Ultimate Guide & Tips to Finding the Perfect Bra for You with XIXILI Intimates! & Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!

I’ve always been a nervous wreck when it comes to buying a bra. I’m pretty shy so harboring enough courage to ask a sales assistant to come measure me is a challenge in itself. I mean lingerie and bras have always been a tricky issue, especially if you’ve just started wearing one and even if you’re well into the bra wearing age, you might not even be wearing the right one for you. The right bra should feel really comfortable, support your assets well, and give you that desired lift. Wearing the wrong bra can give you an undesired figure (we never want bra fat right?) and can cause a bit of ache if your assets aren’t supported correctly. So let’s tuck the blushing cheeks and shy feelings away and talk about how you can find the perfect bra for you.

The scene is set at the wonderful XIXILI intimates boutique at Suntec City in Singapore!

What is interesting is that XIXILI offers a special service called the Perfect Fit session that basically allows you to be personally fitted by a professional fitter. No appointment is needed as their sales consultants are all trained professional fitters. Drop by anytime, a Perfect Fit fitter will be able to help measure, give advice on various bras, and basically help you find the perfect fit in a private space. I thought this was a perfect chance for me to show you how to find the perfect bra by the bra experts themselves!

XIXILI is an established lingerie brand from Malaysia. XIXILI boasts beautifully spanish inspired intimates, in high quality European fabrications and is renowned for its exquisite fit for Asian ladies. They really focus on a personalized service and the experience  by offering extensive inventory in sizes to  make sure customers are fitted right.  XIXILI carries brassieres from cups A to G and will do bra customization for customers with bigger needs.  Let’s get some bra-ducation, shall we?

A few starter steps: 
1. Get Measured:
Just like testing out a foundation shade to see if it matches you, you’ll need to get measured by someone who knows their sizes and stuff. The person measuring you should measure the width below your breasts, on your breasts and the distance between your shoulder and your nipple point to find the correct size. They’ll then refer to their set measurements to get an approximate estimate of a size. Then it’s off to the fitting room!
2. Know the Occasion & Your Preferences:
Know what this bra is for and what you’ll be wearing it with. This will determine if you want to have lace with your bra (will it show underneath your garments and do you want it showing?), the plunge of the bra (whether you’ll be wearing a super low cut or not) and how comfortable you want to be with your bra (sometimes you just want to have a normal, simple bra without a design – I know I do sometimes). Understand what you want, and it’ll make the process simpler.
3. Trial & Error: FIT Before You Go
Then, it’s all about trial and error. When the sales assistant hands you your size, don’t rush off to the cashier just yet. You need to try on the bra and see if you feel comfortable in it. Wear the bra and move your arms, you shouldn’t really feel anything, no tightness whatsoever, no uncomfortable push anywhere. You shouldn’t be stuffing anything. it should just be worn as it is, gently encasing, and nothing more than that. I say if you feel the bra too much, ditch it and find another one. I want to go about my day not feeling it.

Troubleshooting with a little anatomy 

A little anatomy of the bra. Take note of your straps and sliders to adjust the height of the bra. This is the first problem to correct if a bra feels a little bit too tight, it’s often because you need to adjust the strap. The band may be the next trouble spot. If you see fat seeping out from the band, so you have those bra bulges, the bra is way too small for you. You need to get a bigger one. Bras are a little complicated with sizing too. A ‘bigger’ one doesn’t mean a size up, you have to take into consideration band width and cup size. You need to get those two right and your fitter can help you with that. Don’t stuff your boobs into your bra either so that it’s seeping out from the cup. This can cause ‘stale fat’ – basically those lumps can become permanent if you keep on wearing a bra that is too small for you. A cup should be supported by the bra in that it lifts you up on the sides and from below.

Bra Tips & Tricks to Looking a Size Bigger!
1. Bend & Bring it Forwards
A great trick to make you look a size bigger bringing your “bust” to the front and into the cup of the bra. To do this, wear your bra and then bend forwards and simply use your hand to go through your bra so that you are about to grab your “back meat” and bring everything forward into the cup of your bra so that it encases everything basically. I wish I could show you but that wouldn’t be very appropriate. It seriously makes you a size bigger!
2. Push-Ups
If that doesn’t work, you can always buy additional bra push-ups or supporters. Bras usually have a pocket for these and you can buy the supporters to enhance the shape. Simply replace them with the ones already in the bra and you will instantly have a va-va-voom!
3. Bras & Lace
Lace actually plays a really important role than just looking good. Lace helps to distract fat away from the eyes and is also a good material to bring and push the bra into place to help lift and shape.

XIXILI Perfect Fit Pointers – A Few First Bra Pointers:
I was paired up with the lovely Cheryln who gave me so much advice on what the perfect bra should feel like.
1. Your ‘assets” change throughout your life
Believe it or not, whether it’s time to wave the red flag or if you have a bun in the oven, the shape and size of your breasts do change over time and according to different stages in your life. Stuffing yourself when you’re pregnant into a bra that you used to wear will probably not work out. It’s best to have a range of sizes for these reasons or to change or update your sizes as they have been outgrown.
2. Breasts come in different shapes and sizes, most times not symmetrical
Your boobs do come in different shapes and sizes so a bra and size that is totally fit for someone else may not be fit for you because you may have a different shape altogether. It’s also perfectly normal to have unequal sized breasts.
3. Your bra should “house” your assets. Park your assets in a Fixed Depost Account and watch it APPRECIATE
You shouldn’t be stuffing your assets into the cups of your bra. Instead, it should be housed gently into the cups. That being said, I’ve always thought I was a size smaller than what I actually am. Much to my surprise, I’m actually a size bigger without even doing anything and you might be as well. In fact, stats show that 90% of women think they’re actually a size smaller than what they actually are!
4. Don’t squeeze into a mini bra unless you want stale fat!
Another reason why you shouldn’t squeeze is because I’m sure we are all familiar with those two friends of ours between our arms and breasts. They’re like little pockets of fat and that’s actually caused by squeezing into undersized bras. Don’t do it! Those things can be come permanent and stay there which is unsightly in bikinis and dinner gowns.
5. Bras can make you look slimmer and improve your posture
Bras not only help to improve your breasts, but can also slim down your entire look and give you more confidence and a better posture once you’ve been supported correctly.

After looking at a few bras, I loved the pink design of this one! I’m not a huge fan of lace so a little bit of lace where I couldn’t feel it was perfect for me.

I was wearing a pretty good La Senza bra so I didn’t know if there would be any improvements but I gladly saw that it brought everything in a lot nicer and felt more comfortable. Me likey!

 Taking Care of your Bras
When you take care of your bras, your bras will take care of you. The last thing you should do is to take care of your bras really well. Forget about being lazy and machine washing them, that will ruin the shape of the bras as well as the lace. They need to be hand washed gently. Cheryln shows that the bra depending on the design should be hung to dry (not put in a dryer). If you have something in the gore of the bra, it should be hung via the band but if not then it should be hung by the gore (refer to anatomy above if you are confused).

Overall, I had the most fabulous time learning about bras from XIXILI and the fitter Cheryln! It was indeed a wonderful learning experience and I walked away with two of my favourites! In fact, I want to share the joy of being fitted and the importance of it so much that I asked XIXILI if they’d like to giveaway three Perfect Fit sessions to three lucky winners in Singapore AND Malaysia and they agreed!

Babes, it’s time for a giveaway!

Giveaway is now closed as of Jan. 25th 11:59 PM! ———->

To win a XIXILI Perfect Fit Session with a fitter who will give you bra advice and help you find the perfect bra for you AND a free set of lingerie that you’ve fitted best with during your session courtesy of XIXILI, tell me:


1. Describe your perfect bra

2. Write “Enter me”

3. Write your email address

For example:

1. My perfect bra would be really comfortable so that I can wear it not only for sport but for daily wear as well. I want to feel supported by the bra and I want it to not be as visible when I wear things over it.

2. Enter me

3. roseannetangrs@gmail.com

Good Luck! This giveaway is only for Singapore and Malaysia residents due to location of the store! Don’t worry though to my international readers, there will be more giveaways! Thank you so much XIXILI for sponsoring this post and making this possible. Do visit www.xixili-intimates.com for more details or join their facebook page to keep in the loop!


The giveaway ends Jan. 25th, so be sure to enter now!

Much Love,


  • Alice Quay

    1. My perfect bra would be able to keep my breast in place and hide all my fats. My perfect bra will give me confidence when i wear my clothes over the perfect bra.
    2. Enter me
    3. aqal79@gmail.com

  • Jay T

    1. My perfect bra must first and foremost be made of very soft, smooth, and comfortable material that feels almost like skin. I dislike anything that is rigid, feels hard and has too much thick foam in it.
    The bra should be able to fit and mold to my upper body contours perfectly without jutting out at the sides or at the top of the cups as this would be visible when I wear tight fitting tops.
    It should be made of fairly stretchable and flexible material, yet supports well enough to not budge much when I lift up my arms or do some moderate exercises. For example: when I feel like doing star jumps, I don’t want to have to adjust my bra afterwards due to its misplacement.
    If possible, the bra should have a little soft padding to provide more cleavage definition for a sexier feel! 🙂
    It should come in lace & non lace versions, and include the basic colours of black and nude to match certain clothing.
    2. “Enter me”
    3. deliqate.at.gmail.com

  • Marilyn

    1. The perfect bra will not only be comfortable but also gives me confidence and makes me feel beautiful & sexy! 🙂
    2. Enter me
    3. sleepyskies@yahoo.com.sg

  • Winter

    1 I want to get a bra which makes me “look” bigger yet I don’t feel ridiculously “enormous” at my chest area. Most importantly, I like it for everyday wear =)
    2 Enter Me
    3 cat86_99@hotmail.com

  • Roxanne

    1. The perfect bra for me would be something smooth & helps give added lift. It should also make me feel sexy and confident when I wear it!
    2. Enter me
    3. ruxie86@gmail.com

  • JT

    1) I’ve really small boobs so a perfect pair of bras should ideally cup nicely and push up to show a little cleavage. It must be soft and comfortable for long wearing and preferably, without hard under wires.
    2) Enter me
    3) tanmcjanette@gmail.com

  • Corrine S

    1. The perfect bra for me must be comfortable, supports well, give me confidence and makes me beautiful. I believe XIXILI have what I’ve been long searching for – the perfect bra for all girls!
    2. Enter me
    3. corrineshanshy@hotmail.com

  • Alexis

    1. I need a bra that provides extra comfort without comprising the cleavage, and gives a slimmer contour with an improved posture! 🙂
    2. Enter me
    3. shihuing@yahoo.com

  • kristy

    1) my perfect bra is one that gives me enough support and at the same time preferably help to improve my cleavage.. haha! and i’m quite particular about the cup of the bra being visible when i wear t-shirts over so my perfect bra should also look seamless when i wear anything over it.
    2) ENTER ME! (:
    3) kristynsy@gmail.com

  • Nicole

    My perfect bra will be one that fits perfectly, looks sexy and makes my boobs look bigger!
    Enter Me please!

  • annsley

    1. My perfect bra has to be comfortable, give the correct support and make me feel good in it.
    2. ENTER ME.
    3. annsleyw@gmail.com

  • Bebe Lee

    My perfect bra must be made of a really comfortable material. It must perfectly fit to that part and body, with good support. I prefer it to be a good design that sometimes I can show off a little from underneath my thin clothes.
    Enter me
    bebe03 (at) live (dot) com (dot) sg

  • Ling Shin Yi

    1. My perfect bra must be comfortable style and give me best support .Not only that, must get professionally fitted and looking and feeling great.
    2. Enter me
    3. shine_yi21@hotmail.com

  • lynn

    1. Bras should be comfortable instead of being too tight. Looking plain is not an issue, comfort is. Too often than not, I feel like I’m being saddled and tightly bound, and the bras cause unsightly red marks on my shoulders.
    My perfect bra would be :
    – something soft and light so I don’t feel the extra weight,
    – made of airy material so when I perspire I don’t feel too sticky over the bounded chest, and
    – have pretty straps (as a bonus!) so I can wear it under tanktops and not feel conscious of the bra peeking through.
    2. Enter me
    3. live.and_die@hotmail.com

  • pepper

    1. Perfect bra which will make me feel sexy but yet comfortable.
    2. Enter me
    3. siaoyen@live.com

  • Miss Adriennely

    Glad you enjoyed your session at Xixili babe. The black lace one is my favourite so far. Nothing can ever beat the fit of that! Looks so seductive at the same time :p

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      I certainly did, they’re beautiful!:)

  • chocolatefrogstar

    1. Ah, here it goes. After I became a breastfeeding mother, my idea of a perfect bra took a fast & furious turn. ( fuiih, sounds dramatic but it’s true! ). Suddenly your boobs became fussy, downright demanding & they have the right to be so after 3 years feeding two milk guzzling monsters.
    A perfect bra for a working mother like me now would be one that keeps my confidence in check by squeezing, all right all right, MOULDING the best out of what I have. ( despite confidence is the last thing on my mind when I let it all hang out loose ).
    My perfect bra should also be forgiving of my physical shortcomings (natural or otherwise) by understandingly making up for it with loving cups ( & booster pads ). I try not to ask too much but my perfect bra would be one that makes me feel comforted as a dedicated mother & confident as a career woman all in a hug !
    2. Enter me.
    3. magnect@hotmail.com

  • Li Fong

    1. My perfect bra would be really comfy, not like my current ones which are either too tight or too loose as I’m a in between size. Cups are always too big for me( empty spaces left if I wear a normal bra) so most of the time I’ll have to make to do with extra padded ones. I really hope I can find a bra that suits me.
    2. Enter me
    3. Nlifong@gmail.com

  • Nina

    1. I’m plus sized so I have quite big assets and true to what you have written, I feel that I don’t have the perfect fit bra. I might be wearing the wrong size but my boobs always tend to pop out whenever i bend down. So the perfect bra for me is the one with the perfect fit, where i can run comfortably in and it doesnt jiggle all around the place and gives ample support.
    2. Enter me
    3. otherday@gmail.com

  • Geeta Patil

    1. I want my bra to be well fitted to my body giving me good shape to my upper body. Also comfortable at the same time. Make me feel confident at the same time 🙂
    2. Enter me
    3. geeta.apatil@gmail.com

  • sunnie

    1. My perfect bra would create cleavage which is non-existent at the moment, and avoid cutting into my ribcage while NOT looking like granny undies.
    2. Enter me
    3. sunnie.we@gmail.com

  • Mrs K

    1. My perfect bra would be design to lift and supports the breast – providing more comfort and resulting in better posture. And of course make the nursing bras more attractive! Always hard to find cute nursing bras!
    2.Enter me please!! <3
    Thank you Roseanne!! 🙂

  • Sarah

    Thank you for the giveaway!
    1. Hmm a perfect bra for me would be something comfortable and maybe a bit lacy. It would also help if it gives me a boost for my assets. 😉
    2. Enter me!
    3. friends_forever_1155@hotmail.com

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  • junying

    1. My perfect bra would be one that MUST be comfortable, give proper support, and of course a little cleavage wouldn’t hurt would it? 😉 My perfect bra would also make me feel sexy!
    2. Enter me!
    3. junyingljy@gmail.com

  • Jane

    1. My perfect bra would be one that can really improve my asset’s “position” and provide good support . They really looks sagging now.
    I have been wearing the wrong bra in my teen due to lack of knowledge. I thought my size should be similar to my friends and I just buy the same bra size as them, too shy to ask the sales assistant to help. Wrong bra size plus wearing it incorrectly is my greatest problem.
    2. Enter me
    3. enajlee@hotmail.com

  • daphne

    1. My perfect bra has to be a perfect fit , made of lightweight cotton material and to brings out our assets. Comfort and a variety of nice designs of the bras would helps too.
    2. Enter Me
    3. dapgal1234@hotmail.com

  • Yi Jing

    Hey dear! Thanks for the helpful tips, this really helps because sometimes my bra does feel a little tight around my chest area!
    1. My perfect bra will be able to fit me well and make me look curvier because I’m basically boobless so sometimes it’s hard for me to get bras my size because even the smallest sizes don’t fit and so i usually am only able to buy my bras in the same cut from the same brand, so i’d like to get fitted and know more about my size.
    2. Enter me
    3. yijing94@hotmail.com

  • Krystal

    1. My perfect bra would be one which fits me well, and would be able to wear it with comfort. Sometimes, I do feel really uncomfortable with the metal wires on the bra during the day. How I wish I look much nicer with comfort-fitting bras for my school everyday…
    2. Enter Me!
    3. email.krystal@ymail.com
    Hey love, thanks for the giveaway and sharing the tips! You must have taken much courage to do up this post as most of us are shy when it comes to topics like intimates. Keep the thumbs up! 🙂

  • Amie Mariano

    1. My perfect bra would have to be cute but really comfortable. I want it to have good support and to fit well. I like bras that look sexy and cute but are smooth under clothes.
    2. Enter me
    3. amiemariano@gmail.com

  • XY

    1. My perfect bra would something that is simply comfortable and pretty! ^v^
    2. Enter me
    3. undeniablepast@gmail.com
    Thanks Roseanne! :):)

  • RynaQUE

    1. A perfect bra to me would be comfortable and fits well. It’s hard to find “the perfect one” actually cus most departmental stores do not have bras my size. I’d have to either buy when I’m overseas (Bangkok is not bad!) or online. Most of the time I order online. Well, the bad part about ordering online is that I really don’t get to try the bra before i place an order. Normally, i just roughly gauge and place an order. Also, it has to be lacyyyyy. 😉
    2. Enter me
    3. Rynaque@gmail.com

  • roseannetangrs (author)

    Giveaway is now officially closed! Entries from now on will not be valid! Good luck everyone!!

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