Quick Tip: Where is the Lid line, Tight line & Water line?

Hey Everyone!

I don’t know if you remember, but I did a quick tip ultimate guide to eye-shadow in February (I know) with a few sketches I did at the office. I did one for liner as well so if you are ever befuzzled with what the difference is when your favorite beauty youtuber says lid line, water line and tight line, then here you go. Obviously for make-up gurus, this would be a lesson for a pre-schooler.

1. Lid Line

Where it is: Your lid line is your “top line” – where you usually put your liner. It starts from the tear duct to the end of your and often ends in a winged tip upwards in the direction of your eye-brow.

What to use: Any form of liner works on your lid line. Liquid liners create the sharpest line, gel liners are great for beginners because they offer control and pigmentation and pencil liner will offer a great smokey eye if you want to smudge it out a bit. The downsides are that liquid liners are not good for beginners (you need training wheels first unless you want to keep messing up), gel liner needs an additional brush that can be a bit of a hassle and pencil liners don’t offer the sharpest of lines and are likely to smudge. Choose wisely! My current favorite is the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner pen.

2. Water line

Where it is: Your water line is your bottom line, encompassing the bottom of your eye. Line this portion if you want that goth look but if you want sort of what I call tiger eyes, just line half of it as I usually do in my tutorials all the way to the end. I don’t usually line all of the water-line because it creates too hard a line that can actually make my eyes smaller.

What to use: Pencil liners are your best bet and something a little water-proof as well. It’s the area that’s most likely to smudge because you might tear when you laugh or cry. Best bet is the Covergirl LiquidLine Blast, my ultimate favorite. You need something soft, pigmented and that stays. It’s a hard balance.

3. Tight Line

Where it is: Your tight line is the line that is closet to your eye-ball, the tip of the flap of skin. Even though you can hardly see it and you have to lift your eye-lid to access it, it’s there and it needs some lovin’ too because it really makes a difference. It’s like making sure the tip of your nails are painted.

What to use: No exceptions, a pencil liner is best for this.

I always line my tight line, water line and lid line. You can mix it up with different colors and can even use an eye-shadow to line your water line for a smokey look or you can line your tight line and water line and leave your lid line blank for a more natural look. Mix and match lines and you’ll be one step closer to creating a look that you’ll love.

Hope you liked this post!