Christmas Special: Top 5 Make-Up Tips to Looking Party Ready All Night Long!

Hey Everyone!

Merry Christmas! While Santa is devising a way to stuff his way through your chimney tonight and scrummy christmas puddings and sugar plums are being made, I thought one way to add to the Christmas cheer would be to give you something you could do for an upcoming christmas party or dinner. Whether it’s a company occasion or a family affair, looking party ready all night can be difficult but here are my top 5 few tips to help your make-up stay longer and your Christmas a little sweeter this holiday season.
1. Stock up on Primers
Face and eye primers are equally important if you’d like your make-up to stay. Face primers help your foundation and make-up to go on easy and thus help your make-up to stay longer. If you’re going to a party and want to go heavy duty, try the Smashbox photofinish primer but if you think you’re going to be running around chasing your kids during a family affair, choose a lighter wearing primer like the RMK make-up base or the Rimmel primer. Plus, your eye-makeup will love you for wearing a good eye primer like the Urban Decay Primer Potion. It can do wonders for making the colors pop and to stay throughout the night. I use it every time I put on eye-shadow, wouldn’t know where I’d be without one. To find out all you need to know about primers, check this out here.
2. Bring some Touch-Up Make-up Goodies with You
Don’t forget your presents and your touch-up make-up bag! Putting a few key items in a small pouch to keep with you throughout the night can be handy or drop some in your purse. Some suggestions for this include your eye-liner, your lipstick or lipgloss for the night, a perfume tester, some powder or concealer in case anything happens. You never really know when the party gets a little rowdy.
3. Santa told me to wear a Long-Wearing Foundation
Yes he did, and he probably told you too lest you forgot. Leave your bb creams alone tonight and opt for something a little heavy duty because you can. If you want to look flawless tonight and you can’t possibly because you had too many chocolates the night before, don’t be afraid to amp up the coverage a bit with a long wearing foundation. To look flawless, read about my top 3 foundations for a night out here. Some other suggestions include the Make-Up Forever HD Foundation and the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hr foundation. You’re probably going to take loads of pictures and if you’re like me, a sip or two of champagne can give me a very unwelcome asian glow that will look even more unflattering without the extra coverage.
4. Skip the SPF tonight because Christmas Gouls are Unwelcome 
Skip all foundations with SPF tonight because chances are they’ll make you have that white over-cast in photos. Simply make sure your foundation doesn’t have SPF. The white overcast may also be from the “I like to look paler than I actually am” syndrome that many people seem to have over here and is not welcome in photos. Also, check your undertone especially if you have beautiful darker skin. A cool undertone when you’re warmer can look ashy on you even if it’s cold outside, forget about matching the weather.
5. Remember to set your Make-up!
I have a lot of friends asking me why their make-up just melts off during the night. I go through the standard check-list and be-fuddled, I then ask the most basic question, “So, did you set your make-up?” and the answer is almost always no. Baby girl, you need to set your make-up after you apply your foundation, especially if your foundation is a liquid foundation! Grab a light loose powder, your favourite powder or even a mineral foundation and gently sweep over your foundation and concealer. This ensures that your make-up stays and helps to control oil while it can. You’ll still have to blot but it’ll stay longer for shizzle. Almost as important as wearing a primer. Suggestions for powder include the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, the M.A.C MSF Natural and even the Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Make-up!

And there we have it! My Top 5 Tips to looking party ready all night long!

Here are some Christmas Tutorials if you’d like!

Classic Holiday Look:
Classic Christmas Look:

I hope you have a fabulous Christmas everyone and I hope Santa gives you what you want!