Review: Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foaming Foundation!

Hey Everyone!

Foaming foundations are now the new in the world of make-up. We have cream, liquid, powder even mousse and now it comes in a can. I mean, who would have known right? The first time I spotted a foaming foundation was the Maybelline Pure Mineral BB Mousse. I thought it was really cool and innovative but I expected the foundation to have poor coverage and to be extremely light. Little did I know I was wrong. When I saw the Maybelline Dream Nude Air Foam on shelves in Australia, I grabbed it off the shelves to review.

Maybelline claims that this product is 100% lightweight and offers nude perfection (whatever that means) and gives you effortless application because of the fine pigments. A concern I had was if it would break out on sensitive skin. I have uber sensitive skin these days and I’m pretty prone to break-outs and I’ve heard that foaming products have a chemical in it that isn’t so good for your skin. I’ve been wearing it though and have not seen any major complications.
In terms of packaging, the foam comes of course in a can with a pump applicator. You have to be careful because the moment you press down on that pump, the foundation poofs out in a huge ball of foam. So, be easy when you pump it out especially the first time. Overall, I like the whole look. It’s compact to carry around and I’ve always been a major fan of Maybelline dream nude products.

In terms of the texture of the Maybelline Dream Nude Air Foam is…well..foam. Which means when you pick it up in your fingers, it kind of disappears into a liquid and the more you play with it, it turns into a watery texture when the foam melts. When spread over the face, you can see tiny bubbles that fade later on. The trail leaves a a very lightweight trail of coverage that is surprisingly medium coverage. Because it disappears as you apply it, I don’t know whether the foam remains just a gimmick.

But what’s foundation if you don’t apply it. For application, applying this is complicated and I would disagree with the claim of it being effortless application. Do not apply this by just putting that puff of foam on your face and spreading it around unless you’re asking for a complete mess. Trust me, that statement comes from experience! Instead, it’s best to take a little of the foundation at a time and pat it on your face. Don’t bother with using brushes or sponges, clean fingers will be best for this job because it doesn’t absorb a lot of the foundation like brushes and sponges do.

But after the tough part, the finish is surprisingly flawless and natural. What I liked about it is that it dries matte so that you don’t need to add an additional powder if you think the coverage is enough. Yet, it also leaves a nice and natural glow. To be honest, the finish that this foundation produces is the most natural that I’ve seen, fare more natural than cream, liquid or powder. It looks like real skin. The coverage you’ll be getting is  versatile because just as long as you pat it, the coverage is certainly buildable – from sheer to full.
The downside of this is that it doesn’t last long, at all. You get the natural finish but you probably won’t get it for long so I would suggest this if you don’t have a lot of acne or blemishes unless you don’t mind them appearing in the middle of the day. I also just feel that I should tell you that I don’t know how good it is for your skin. There’s something really unnatural about foundation in a can that even I can’t get over. It does also oxidize on your hand into a gross orange but on your face, it doesn’t oxidise much and certainly not into an orange color.

S0 there you have it! My review of the Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation. For more, you can check the video out to see the foundation in action:
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The Good – very lightweight and natural feeling and coverage. The bad- application is complicated and it’s not long lasting. Now it’s up to you to decide!