My Favourite Top 5 Winter/Fall Nail Polishes

Hey Everyone!

Good Saturday! Since the beautiful chilly seasons of fall and winter are coming, I thought it would be useful to show you my favourite nail colours to wear during the holiday season. For the rest of us tropical babes, stay tuned to my favourite spring/summer nail polishes in my next post. The reason why I say nail colours instead of specific nail polishes is because I tend to buy limited edition nail polishes so that finding them again is near impossible unless you look online. I didn’t want the brand to matter so I thought suggesting nail colours would be more appropriate.
1. Taupe Brown – China Glaze Ingrid
A taupe brown is a necessary color during fall or winter. In fact, all browns are. They remind us of egg nogg, cinnamon sticks and milk chocolate – things I find myself relishing during this season.

A taupe brown isn’t necessarily a chocolate brown. It has a bit of a gray undertone. This one is specifically beautiful and a nail color that I can wear regardless of the season actually.

2. Dark Teal/Deep Blue – M.A.C Blue India
A teal is a cool color that no one really thinks of putting on during fall. I like it because it’s not specifically bright and cheery like Spring but it’s sort of foggy and gray like how the sky looks during winter. Well, sort of. It’s a unique color that puts a twist that adds an edge to your fingers than just wearing regular reds and browns.

This swatch makes the polish look more blue than teal. It’s really a mix. A dark teal or gray blue works well.

3. Dark Red/Maroon – OPI Glove You So MuchΒ 
Who doesn’t like this classic winter color? It reminds you of Christmas and new year parties, elegant cookies and maybe a little more champagne that you thought you could take.Β 
OPI Glove you so much has really nice red reflex in it. I’m not an over the top shimmer or glitter person. A subtle sparkle or sheen is a more elegant look. For new year parties, I feel I can go much more wild with chunky nail polishes in metallics and what not. Funny how the New Year always reminds me of silver or platinum colors.

4. Chocolate Brown – M.A.C Dim the Lights
I love chocolate. I love chocolate even when it’s not winter or fall but I can’t resist some milky and thick goodness during the winter when it’s cold and all you really want is comfort food. That’s why I’ve picked a dark chocolate as one of my favourite nail colors to wear during this season. It’s chic and it’s a classic that will match any winter outfit.

I feel like putting a small white “m” and making this look like an m’n’m! Haha.

5. Storm Grey – Sportsgirl StormΒ 
The last color is a bit unusual to suggest but I really like the look of a good grey or gray during the winter or fall. Perhaps it matches with the cold weather and gloomy skies or maybe a dose of seasonal affective disorder but I have received so many compliments on a color like this that it should nonetheless be on my top 5 nail color list any day.

I say it wouldn’t be half-bad for spring either!

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What are you favourite nail colors?