My First Meet-Up with Subscribers & Blogger/Youtuber Buddies in Melbourne!

Hey Everyone!

Since I’m leaving Melbourne for good after finishing my university degree, I thought it was only of manners to throw a farewell party! Last week, I selected 20 gorgeous subscribers from a Meet-Up Contest and invited my blogger and youtube buddies I’ve made over these three years to come to my first ever meet-up! It was held last Saturday at Koko Black, a chocolate patisserie and boutique and I managed to get the whole top floor of a victorian house. It was a stunning setting with teak and oak decor not to mention yummy chocolate treats! also volunteered to sponsor the goodie bags for the event that matched beautifully with the pink roses on each table of four. Guests could laze around on the leather sofas or grab a seat. It was definitely and intimate setting for the 30 of us. I was totally nervous to be honest and have been planning for the day for weeks. I needed to find a good venue, a menu, and think about decorations and goodie bags.  I’m really happy with the setting though, it’s classy and chic. The party was set for 11:30 AM and I had only half an hour to decorate the place with my friend and boyfriend but we pulled through! You know that I’ve been working on my online jewelry boutique and store so I grabbed a few pieces from the whole collection and scattered them around so guests could check them out as they mingled 🙂

Since it was morning tea, I decided that I should make it about chocolate. I mean who doesn’t love chocolate? You gotta be kidding me right? Well, ok, I think I know one person who doesn’t. So I picked the junior spoil for everyone to feast on. It comes with a mini platter of delicious moist chocolate cake, rich chocolate ice cream and a teddy pop! Plus I hand-selected 7 types of signature chocolate truffles that were handed out near the end of the meet-up. Um, yum!

I’m really  happy that you all were able to make the meet-up! I know that Victoria isn’t like Singapore, things aren’t 10 – 20 minutes away. Some of you traveled 1-2 hours to get here and I really appreciate it! It was really such an awesome opportunity to meet every one of you! We started off with a few ice-breakers and then when the spoils came, I sneaked off to each table to have a personal chat. Getting to know you is such a privilege.

Shoutout to Lynne, Nhwiee and Andrea!

I absolutely loved taking photos with all of you!

But there was a lot of behind the scenes footage too!

 The Botrell Sisters, Mei-Mei and Jamie!

We even had a little lucky draw to see who would win the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, my favourite makeup product of the moment! Congratulations to Ebonie!

All the gorgeous guests also had the chance to check out my upcoming pieces from roseannetangrs jewelry around the venue and pick one to call their own. I’m really excited to launch this and thank you so much for your encouraging words! I’ll let you know once it’s ready!

And of course who could forget my wonderful youtube buddies! Not to mention also Shizuka from heartofpearl, Emily from and Yi Shan from!

I had such an amazing time and I hope you did too!

I can’t wait to do one in Singapore!

 I wanted to give special thanks to the lovely Frances Goh who is such a good friend of mine and I would be an awkward mess without her. She is an amazing person and she has a food blog that you need to check out right here: She also happens to be a spectacular party planner!

 And I’m going to be a little shy with this one, but also to my wonderful boyfriend, Jacob, who helped me so amazingly much and even made macarons the night before for every single guest! *blush*. Psst, he’s an aspiring pastry chef!

Overall the meet-up went really well and I’m so happy everyone had a great time! I can’t wait to do more of these and this was honestly the best graduation gift and goodbye present anyone could have. I really wish everyone luck and beauty wherever their lives take them and I hope we cross paths again. I’ll miss all of you 🙁

Much Love,