Review: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters! Sugar Plum & Raspberry Pie

Hey Everyone!

I don’t know how many times I saw these babies on instagram, being tweeted and being ripped off the shelves at Priceline. Despite telling myself time and again that I didn’t need a new lipstick, I just had to. Plus priceline had a 2 for 1 deal and buying them at a regular 20+ dollar tag was way too out of my league for a drugstore purchase. I have to say that these are absolutely wonderful, now let’s take a look at why.
The Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters state that:

So basically, you’re looking at absolutely moisturising lipsticks that have hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula and are said to boost moisture by 156% which is huge. What’s unique is that it has a gel formula and provides sheer to medium color with buttery shine. I like it already. I don’t tend to like my lipsticks super buttery though if that makes sense. I’d a rather a lipstick that feels natural on my lips than one I can “slip and slide” with.

Watch the Review Video Here!

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Packaging of these lip butters are average. A plastic dingy thing encases them and when you twist the lipsticks out, the mid section wobbles a bit. I love the names though. They come in names like lollipop and creme brulee. Yummy!
Applying the Revlon Lip Butters
But really, what’s a review if I don’t put them on. When you first purchase the lip butters, they are quite stiff being brand new. They “melt” as you use them more and more. That being said, when you swatch them at the store, they are really buttery because everyone has had their hands on them. So don’t be baffled at the texture when you first open them. Use them a few times and they will become very buttery.

The lip butters glide smoothly on and they are exceptionally moisturizing. Think mid between the Chanel Rougue Allure and the YSL Rougue Volupte (Click on their names for their own respective reviews). I am in love with the gel formula and it really “shines” through. The lip butters leave a good amount of shine. You still feel them on the lips but nothing too annoying.

Color Ranges of Lip Butters Available:
There is a huge color range available but I had trouble finding a suitable color match for me. Most of the colors seemed really not wearble for daily wear and were colors like bubblegum pink or peach nudes that I just did not look good in. I stumbled on Sugar Plum and Raspberry Pie as my “best matches”. Sugar Plum is a fantastic fall color which is a brick red undertone plum. I love how it matches the make-up naturally and even better, it’s has the lip butter texture. One of my favorite lipstick colors!

The next color is Raspberry Pie which is a bright pink, red. A bold color that I don’t necessarily always take off the shelf but hey, I needed something different in my collection for once.

It’s a beautiful bold color on my lips. I still prefer sugar plum though!

So there you have it! Amazing texture that definetly is moisturising. Be careful to use it more before you judge the lipstick because when you first take the packaging off, it will not be as buttery. Wear it more and you will find out it is. I wish there were more wearable colors but the ones I have picked out will surely do!