Beauty News: Bobbi Brown Brightening Nudes New Collection & Tutorial!

Hey Everyone,

When Bobbi Brown asked me to come down to attend the launch of their new collection – Β the Brightening Nudes Collection, I was thrilled!Β Bobbi Brown is one of my favorite brands. If it’s not the hit list of products, it’s the message they communicate that’s a winner. You’re pretty, but with make-up, you’re powerful. Ditto.

Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Nudes Collection is about glowing naturally from within and will be available at counters in Singapore in March 2012. Bobbi Brown – who I hope to have a cup of coffee with one day (dreams, my friend) – says that this new collection “makes you look like you’re lit from within”. You’re talking about naturally glowing skin, shimmery eyes and sparkling lips. Note that this collection will only be available in the Asia Pacific region and will not be available in Australia, United States or Europe, it’s unique to Asia. There are four main products to the collection – the sparkle eye-shadow, brightening lip gloss, brightening finishing powder and a limited edition glitter lip gloss. The sparkle eye-shadows are special because they have a unique cream to powder formula that you can’t get anywhere else!
Here’s a roundup of the products in this collection:
Brightening Lip Gloss – a lip gloss with a sheer and reflective formula that wakes up the face and instantly helps create the illusion of fuller lips. Β (SGD$35)
Sparkle Eye Shadow – Bobbi’s fresh take on glitter is a featherweight formula that lights up eyes with a unique combination of shimmering pearls and fine glitter in a translucent base. Creamy-soft powder shadow glides on smoothly and clings to lids for crease-free and long-lasting wear. Four new shades are featured in the collection including pink, silvery white, grey and soft gold. (SGD$45)
Brightening Finishing Powder – Sheer and silky, Bobbi Brown’s brightening finishing powder features six luminous shades that blend together and illuminate the skin for a beautifully natural, healthy finish. Formulated with Mulberry, Grape among others, the formula instantly brightens the skin with a wash of skin-tone correct color. Two shades are available – Porcelain Pearl and Brightening Nudes. (SGD$90)
Glitter Lip Gloss – Bobbi Brown’s Glitter Lip Gloss is infused with fine, light reflective flecks that gives lips a glimmering shine. It’s a clear, high-shine formula that instantly enhances lips for luscious look. Now available in Crystal. (SGD$35)

The event was awesome. You really can’t complain when there was a whole buffet table of Bobbi Brown make-up – from brushes, to blushes to bottles of foundation. Bobbi Brown make-up artists were there, and so were hair stylists and photographers. We actually had to come down with no make-up on and have the wonderful team dress us up with the new collection and take before and after pictures but I unfortunately I had to hop down to another event after and couldn’t participate. Boo.

Nonetheless, it was great learning about the new collection, and look what I took home!

It’s the Brightening Finishing Powder in Porcelain Pearl! This baby is a natural powder of six colors – white, baby green, yellow, pink, blue and purple that are meant to color correct your complexion and turn dull faces into lightbulbs. Well, not literally but you get what I mean. When I first looked at the powder, I was surprised that Bobbi Brown recommended it to be an all over face powder. Putting what looks like highlighter all over can be a dangerous way to become a disco ball but I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, the packaging is ridiculously amazing. It’s a beautiful mirrored case which also comes with it’s own black glove if that wasn’t enough. Love it!

The reason why I was pleasantly surprised was because it doesn’t look like one of those highlighters that are going to make you look like a white ghost which I love. It brightens your whole complexion without changing the color of your look or make you look like a disco ball so it’s safe to dust all over. Let’s see what I mean! Here, I used a M.A.C 134, or any big fluffy face brush will do really…

Swirl your brush into your face powder and get sweeping! Don’t forget the bridge of your nose either!

Β After all is done, I have to say there’s a huge difference. I love the glow, it’s natural and doesn’t change whatever I did before it. Brilliant. It didn’t make me look like a walking disco ball – mainly because the only relatively shimmery shade in the six colors was the white. The rest were matte and served only to color correct!

I also loved meeting a few wonderful people at the event too!

The new collection is for sure worth to look at if you love a natural glow!

P.S: To celebrate the launch of the collection at Bobbi Brown counters, Bobbi Brown is holding a special make-over deal called the Spotlight On Make-Over! Book a makeover with Bobbi Brown that’s fully redeemable for products and get a professional photo shoot with studio photographers, personalized skin analysis, brow grooming, a brightening nudes make-over, professionally hair styling session among lots of other goodies!

Hope you liked learning about the new collection πŸ™‚ What would you get?