Happy 2012! My New Year Resolutions, Hopes & Wishes

Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year!

2011 was a fast year for me and as much a rollercoaster as I could have ever imagined. For the blog, I was featured as the number one review blog internationally by everydaysale.co.uk, featured in Urban and The Straits Times as well as LianHe Wanbao. I finally launched roseannetangrs.com and now the YouTube channel has reached over 10,000 subscribers. I’ve been contacted by Illamsqua, Urban Decay, Clinique, Fancl, Benefit among others. It has been utterly incredible and not to mention amazing. To think all of this started from a simple thought to film a video one night. To all of you and to all I’ve worked with, thank you for your support thus far.
On a more personal note,  it marked the end of 2nd year and the start of 3rd year as a University Student at the University of Melbourne. I changed my major from Finance and Marketing to Marketing and Management ( I was never much good with numbers), turned into a hardcore coffee snob and entered the world of drugstore products (the best thing I’ve done since I started make-up honestly). On an even more personal note,  I’ve took on whirlwind romances, said things that took a lot of guts,  partied harder because we can all be grandmas later, and my love for sharing my life with the world and you has only grown stronger. Heck, I even touched a tiger. I’ve become a bolder, I reckon better, life – seeking force.
In other words, 2011 was pretty crazy. It wasn’t much of a cruise on a lazy river. It was probably more of a speedboat chopping through an ocean with a few storms that eventually cleared. But hey, they cleared.
I’ll be graduating in 2012 from University, ready and I guess willing to enter the world of working full-time. I’ll be 21 years old this year. It’s supposed to be magical. Well, anyway even if it isn’t, I plan to make it magical. One day, I want to start my own business but I need to do that when the time is right and right now,  I know I’m not ready yet. Timing is everything. I reckon I’ll just know, you know?
To that, I want to get a full-time and secure job, want to learn how to drive a car or even a motorcycle (anything that can move me from point a to b is stellar), move out to a place I can call my own, do things I’ve never done,  be courageous in expressing how I feel, go to places I’ve never been before and meet people, meet as many people as I can and learn how to trust and to most importantly ask. I barely ask for things, I’m not very good at it. I want to continue to give more than I take.
Let’s hope the prophecies that the world will end this year aren’t true, but even if it does, let’s hope that you’ve done enough in this life to be proud of yourself anyway. That’s very important. Know what you’ve accomplished and give yourself a pat on the back.
Most of all, I want to help you to do the same. I’ll try all I can to help you when you need it.  I wish you the best in 2012 and I look forward to writing for you in the year ahead.
Thank you so much for supporting me.