Review & Giveaway: Best Clay Mask Goes to Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel! Miracle Product!

Hey Everyone!

There’s just something about clay masks that makes me swoon. It might be the fact that I get to play the part of the Wicked Witch and jump out of doors scaring the daylights out of people (not that I do) or that remarkably clean feeling after you wash it off. In fact, if I were to choose between sheet masks and organic clay masks, I’d probably be caught raising my hand to that ooey gooey goodness in a jar. Today, I’ll be talking about my hands down favourite clay mask by far – the Cellilux Deep Sea Glacial Mineral Gel including my thoughts, a little tutorial, before and after pictures and a giveaway of a tub to call your own.
A few months ago, I was contacted by Life’s Miracle Asia, the distributor of Cellilux in Asia to try out a tub of this stuff. At first, I was a little skeptical because I had been disappointed by a few masks that claimed to make skin improvements but actually failed to. Yet, going to their facebook page and seeing results like this:

I guess you could say I was pretty sold. I agreed to review the product for a month so after a month, here’s the verdict!

What is Cellilux?

But you’re probably wondering what is it? Cellilux is a skin mask, which means that not only can it be used for the face, it can be used for all parts of your body that needs a little help. I’ve been cooking heaps lately and I think I need to get help in the small burns department. I always manage to brush up against something hot and I thought why not try Cellilux on it. After applying it and waiting for about 30 mins to wash it off, the redness was totally gone and it didn’t hurt a bit. I usually have to put some antisceptic cream to prevent an infection but Cellilux totally healed it up!

But besides being a skin mask, Cellilux can revitalize skin meaning that it brings back the glow, slow the signs of aging and improve the look of wrinkles because it tightens and firms the skin very well, removes dead skin cells as it exfoliates a bit when you wash it off, cleanses naturally being 100% natural and creates ridiculously soft skin. It is also known for treating acne, oily skin, greasy hair, insect bites and bruises. It purifies and detoxes the skin. In fact, this stuff is used in premium spas internationally, whereby just one facial with Cellilux will cost over 200 dollars.

To do all that, Cellilux is actually made from Colloidal Clay, or Canadian Glacial Clay from British Columbia. You’re talking 10,000 year old clay in a jar with the same nutrients and minerals that you’re applying onto your skin. It is created below sea level and absorbs nutrients from the sea, hence the a “deep sea secret” and contains approximately 13 minerals and 26 trace minerals. The mask is known for it’s “Ion” factor meaning that it has negatively charged ions to attract positively charged ions on the skin, removing bacteria, cleaning the pores, and creating overall better blood circulation. Pure awesomeness.

Glaciar or Glacial clay in particular means that the clay is formed in fine particles as fine as the mist on a fog bank which probably lets you in on just how fine this stuff is. It has to be like this because to be classified as “colloidal”, the particles of this material must not exceed Like, I have never felt such a texture in my life. It feels like the most luxurious gel cream, you will ever find. It’s so cool that it’s natural too. The earth is amazing.

How to Apply Cellilux:
But seriously, enough of this mumbo jumbo, let’s see if this stuff works. Give you hint before hand, it really does. So, this is me a month ago. My skin looks alright, I’ve been taking care of it pretty well but you can see that it’s not perfect. Hate to point out my flaws, but I have lots of acne scars between my brows, and also on my cheek and chin.

When you first apply this stuff, you will feel just how luxurious the texture is. It glides on smoothly and it’s such a cooling feeling. Nothing like 10,000 year old clay, really. It also has quite a noticeably spicy stinging sensation when you apply the mask but seriously, no pain no gain. I like products that hurt a little bit because you know it’s up to something.

So, just swirl the mask in. A little note is that as you swirl, the mask sort of moves with you. If that’s happening, then just pat on the skin with your fingers to evenly cover your whole face. You’re supposed to be quite generous as the pot says 1/8 inch thick but it’s hard to do that since I want to make sure I savor using every last morsel.

Once you’ve finished applying it, go out of the bathroom and scare people. Nah, just kidding. Wait 15 minutes or until it is totally dried on your face before washing up!

Once it’s dried, you can really see all the oil spots above your pores meaning that it has absorbed the toxins. You can see them particularly on your nose. At this stage, it feels ridiculously tight. You’ll want to wash it off when it’s done.

Washing off is a bit difficult, you want to “melt” the mask with the water and it rinses off much easier. My skin feels remarkably soft, like super super soft and super clean as well. That’s a first impression for you. The first time I remember  I woke up the next morning with this unexplainable glow. It wasn’t oil, it was just a sheen on my face from the mask. It was awesome!

And this is me 1 Month Later…

My skin feels much softer and you can see that definitely, the skin quality has improved. I have a much better glow and my complexion looks clearer. I also noticed that I got more fair, and my skin looks more lively and less dull. I can’t say enough about this. I expected more of my acne scars to disappear but as you can see, it has done a pretty good job already!

It’s like a miracle product!

Where Do I Get it?
So there you have it, my thoughts about Cellilux! I love it, it’s a mask that actually works and I can’t say enough about it. It is however a little pricey at a usual price of $238, not too bad knowing that just one facial already has that price tag. Good thing though, Cellilux was nice enough to offer a discount to all my readers and subscribers! If you want to take advantage of that discount, go here:

They also offer trial packs though if you don’t want to get the whole jar at just $5 with that link as well!

Cellilux Giveaway!
But seriously, I would be hoarding this stuff if I didn’t do a giveaway so here I am giving away a brand NEW jar of Cellilux to a lucky reader or youtube subscriber, all you have to do is…
Comment with the following:
1. Name
2. Email
3. Why you want to try this mask!
4. Where you’re from
For Example:
1. Roseanne
3. I want to try this mask to see if it can improve my skin and take away my acne scars!
4. Singapore
Do note that this giveaway will only be valid for people in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Indonesia etc.) only as the company only has distribution rights for Cellilux in Asia. This giveaway ends on July 10, 2012!

 Good Luck and I hope you liked this review!



  • shaniqueka

    I want to try this mask to see if it can improve my skin and take away my acne

  • Kelly

    1. Name: ?Kelly Teo
    2. Email:
    3. Why you want to try this mask! I actually hope to win this mask for my sis who is very troubled with her skin problems.
    4. Where you’re from

  • shaniqueka

    I want to try this mask to see if it can improve my skin and take away my acne
    im from canada

  • Jess Koh

    1. Name : Jess Koh
    2. Email :
    3. I want to try this cream because I want to rescue my breakout, dull and big pole skin problem.
    4. Singapore.

  • Sharmani

    I would want to try this mask as I have been having a slightly blemished skin on my cheek area & have tried loads of beauty creams only to surface with the same problem. I would so happy even if it means to lighten the blemishes.
    I am from Singapore.

    • Sharmani

      1.Name: Sharmani
      2. Email:
      3. Why you want to try this mask: I would want to try this mask as I have a slightly blemished skin on my cheek area & have tried loads of beauty creams only to surface with the same problem. I would so happy even if it means to lighten the blemishes.
      4. Where are you from: Singapore

  • SY Tan

    1. SY Tan
    3. I want to win to for my bf who has scars on his face due to acne. Hopefully this will lighten his scars.
    4. Singapore

  • Shennie Yong

    1. Shennie Yong
    3. Dullness!! I I hate dullness! Makes me look sick all the time so I hope this clay mask helps!
    4. Singapore

  • Sophie Wang (@aecliss)

    Name and email are already given 🙂
    I’d want to try this mask not only on my face, but on my poor hands which get a beating from both martial arts training and my cooking escapades.
    I’d like it to clear up my acne scars too, but they’re a secondary concern.
    I’m from Melbourne.

  • Elaine Chang

    Good morning Roseanne!
    1. Name: Elaine Chang
    2. Email:
    3. I want to receive this jar of Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel! Miracle Product
    because I believe it can help me in following ways:
    A)  Clay mask is known for their absorbing capacity that it helps in getting rid of excess oils and dusty particles on my face. 
    B) They also iron up the creases or wrinkles present on the facial skin. 
    C) They tighten the skin and help stimulating blood circulation. 
    D) This beauty mask can remove dead cells and even facial hair with blackheads.
    4. I’m from Singapore!
    Elaine Chang

  • Dee Abd

    1. Diana Rahim
    3. I want to try this mask to reduce redness due to acne and some marks too!
    4. Singapore

  • Jay

    1. Jay
    2. Given
    3. I am willing to try almost anything that can help me minimise my unsightly pores on the nose, forehead, and cheeks! No to mention reduce the oiliness of my T-zone that is so prone to whiteheads and pimples if I don’t cleanse my face thoroughly frequent enough.
    I would also love to try this mask as the last before and after pictures showed great results in tightening saggy skin. I have tried a few lifting serums for my saggy cheeks but they did not work, so perhaps this would be my saviour to make my skin look more taut! Love the anti-aging possibilities of using this mask.
    4. I live in Singapore.

  • Dean N

    1. Dean N.
    3. I want to try this mask because I have oily skin and I hopes this can help me!
    4. Singapore

  • Belle B.

    Belle B.
    I really want to try the feeling of getting luxurious treatments, and I can see you’re pretty impressed with this product.

  • Fadhilah

    I would love to try the mask as I want to get rid of my acne, large pores and also my oily skin.
    Im from Singapore!

  • Elizabeth

    Name:Elizabeth V
    Why?:I don’t know if it’s due to my meds or what but my skin is breaking out every now and then and is reddish and would love to try this and see if it helps my skin.
    From:United States

    • Elizabeth

      🙁 I got so happy I just noticed the ONLY people who live in ASIA

  • Mandy

    1. Name: Mandy
    2. Email:
    3. because i appreciate any product that improves my skin.
    4. singapore

  • Winter

    Winter Law – Singapore
    Seeing your review makes me envy with happiness as I have the chance to make my skin even better with the effects I see. I would want to share this with my sister and I believe one tub is good for usage a few months at least. If it works for us, definitely going to share and own it!
    THanks dear & Cellilux!! <3

  • Julie

    1. Julie Y
    3. I want to try this mask as I have oily and acne prone skin. I also want to see if this mask helps to lighten my acne scars. Hope to get the same results as you!
    4. Malaysia

  • Katherine

    I have never tried on any clay mask and I would really love to give it a try! Mineral clay masks have been on the trend among the Israel companies and I always have doubts about them and their sky-high prices. Although this product from Cellilux also does not come cheap, I hope to be the lucky subsciber to sample this product! =)

  • Kaori

    1. Name: Kaori Lizaso
    2. Email:
    3. I want to receive this jar of Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel because I have bad acne scars due to my tendency to pick on blemishes on my face. I also have large pores that are very visible unless I conceal them with makeup. I would love to win this product so that my skin state would improve overall as it can help cure my acne scarring and minimise my pores.
    4. I’m from Sunny Singapore! 🙂
    Hope I win this. Thanks for the giveaway! 😀

  • Isabella

    1. Isabella
    3. I want to win this mask to improve my skin tone and the texture of my skin, I also need help with my rosacea and early forming wrinkles !
    4. Sydney, Australia

  • Cincin

    I would like to try this mask after reading the review on your site. I have really bad skin condition due to sleeping late. Recently, my complexion looks dull and rough. Fine lines are appearing as well. And I can’t seem to conceal my acnes with makeup at all. As my Birthday is coming soon, I hope to improve my skin condition and look good on that day.

  • Apple

    1. Apple
    3. I would like to achieve nice skin like u do~ Wanna say BYE BYE to my acne scar, pigmentation & oily zones
    4. Singapore

  • Zarah

    1. Zarah Kay Magboo
    3. I want to try this product because I have really oily skin and I want to take care of my skin more. I also want to see if this could lighten my acne scars and reduce the appearance of pores on my cheeks and nose. Plus, I’d love to see its anti-aging effects.
    4. I live in Singapore.

  • Rex Lee

    Rex Lee
    I want to win this for myself and my girl. She kept complaining my face’s condition is deteriorating and her face has acne scars which she always say she needs alot of time to conceal. -_- So if winning this, can stop all her whines I would be more than happy!! haha

  • wey

    Hi Roseanne,
    Thanks for the review. 🙂 I would like to enter for this giveaway.
    Sadly, I have very rough complexion and I have never use a cay mask before. Hope to win it and try it out. 🙂
    I’m from singapore.

  • Annie Say

    Annie Say
    I hope to lighten my scars and clear off redness on my forehead with this miracle product =) As I cannot afford to purchase, I hope i can have the chance to win so that my face cold be prettier even though I am poor =(

  • diktat

    1. Adeline
    3. I want to try this mask because I have a ton of scars and I want to see how much this mask can help to remove them!
    4. Singapore

  • Law Yi Pin

    Law Yi Pin
    Clay masks – I heard are good for the skin to exfoliate. I am not sure of how it will work for my skin as it is more to the sensitive side. This brand seems foreign to me but I am willing to give it a try since the revew done is so so so great! Thanks for the effort =)

  • sabrina

    sabfco (at) gmail (dot) com
    I want to win to minimize the look of my pores and to get rid of my sunspots

  • Irissa Nur

    1. Irissa Nur
    3. I am 15 this year, and finally do not have any more pimples or acne on my face! Unfortunately, I still suffer from acne scarring on my cheeks and it really affects my self-esteem. So much that I now have Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I really want to get my skin back and this looks like it can help me loads. Thank you! 🙂
    4. Singapore

  • Reianne

    Reianne Paez
    I want to try this mask so that I can improve my skin texture and get rid of my unsightly marks..

  • Kai Ling

    Name: Kai Ling
    I want to win this to help minimize my pores and hopefully also help to lighten my freckles/sunspots.

  • Sheryl

    1. Sheryl
    2. sheryl–
    3. After reading your post, I would love to try this mask and see it work wonders on my terrible skin. Also in hope that my visible pores will be gone so that make up goes on easier. 🙂 Who would want to say no to clear skin? 🙂
    4. Singapore

  • Celine

    1. Celine
    3. I have been struggling with hyper pigmentation and acne scarring for years and if this is as good as it sounds, I would hope to win this and watch my skin transform.
    4. Singapore

  • Ren

    Name: Ren Theodora
    I want to win it because of my combination skin that I want to improved and minimizemy pores around nose as well. I’ve tried clay masks from korean brandds but it just doesn’t work well. So I hope I could win this and tried this clay mask. 🙂
    I’m from Indonesia

  • Wee Xi hwee

    Name: Wee Xi Hwee
    Email: Xi–
    Why I wanna try this: I wanna try this as I have acne problem especially around my forehead area and I have problems trying to cure them. Beside my acne problem, I would also want to share this product with my mum to help her with her ageing skin and wrinkles. Hence, winning this product will definitely help me and my mum! Thanks for sharing this product:)

  • Wee Xi hwee

    I’m from Singapore

  • Marilyn

    1. Marilyn
    3. I want to achieve brighter and clearer skin which nothing I tried seem to help. I also want to stop look like an oily mess due to my v.oily skin!
    4. Singapore

  • Victoria

    1. Victoria
    3. I want to try this mask because it seems like it might really be a miracle-worker! My old almost-used-up mask was O.K but when my mom and I had Spa-Day Saturdays it was really a time for us to bond and I would want to continue that tradition!
    4. China

  • Jess Tee

    1. Name : Jess Tee
    2. email:
    3. I love mask but have yet to find the “miracle” mask tat can cure my skin imperfections – acne scars, fine wrinkles, prevent or lessen breakouts, lifting n tightening etc. Would love a chance to try it!
    4. Singapore

  • Shazalyn

    1. Nur Shazalyn
    3. I would love to try this fabulous mask to see whether it is able to get rid of my acne scarring which i have suffered from for over 7 years! My face is an oil bath after 3 hours and i’m sure this will help!
    4. Singapore (:
    Thanks, Roseanne <3

  • Lina

    1. Lina
    3. id love this product for my skin which need something to reduce redness and acne scars!:(

    • Lina

      1. Lina
      3. id love this product for my skin which need something to reduce redness and acne scars!:(
      4. Australia

  • Jane

    1. Jane Lee
    3. I have spend alot of money in facial treatments as well as facial products but non seem to have improved my skin condition (scar and dull). I hope Cellilux Deep Sea Glacial Mineral Gel can really be my miracle product and my skin can feel the same as you, super soft, clean and most importantly looks more lively and less dull. Thank you!
    4. Singapore

  • Emiliano Roman

    I think, really this is an excellent beauty product and thanks for your helpful tips about Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel. I like it.

  • Ciarah Pacheco

    1. Ciarah Pacheco
    3. I want to try this product because it really looks like it’s worth a shot. I started using masks but somehow not everything works. I do wanna shift to clay masks as it seems they are more efficient and less pricey compared to the individual masks that I buy.
    4. Philippines

  • Sarah

    1. Sarah
    3. I would really really like to try this mask! I have been battling with acne ever since i was 13 and i am left with a lot of red scars now. 🙁 would love to try this out and see if it works for me. Thanks for the detailed review!
    4. Singapore

  • Tabitha

    Name: Tabitha
    I want this mask to bring back the youthful glow and smooth texture that my skin has started to lose in the last few years! 🙂
    From: Connecticut

  • Carol Chua

    1. Carol
    3. I would really like to try this clay mask to brighten up my dull skin tone, giving me a nice glow in my skin as well as lightening my acne marks. Also, I have a lot of insect bites on my legs and hands, and it would be an added bonus if the clay mask can treat those unsightly marks too!
    4. Singapore

  • Adia

    3. I want to try this mask because I have lots of acne scars!
    4. thailand

  • Tan Janette

    1. Name: Tan Janette
    2. Email:
    3. Extremely acne-prone, patchy, dull, uneven and lack of radiance; that’s how bad my skin is right now and I love to try if Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel could improve the condition and clear my complexion.
    4. From Singapore
    Thanks dearie!

  • Michele

    1. Michele
    3. Like you, I have past acne/pimples scars that are so annoying! I still have pimples here and there as well so I’ve been searching for clay masks since I have oily skin and I heard clay masks are good for oily skin types. AHHH I really want to try this out cause I can definitely see a huge improvement of your face. Would be really happy if I won this giveaway. :)))

  • Cintya Mary Margareth Sitanggang

    1. Cintya Mary Margareth Sitanggang
    3. I want to try this mask because I have a bad discoloration on my face. Too much redness on my cheek and nose area then I have panda eyes, dark eyelids, and acne + acne scars. Things that I hate the most is skin type is oil combination, it means too much oil on my T-zone but the rest is too dry! OMg I’m frustating lol. I hope this mask will repair them all because I don’t know what else to do 🙂
    4. Indonesia

  • Marissa

    My name is Marissa and I’m from Singapore
    I want to win this mask because I have very uneven skin tone and lots of pimple scar on my face that makes me so upset and I can’t go out without makeup. My face is also very clogged so I hope I can win this mask to improve my skin condition . Thank you

  • Jessica

    1. Jessica Bauya
    3. I am so amazed by this review because it’s very well detailed and you have put some clippings to prove the effectiveness of the product being reviewed and now I am excited to try this product. I can’t find a product that can heal my acne, acne scars and other facial /skin problems.
    4. Philippines

  • Jas

    3. I want to try this mask to take away my acne scars!=(
    4. Singapore

  • Kat

    1. Kat
    3. I want to try this because I have problematic skin and I’ve tried everything and nothing has improved my skin, and when I saw your before and afters I was amazed!
    4. California, USA

  • Wahtee

    1. Wahtee
    3. I would love to try this out cos I’ve been having bad breakouts on my forehead ever since my last holiday which was in March ! It’s June and the breakouts are still here to stay!
    4. Singapore

  • Jien

    1. Jien
    3. I have acne-prone skin and would love a powerful mask to suck all the dirt out well to prevent future breakouts! And also to reduce as much redness as possible!
    4. Singapore!

  • Angelin Ng

    1. Name : Angelin Ng
    2. Email:
    3. Why you want to try this mask!: I want to try the mask because my pores is kinda big so I hope I get to try this mask to close my big pores and also make my skin not so oily and much more healthy.
    4. Where you’re from: Malaysia

  • Cherie Chang

    1. Cherie
    3. I would love it if I could get rid of the scars between my brows (just like you babe!) and some of the really unsightly mosquito bite scars all over my body. It could be perfect for sharing with my beautiful mum (‘:
    4. I’m from sunny Singapore!

  • Sonia

    1. Name: Sonia
    2. Email:
    3. I hope to try the mask to deep cleanse and brighten up my skin tone and also lighten my acne scars!
    4. From Singapore

  • Sherry

    1. Sherry
    3. I would like to try out this mask to see if it will hopefully help with the oiliness on my face as well as clear up my acne! 🙂
    4. I’m from Singapore!

  • hadhinah

    1. Hadhinah
    3. I have acne scars on the cheeks. And freckles all ard the face too. Which makes it much worse as ppl think they are acne scars as well. Its very demoralizing when they think I have these scars all over when its just at the affected areas. This product may just be the miracle for me 🙁
    4. Singapore

  • Pronpan

    1.Pronpan Arayaasanee
    3.I would like to try the mask : Help! me with acne and scars, removes dead skin cells for the look of wrinkles

  • Mariah

    1. Name: Mariah
    2. Email:
    3. I am amazed by the results from you which i hope to win this giveaway and to try them out. I have medium tan skin and pimples always appear around my chin area which results wif acne scars. Most of my good compliments comes from ur good tips. Simply perfecto ! Thanks a mill.
    4. From Malaysia

  • Verna

    I need to try this product to find out if this could help clear my face from acne that i have since college days..

  • Verna

    3. I need to try this product to find out if this could help clear my face from acne that i have since college days..and to say goodbye to adobe for the first time!! :))))
    4. from Philippines

  • Angeline Koh

    1. Angeline Koh
    3. I would like to improve on my oily kwolly face, even up my skintone and also remove the 5cts and 10cts off my legs!!!
    4. Singapore

  • Doreen Chew

    1. Doreen Chew
    3. I want to win this mask which I hope is the MIRACLE saviour to my consistent acne breakouts that leave me with ugly marks. I want clear, smooth skin like how yours have improved!
    4. Singapore

  • Dorothy

    1. Dorothy
    3. I hope that this will help with the eczema and breakouts on my skin that I’ve been plagued for so long!
    4. Singapore

  • Sherazi

    1. Sherazi
    3. I want to try this mask to see if it can improve my skin and take away my acne scars!
    4. Malaysia

  • Belicia Ong Meiling

    1. Name: Belicia Ong Meiling
    2. Email:
    3. Why you want to try this mask!: I am really sick and tired of donating money to facials that only show temporal effects and sometimes even enlarge ur pores due to the extraction that they do =( I definitely would wanna try something like this that would make my skin beautiful. Also I love makeup! and I believe having a healthy skin is the best canvas for your makeup!
    4. Where you’re from: Singapore

  • Samantha Loh

    1. Name: Samantha Loh
    2. Email:
    3. Why you want to try this mask:
    my skin is so sensitive and so far nothing helps.. even the most hydrating masks do not seem to help me so far.. the redness of my face also doesn’t seem to go away sometimes. also, i keep getting these oil spots and nothing seems to help. this mask seems to address all my problems, and it would be great if i could win it 🙂
    4. Where you’re from:

  • Carmen

    1. Carmen Li
    3. I want to try to see if this mask can help me with my eczema, acne scars, and enlarged pores 🙂
    4. Hong Kong

  • Keith Tan

    1. Tan Keith
    3. I want to try this mask because I have sensitive skin, easily get rashes on my face. I hope after using this product can reduce my big poles, wrinkles, acne scar and rashes problem to radiant and smooth skin.
    4. Singapore

  • Xue Ting

    1. Xue Ting
    3. I want to try the mask to see if it can reduce the redness on my cheeks and my brother’s serious acne problem.
    4. Singapore

  • Pauline Smith

    I would love to win this product, as I have uneven skin tone, old pimple scars and dull looking skin 🙁 I wish I could have soft, clear and glowing skin so I could be less afraid to leave the house without make up.

  • Calvin Ho

    1. Calvin Ho
    3. I have serious breakouts everyday and craters on my face that even an ant could camp inside. Wanna to improve my skin so probably I could ask you out on a date. Haha, just kidding.
    4. Singapore, east side.
    Thanks!! =D

  • Arra Morta

    Name: Arra Morta
    I really want to try the mask because I have never encountered an amazing mask here in the Philippines,hope this is the one that I can be loyal to for all of my life:)
    Country: Philippines

  • Xiao Vee

    1. Name : Shelvi
    2. Email :
    3. Because i would like to give it to my mother 🙂 my mother has problem with her wrinkles 🙁
    4. Indonesia

  • Mei

    1. Mei
    3. I would like to try this product due to e numerous great benefits and comments about it.
    4. Singapore

  • Pinky

    1. Pinky
    3. I’d like to try this product to clear my blemishes and acne scars.
    4. Philippines

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  • Josephine

    I would like to try this because I have tried everything and nothing works for my sun spots, uneven skin tone and redness on my face. I would love to try this and see if it does what it says, if so I will invest!

  • Jess

    Hi Roseanne! I know it’s a bit late to post this comment since this post is like ages ago but I just need to share! THIS IS A TOTALLY AMAZING MASK! Got a sample fr bellabox Jan, tried it n is so impressed. It’s everything like you mentioned! So impressed that I immediately ordered a jar using Bella’s CNY promotion code, cost me $70++ after code…totally worth! Sometimes it’s not about the cost but more on the effectiveness of the product. Thanks for the honest review! Looking forward to your online store for accessories!

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      Thanks! Yes I agree and thank you for looking forward to the online store, still working on it! hehe.

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  • Alicia

    1. Alicia
    3. When I was younger I had much fairer skin but nowadays as I am always out and about I have become darker and dark spots are starting to appear on my face. Therefore, I would like to try this masks hoping that it will brighten up my skin, lighten the dark spots, bring about more glow to my face so that I can have rosy cheeks.
    4. Malaysia

  • Adelyn Khoo

    1. Name- Adelyn Khoo
    2. Email –
    3. Why you want to try this mask? – I’m desperate especially after reading your blog post on how this has helped improve your skin tone and acne scars (even if just a little bit)! I too have acne scars especially on my cheeks and because I’m fair naturally, when I’m out in the sun without make-up, the red acne scars shows up, way too obvious! I’ve tried loads of whitening masks but to no avail and even gone for facials only to have the experts tell me that I need to wait or go for laser treatment to get rid of the scars! 🙁
    So after reading this, I really want to give this a go! Acne scars are truly the bane of my life! 🙁 And of course help to improve my dull skin tone is also a bonus!
    4. Where you’re from – Singapore. 🙂
    P/S: subscribed to your youtube channel too (same as my email above)! I love your beauty videos! Keep up the good work! 😀

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