Exam Stress Haul: Drugstore, Lush and Sportsgirl Make-up!

Hey Everyone!

I’m finally back in Singapore. I have no make-up on currently, I’m sitting out on the porch in tropical weather drinking an orangina and I’m pretty content. Nothing like a haul to celebrate. Sometimes I tell myself that I won’t be going shopping during exams because I need to stay home and study. For some reason, that never sticks. I always find myself scrambling to the store when I get nervous or a little stressed out and I find that a few items bought can be one of the best stress relievers out there. Here’s my little exam stress haul – a few drugstore foundations, a favorite from Lush and of course a little bit from Sportsgirl.

1. LUSH Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo
To be honest, I’ve been asking for samples of these at the LUSH store for far too long. It’s time I actually bought a bottle. This is amazing. It’s beer shampoo in the most simplest terms and although it sounds like Homer Simpson’s fantasy dream to be drowned in beer, this baby works a charm on my hair. It makes it absolutely voluminous, soft and flowing. It’s like a mini hair miracle in a bottle. Look forward to the review – I won’t be able to do a tutorial just because it’s shampoo and you’ve probably learnt how to do that since you were five years old and for other probably more obvious reasons.

2. Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse
My ultimate weakness these days has to be foundations. I love foundations, I’ve always loved foundations so feeling a bit of the stress, I bought four. I know, I know, bad Roseanne – but seriously who couldn’t pass on a Priceline sale. I’ve had a lot of requests of late after I did my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Review to do the Dream Smooth Mousse. This is a hydrating foundation, probably one of the reasons I stayed away from it in the first place, having less than fun oily skin. I decided to jump the bandwagon and try it out anyway. It’s much like a balm and cream foundation.

The packaging is pretty cool. You screw open the bottom and the foundation is inside. I honestly think they don’t give you much at all.

And then if you flip open the top, it’s a compartment for the sponge!

When first swatched, it produced a really nice smooth effect (no, duh) but it blended really flawlessly and wasn’t weighty to say the least. I spy a bit of oxidation though which may not be prime in Singapore weather.

3. L’Oreal Matte Morphose Souffle Foundation
Score, I’m finally trying out L’Oreal foundations. Very satisfied with the Maybelline Dream Matte, I thought I might try it’s new competition – the L’Oreal Matte Morphose (so much for being brand loyal).

As the name implies, it’s a regular mousse and whipped butter consistency. The best way to apply this is by pressing it into your face with your fingers and then smoothing it out in circular motions. I’m excited to do a review on this as well!

4. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation
The Rimmel Lasting Finish 24 Hr (what used to be a 24 hour wear, and what makes more logical sense as there isn’t even 25 hours in a day – but not like that matters since foundations will never last that long anyway) used to be one of  my first favourite foundations. Funny I never wrote about it but seriously this stuff, is good stuff. It has perfect coverage and when it’s time to call it day, it fades out nicely.

Looks like this foundation though is the king of puffery today. It’s still slightly transfer resistant and I wouldn’t say humidity proof – the probably haven’t been to Singapore before – but admist the floating facts, I love it. It blends great, it covers great and wears great. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Look forward to a review soon!

 I love the convenient squeeze of this as well. It has a nice sunscreen/moisturiser smell.

5. L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Perfecting Foundation
I’ve heard that along with the Revlon Colorstay, this is a drugstore must-have so because there was a 2 for 1 deal at Priceline, I picked this one up and dropped it in the basket. I’m not regretting that either. After a trial run, this is quite a liquidy foundation that blends nicely and finishes flawlessly on the skin. It’s light, it covers and it lasts for a reasonable time, but I wouldn’t say as long ast the Rimmel.

Who doesn’t love a pump bottle either. Apparently, it has super-blend-able pigments. I don’t really know what that entails, but ok, just go with it.

 You can see just how nice the texture of the foundation is for a skin-like look.

6. Sportsgirl Make-up – Eye Like and Pout About It!

Sportsgirl is a clothing store and don’t be mis-lead, their make-up is actually pretty good. I am a fan of their lip products – including their lip glosses and liquid lip colors and not to mention their extensive line of nail polishes. I’m going to do a post on the sportsgirl make-up that I have right now. I bought a matte lipstick and I wanted to try their eye-shadows so I picked up a baked trio in Nude.

The Sportsgirl Eye Like Baked Eyeshadow isn’t very pigmented. I had to rub it a bit to get that color payoff. This shadows are best used wet when they pay-off much better. 

I also grabbed a bright coral matte lipstick in Fruit Tingle.

I like the finish and the texture is manageable, not being over the top dry.

And there we have it! My exam stress haul! Hope you liked it!

By the way,  my baby says hello, I think she needs to go on a little doggie diet!