has now expanded to Inner Care beauty products like TenseUp Ex, Bitoki, HTC Collagen, and over 400 other beauty products. How awesome!
This is my first time trying out Fancl Products, so here is a haul and my first impressions of the lot! I got these babies thanks to Fancl’s invite to their Fancl Ballet of Beauty. It was an awesome experience which I’ll tell you all about later!
1. Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil 

The Fancil Mild Cleansing oil is I think the star of Fancl’s skincare line. To be honest, when I was a noob at make-up and skin-care, I thought people who slathered oil on their faces to cleanse were crazy. But little did I know that oil can actually serve to cleanse better and effectively remove make-up better. Fancl’s Mild Cleansing Oil uses unique nanotechnology to break makeup down so that it can be rinsed off easily. The oil contains meadow foam oil which cleans out your pores and says goodbye to whiteheads and blackheads. It removes all traces of make-up effortlessly, clears out keratin plugs, minimizes pores and improves skin texture.

After using it for a while, it really does remove make-up well. You’d have to be careful not to wet your face first because I think it more effectively removes make-up with direct contact with it. Simply pump some of the clear oil into the your hands and rub the makeup off in circular motions. The stuff instantly removes any eye-makeup including mascara and my skin feels much softer after use. I’m liking it so far but I’m curious as to why Fancl products are all so small! These babies also have expiry dates. This one in particular will only last you 120 days!
2. Fancl Facial Washing Powder (SGD$ 26.00 for 50g)
When they brought out the foam at the event, I was suprised that the creamy and dense foam was created with the Fancl Facial Washing Powder. I’ve also seen ads on this around and thought it was a cool product. After all, usually foaming cleansers are already foamed up and you don’t have to do any work. But remember the philosophy of Mutenka? This baby doesn’t have those additives (SLS and SLES) that other foaming cleansers have. That’s why you gotta do the hard work yourself.  Because it is such a dense foam, it is able to lift out impurities without making your skin feel tight.

Fancl also wishes that you don’t use any cotton or cotton wool buds. They suggest using your clean fingers. Because the foam is so dense, you don’t even need to touch your face when you apply it. Just move the foam gently on your skin without touching it with your fingers. It’s weird and I would show you, but I decided not to since they didn’t give me the puff to foam this baby up! That’s right, the Fancl Washing Powder comes with a foaming puff that you use to make the foam so that it becomes dense and creamy. I’ve been just trying to use my fingers and I’m failing miserably.

But it’s still an interesting and cool product! I just need that foaming puff and I can’t wait to use it more!
3. Fancl Lotions – Fancl Lotion (SGD $29.50) & Fancl Milky Lotion (SGD$29.50)
After removing your make-up and cleansing, the next step is to apply Fancl Lotions. Fancl offers two lotions – the Fancl Lotion and the Fancl Milky Lotion. The Fancl lotion protects the skin from daily stress factors like UV rays and dryness while restoring natural functions for softness. The moisturising agent within the lotion enhances penetration and delays the release of moisturising agents which prolongs the duration of …moisturisation. So basically, not all the goodies in the bag spill out, they spill out slowly.

The Fancl Milky Lotion however has the added benefit of sealing in moisture and nutrients. The Milky lotion has veiling agents which are wrapped in Lecithin capsules which prolongs moisture retention within the skin. It also can protect the skin from external irritants. I haven’t tried these babies yet to be honest, but I’ll get around to doing it!

#4 Fancl Overnight Hydrating Pack (Limited Edition, SGD $56, available from 24th August 2012 at Fancl Counters)
This Limited Edition product is an overnight leave-on mask. I love overnight masks, I think they do wonders after a good rest. You wake up to your skin feeling uber soft, I love it! This one in particular nourishes and infuses your skin with moisture as you sleep. It is a silky veil that supports skin repair and protects skin from moisture loss as you sleep. It has four key ingredients. These include Silk Peptide  (has a similar structure to our own skin and seals it so that moisture loss does not occur) and Rooibos extract (South African herb rich in minerals and can control sebum oxidation), Acetyl Hyaluronic Acid (Keeps skin moist and soft) and Amino Capsules (delivers these nutrients into the skin quickly).

It feels super silky and soft on the skin. Just pump a few pumps and spread evenly. Go to bed, and you wake up with super soft skin. It’s like magic!

I just wanted to thank Fancl for putting on such an awesome event to get to know us at the Fancl Ballet of Beauty! Can you spot me?

We even got to have our skin tested out by the beautiful Fancl girls. Apparently I have well-moisturised skin with 72 points, good collagen count and not bad in skin clarity!

Yay! I’m proud of myself and this thing is awesome!

Before dinner, all of us took Fancl’s Calorie Limit. It’s a all natural health supplement that helps you maintain your weight no matter how much you stuff in. Well, take that lightly, I’m sure it sort of still matters! But hey, how cute are these supplements!

This was totally unexpected, but we had a duo of ballerinas visit is while we dined. They danced beautifully. I have great respect for ballerinas. They have so much discipline and it’s a lot of hard work. Hats off to them!

To end it all, the ballerina was part of the Fancl demonstration and danced off!

So there you have it! I’ll probably be doing a more detailed review of the mild cleansing oil and the washing powder!
Hope you like this post!
Love, Roseanne