Tangspiration: Do you really want what you want?

Hey Everyone,

I hope you’re doing well this Sunday morning. I have my favourite shirt on that my parents tell me that I over-wear way too much and my favourite jeans shorts. I’m ready to head to the library to check out a few cool books out to read over the holidays. I know, I’m getting my nerd on even when I’m not supposed to. Houston, we have a problem. I thought I’d make a tangspiration post before I leave.
This blog means a lot to me. I think perhaps that’s an understatement but having Asian parents, things get a little difficult when they see you on the computer all the time. My parents do know that I blog and that I YouTube but I’m sure you know that they have what many term “Asian parent syndrome”. It’s not a racist term. Trust me, I’m asian I would know but it happens to many third culture kids. I’ve grown up in a so called “western society” even living in Singapore, I went to American international schools all my life and I’m currently completing my uni degree in Melbourne. I’m very lucky I know but I have to say western and asian ideals are very different and that’s why sometimes my mom and I clash. I get the you should be doing medicine or becoming a lawyer a little more than much instead of blogging right now. Of course there are exceptions, no generalizations made.
I guess it really all boils down to how much you want something to be successful. You might not have a blog and perhaps you can only relate by wanting that grade at school or wanting to get into the cross country team or maybe even getting that promotion at work, but how much do you want what you really want? More often than not, life doesn’t hand us what we want on silver platters. Instead, it tends to throw obstacles our way to question how much we want something. It’s our perseverance, passion and commitment to what we want that will keep us racing to the finish line. In fact, the best things in life are the things you’ve worked the hardest for because the greatest rewards are the rewards that you’ve earned yourself.

That being said, I tweeted the other day – You can’t get much in life unless you work for it because that’s the only way life’s gonna know how much you want it.

Most of all, you know what you want. Filter out the people who are going to tell you that what you want is wrong. They don’t know what you want. You should know what you want. Now go get it.
Life is a journey. Sometimes we give up without realising how close to the finish line we are. It’s that extra inch or that extra ounce of effort that makes all the difference. Go the extra mile, you’ll be sure to gain something anyhow.