Spring Peaches & Green Make-Up Tutorial!

Hey Everyone!

I know that it’s nearing the cold months in Australia but everywhere else in the world, say hello to pretty flowers, butterflies and Easter bunnies. Maybe not the latter. I thought to celebrate I’d do a Spring make-up tutorial that sort of encapsulates Spring for me. The green on my eyes symbolizes new foliage and the peachy cheeks for the sun and flowers. Don’t worry, I’ll do an Autumn look perhaps in my next tutorial for the rest of us in Australia! Here we go!

For the eye-shadow, I patted on a sparkly white. I’m using the Urban Decay NYC book of shadows (remember that one?) and the color I used was Uzi. Then, in my outer corner, I added a shimmery pastel green (money), went over it and into the crease with a dark Forrest green and then defined the outer v with a matte black!

You can watch the video tutorial right here!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0700xO-DB3Y’]

To top it all off, I decided to add a peachy lip – this one is the M.A.C lipstick in Shy Girl. I haven’t used M.A.C lipsticks in ages.

and my current go-to peach blush is the Chanel blush in Reflex which I used to pat on my cheeks!

and there we have it! A beautiful spring look that is perfect for a picnic in the park (because you can now)

Hope you liked it!