Powder, Liquid or Cream Foundation – What's the Difference?

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With so many varieties of foundation, it’s hard not to scratch your head at the shelves when you’re looking for one that’s suitable for your skin. So here’s a guide to the different types of foundation – their consistencies, the best way to apply them, and also what skin type they’re most suited for. Hopefully, these tips will clear the air.
1. Liquid Foundation 
Description: Liquid foundation is probably the most common type of foundation out there. It usually comes in screw top or pump bottles and are usually in the consistency of sauce or syrup, not to say that they are suitable for consumption, ever. Most liquid foundations also can vary in consistency, whether thicker and lighter, which can give hints as to their coverage, how long they will last and how good it will feel on the skin. To be honest, liquid foundations for me have the most natural and flawless finish (obviously will depend on the type of foundation used). Just because a liquid foundation is more “liquidy” doesn’t mean that it has less coverage (from experience).
Best Way to Apply: The best way to apply liquid foundation is with a foundation paddle brush or a synthetic buffer foundation brush. A synthetic brush, instead of natural hair brush is the most suitable because it absorbs less of the liquid foundation, causing “less” wastage. Pour or squeeze some foundation onto the back of your hand and use that as a palette and then with a brush, get some of the foundation and apply in short strokes onto the face. Always set liquid foundation off with a powder.
Most Suitable Skin Type: Although there is oil controlling foundations out there, the most suitable skin type is dry to combination skin. Although people with oily skin can wear liquid foundation, it may irritate their situation, especially if they don’t set it with powder.
2. Powder/Mineral Foundation
Description: Powder foundation can consist of mineral or non-mineral powder foundation. In Singapore or Asian countries especially, these come in the form of Two-Way Cakes with sponges. People take a fine pressed powder and sponge and press it onto the face. To be honest, this is my least type of foundation and is the make-up product to blame because people don’t get enough coverage so they tend to pile the stuff on. I would use powder foundation to set my liquid foundation. I know that’s crazy and sounds like a cakey mess, but it’s really not. Works like a charm, just don’t get the one that’s lighter than your actual skin color. In terms of Mineral Powder Foundation, I do like it for natural days and days I want to be a little kinder to my skin. Most mineral foundations do have decent coverage when buffed on correctly but need to be paired with the right concealer to match textures.
Best Way to Apply: The best way to apply powder/mineral foundation is with a buffer brush. You need to buff (press down and swirl into face) the foundation into the skin for it to appear flawless. I recommend the Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Make-up Brush (Both the Brush & the product is pure awesome).
Most Suitable Skin Type: Mineral Foundation is good for oily skin people because it lets their skin breathe a little. Just don’t go crazy and remember to embrace your skin type. I have oily skin sometimes and no product is going to stop you from oiling up. Just integrate the practice of blotting throughout the day.
3. Cream Foundation
Description: A cream foundation is thicker and comes usually in pots or sticks. They’re known for their fantastic coverage and moisturizing properties and are really thick and well, creamy.
Best Way to Apply: The best way to apply a cream foundation is with a synthetic powder brush or with your own fingers. I feel like the fingers do the best work to evenly spread the foundation into the skin and then spread it out nicely because it’s so thick. Although if you are using a stick, just draw onto the skin and blend with fingers or a sponge.
Most Suitable Skin Type: Great for dry skin, period.
Of course there are many other types of foundations from Gel foundations, to air-brushing, to make-up bases like BB creams, but those albeit are the most popular types!

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