Tangspiration: Don't let your influence go to waste

Hey Everyone,

Sometimes I wonder how on earth I am so lucky to have what I have. To be able to have you right now reading what I’m typing late at night in my high school sweater and puppy printed pajama pants, to have you care what I think or even care about what I have to say. I’ve wondered so many times why I got to be the one that you’ve chosen. There are so many thoughts out there, but here you are reading mine. Now, you might think that this is slightly a religious post and I am a true believer of believing whatever you want to believe but take what I have to say and make it applicable in your life. Easy.
Who do you influence? I watched a Rick Warren’s TED video and everything just came together. The reason why I have received this “influence” and this magic ability to reach so many of you out there is because I was chosen to do it. God gave me this influence because he knew that I could somehow impact your life for the better and have the whole heart to do so. I believe that if God gives you influence, it is for a reason. It doesn’t have to be an impact on thousands of lives, it can be an impact on just one. You still have influence and I’m telling you now, because you were chosen, don’t ever let it go to waste. Don’t let it ever slip by, or use it for something that it wasn’t meant to be used for. You can influence your children, your family and friends. For people who Β were lucky enough to be given so much influence to thousands of people, then you better think of some way to make some good out of it because you were given it for a reason.
Sometimes I wonder if whatever I put out there is good enough. Do I get enough likes, do I get enough comments, retweets, new followers. I hate to admit it but this goes out to really everyone on social media. For you, you might worry about whether you’ve gotten enough recognition from your boss, enough love from your boyfriend, enough money from the year. It’s hard not to think of that because it really is the only measure to see if you’re doing a good job or not. Or so we think. But, again you have to remind yourself that these results should never be the reason why you’re doing something. The reason why I do what I do is because I want to empower women. Simple. Think of what your core purpose is for any activity, interest even in the grander scheme of life. My Dad still says to me it doesn’t matter what you do. You could throw trash for a living but if you throw trash better than everyone else can, people will throw money at you. It’s not about the money, money is results, likes and comments are results. Results are great don’t get me wrong but it should never be what you are doing something for, it should always be for something much greater than that. It won’t last long if the only root holding what you do down is material. It always comes from some greater force, desire or passion inside you. And it should – be it to fulfill an influence you were given or a cause you are fighting for and if you do what you do better than everyone else can, the results will inevitably follow. So even if I don’t get any likes on this post or any comments, I’m not going to care because I did my job with all my heart and the best of me is put into what I’m writing right now and if that’s not enough, it’s fine because I did my part.
Maybe I got a little sidetrack-ed because it is 12:27 AM. I’m really tired but I hope that you got something from this. To all the bloggers I know who have influence, to anyone who has influence on anybody’s life, use it for what it was intended to be used for. Don’t worry about results, care about a greater goal in your life and results will naturally follow.

Watch Rick Warren’s talk about living a life of purpose. It changed my view of life entirely.

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