Review: Australis Fresh And Flawless Liquid Make-up

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I ought to be ashamed of myself. I have been in Australia for nearly 3 years now and I haven’t ventured much into Australian make-up brands. But don’t fret because it’s never too late to start to put my foot down on unexplored territory. Australia carries many local brands, just as much as it carries many Australian owned and made products. Visit the local make-up store and you’ll be sure to find brands like Australis, Gorgeous Cosmetics, Face of Australia and Napoleon Perdis dominating the scene.

Australis Cosmetics is a make-up brand that has been around for over twenty years. They focus on quality and affordable products for the beauty savvy and are commonly available at Priceline stores all across Australia. Today, I’ll be reviewing one of their foundations, the Australis Fresh and Flawless foundation, which happens to be one of my all time favourite drugstore foundations. At AUD $12.95, it can’t hurt to drop it in your shopping basket the next time you’re out either.

As any standard review, I’ll take a look at the claims, packaging, texture and blendability, and overall finish of the foundation! Let’s go!

Australis claims that this foundation does the following:

Thus, this foundation is supposed to be a medium to full coverage with a matte finish – providing oil control, coverage, moisture and sun protection. Time to see if those claims hold up.


Even though it’s $12.95 a pop, there isn’t that much product. It comes in a bright pink squeeze tube which is convenient for the consistency of the foundation but due to the nature of this, you’ll be using a little more than you usually do to get a desired finish (but totally worth it). In other words, you might find yourself running out faster than usual. I’ve already run out of mine. Seriously though, I’ve been using it everyday.

But what’s a foundation review if I don’t put the product on?


The best way to apply this foundation is with a paddle brush in quick and short strokes. This foundation dries very fast so you’ll have to be like speedy gonzales in application. You can already start to see that it does bring a nice medium to full-coverage on the skin. Any tool that will allow you to move fast will work. If you have quick hands, even better.

Texture and Blendability

The foundation has a nice creamy foundation consistency and feels very light after application making it great for an everyday foundation. Some people have complained that the foundation isn’t necessarily blendable. I would say that again you have to move fast and it seeps flawlessly into the skin as you can see in the photo. It isn’t cakey or dry. It’s pretty much perfect.

Overall Finish:

As the claims say it does, it dries to a semi-matte finish – great for people with oily skin like me. I still always suggest setting your foundation with a powder to ensure that it lasts throughout the day. Look at that finish though. It’s like a beautiful, radiant but muted glow. It’s not obviously glowing, but a semi-matte finish that’s worth celebrating.

Oil Control and Lasting Power:

Surprisingly, this foundation lasts a really long time as well. I went on a night out with my friends with this foundation and when I came back, after dancing too, it still looks pretty good! The coverage remained intact and it didn’t do badly in the oil control department either. You’ll still have to blot but not excessively.


Love at first sight. For $12.95, it’s a foundation for sure worth looking into. Be prepared to apply with quick hands for a more than rewarding finish. Great for everyday and suitable for oily to combination skin!

What’s the rating?

What’s your favourite product from Australis? Any recommendations?

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