Tangspiration: Love Someone Good Enough for YOU

Hey Everyone,

Today I’m going to be talking about love. And I promise that it’s not going to be sappy like some 1PM Soap Opera but I hope that you’ll be able to take something away from it. Too many times I see girls going into relationships just to see what it feels like. Too many times I see them coming out of them feeling like a lost soul without a name. In other words, it didn’t go very well. I’ve been there. Girls worry too much about what boys thinkΒ  – if they’re pretty enough, if they are fun enough, if they can sing, dance, flutter their eyes better than any other girl he could get. Too many times we worry about what they’re thinking but not too much about what we actually want. And that’s the point here.
What do you actually want in a guy? Sometimes when we start dating, we begin to doubt and feel insecure about how we are portraying ourselves to the other person. We don’t know if we’ve waited long enough to text him back, if he likes a particular outfit you’ve picked tonight or if he finds you cool, funny and fun to be with. Or even the inevitable – if he thinks you look fat. We keep worrying about what they think.
But have you ever thought about what you want? Have you ever stopped feeling insecure to turn the tables and ask yourself, “is HE fun enough for me? Is HE smart enough?”. Most of all “is he good ENOUGH for me”, not the other way. We need to stop feeling insecure because truth be told, he might feel exactly the same way. He doesn’t know if you think he looks weird in the haircut he got last week or if you think the shirt his Mom gave him was cool enough to wear on your date.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t date anyone you want. That’s not what I’m saying. I think that the more you date, and the more you get to know how they’re thinking, the more you figure out what you actually want. And that’s special because when you find the right one, all the experiences you’ve gathered from your past relationships has made you into a better (hopefully) person and most of all ready for your one true love.
But that’s not the most important part. I think that the most important part is to NEVER feel like you’re NOT good enough for someone or if you’re different (think different, look different, whatever different) that you won’t be able to be scooped up because that’s nonsense. If someone can’t see the beauty in you, then they are not good enough FOR YOU, not that you’re not good enough for them. That’s what you should keep in mind.