Life Update & Snapshots of the Week from Instagram!

Hey Everyone!

To be honest, I’ve always wanted to do a post like this. If you think you’re into Instagram, you haven’t followed me. I love instagram, it’s like picture twitter so if you’re on it, follow me with the username ‘roseannetangrs”. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to update you on life and give you a few snapshots from the week. It has definetly been an adventure coming back home. Not only getting used to the heat but attending events, doing job interviews and even in the midst of opening my online store but more of that later.
1. Omnonmom
I raise my hand, a little guilty. I haven’t been kind to my body in the past few weeks. Other than two sessions of body pump and step, I’ve been catching up with friends and living a little. That’s my friend Rinku from High School. She’s currently doing Uni in the states and we have made it  into a summer tradition to always go to Universal Studios together and eat that, a gigantic pizza. It might be a horror scene from Man Vs. Food but that thing is derishous.
I am an avid fan of McDonalds. I don’t eat it that often, but when I do it is cause for a celebration. A double cheese-burger and fries, I’ll have them on my future wedding day with class. But I have been eating this Amaazing Grass stuff that my friend Darlene suggested I take. I’ve been breaking out in my forehead a little and it might be due to the fact that I don’t take enough fruit and veggies. Aamazing grass is like a wheat grass, superfood mix that is apparently awesome.

2. Online Store
As you all would know, I’m starting up my own online store, finally. It has always been a dream of mine and I’m currently tying my shoes and getting ready for the race. I’ve hired a web designer who’s going to create the whole thing and I’m currently sourcing and thinking about all the other things like packaging, shipping, returns etc. The store was initially called roseannetangrs jewelry, but has now changed to just the simple name: roseanne. It’s short and sweet and will be selling mostly cool and affordable accessories sourced all over the world.
I’ve been sporting some of them on instagram already. I know a lot of you are asking when the launch is going to be but as with all businesses, it ain’t going to be fast like instant noodles! Stay tuned for the launch probably in the new year.

3. Church, Baby!
I’ve finally found a Church in Singapore to go to at CCF and I attend their services on Sunday at 3PM at the YMCA at Stevens Road. You should come! I do miss PlanetShakers back in Melbourne, that was such an awesome Church but I’m really liking settling here at the moment and meeting new people and making new friends. We have cell group or HOME on Fridays and I look forward to them every week.

4. Events, Events, Events
The main events I’ve gone to this week were Marc Jacobs Dot Launch and the Fancl Ballet of Beauty! Marc Jacobs had really cute cake pops which you could decorate with butterflies and pearls just like on the bottle and I even got a classic dot manicure for my nails to match the event.
Fancl hired chauffeurs to get us to the event and back home which above anything, I really appreciate. In Melbourne, I lived 5 minutes away from everything living in the city or got a ride from my boy. But here, everything is an hour away from my house by public transport. It is such a pain. I can’t wait to learn how to drive and get a car (not that, that’s easy at all here in Singapore). Did you know you have to pay for the right to own a car before actually buying a car and that right is like $80K bucks. Anyway, it was nice meeting Nadia from @nadnut although we’ve met before at an Elizabeth Arden event!

5. Hired.
Yours truly is officially hired as well. I’ve done three internships but now for an actual job. I initially thought I could just live off what I do and write articles but  thinking about it, getting a stable office job at this age is for the best. I’ll be in Social Media and I’m excited. I’m familiar with doing the job responsibilities and I start work on the 12th.
Then on October 5th, it’s off to London until the end of December. I’m also visiting the beautiful city of Prague for a few days and I really want to travel around Paris and maybe even Barcelona and Greece. I did two years of Art History so I’m pretty stoked. I’m also excited for Make-Up School. I’ll be getting my degree at the London School of Beauty & Make-Up for an IMA Diploma in Fashion & Photographic make-up full time!  Never assume that you don’t have to learn. I’ll be sharing make-up school updates on my blog!

So there we have it. I’m finally on my own two feet. As for goals, I need to get back to blogging because of me. Sometimes you get so caught up in what people think of you and what people want to see, that that’s all you want to give them. It’s like sometimes the comments and the likes that make you excited. But I haven’t blogged for me in a while so let this update be a first tribute. I just want to chill out and do  this gig when i want to, the way I want to ;). I’m excited about where my life is going. Just this morning, The Straits Times (the local newspaper) interviewed me and did a photo-shoot in my living room. It should be out this Sunday!
I’m currently doing long distance with the boyfriend. It’s not too hard, we skype everyday and it’s good that we both get our space. I can’t wait to see him in December! <3
I’m thinking of doing a Q&A with me, if you have any questions for me – about whatever – life, uni, love etc. let me know in the comments section below.