Tangspiration: Your Life Has Already Started

Hey Everyone,

I’m sure everyone has a dream. It could be a dream to open a corner bakery or become the President of the United States. Whatever it is, the only way we canΒ achieveΒ that dream is to walk. I see my friends wanting to do something but for some reason they fail to see that they’re not moving towards their dream but insist on a standstill. People often put walls up on this journey to a dream. They say “I’m not going to do it now because I’m going to wait till this part of my life is over before I can start” or “I’m not going to go on a diet until after Mom’s birthday buffet,”. It’s sorta the same concept. Although that’s fine to put walls up I think the major obstacle is when people push those walls further along the line than the point on which they were built. That means you not doing anything about your sole purpose in life expands.
It’s almost human to do that I guess. To push it away. We reject our Mother’s advice when we’re teenagers, junk food tastes better than celery, drinking and doing drugs is easier than facing something that we’ve always wanted to hide. But know that just as you put off that “diet” even after Mom’s birthday buffet – you are leading yourself to a much lower position in your life than you sought out in the first place. You see your life can go two ways. One way goes to life to the full and the other way can lead to just the opposite. Don’t let the walls that you build yourself lead you in the wrong direction.
I think we sometimes feel that we’re helpless against what we build ourselves. It’s easier to just eat it. It’s easier to just not do it. But as they all say, nothing worth fighting for was ever easy. Don’t delay life, we can’t wait for our lives to start. It already started when we started having dreams.


  • Sheri

    Thanks for this post, Roseanne!
    I agree, life is too short to be delaying our goals.

  • Diane

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I was recently confined in hospital.While there I was advice by a couple of doctors to lose weight. I had a weight problem for what seems like an eternity and every single time I made a promise to lose weight, I failed. Why? Because I keep putting it off. I keep making excuses when I shouldn’t be. I keep telling myself ”next year Diane.Just put it off” But all the while I was just prolonging the change I should have done years ago because if only I had paid attention to those people around me I wouldn’t be in this mess. But you live and you learn right? This time I know I’m different.That things are different. I know this time I will LOSE WEIGHT and all the baggage that comes with it and in return I’ll be a better version of myself in more ways than one and I’ll be the first person to feel proud of my accomplishment. As Nelson Mandela once said ”It always seems impossible until it’s done” Wise words from a wise man. πŸ™‚

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      so glad you like this post love πŸ™‚ i wish you the best, you can defo do it!

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