Top 5 Fall/Winter 2011 Make-Up Trends and Tips from the Runway!

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When watching the latest fashions walk down the runway, we’re probably focusing on one thing – the clothes. Litte do we know that the models wearing these beautiful dresses are also sporting the season’s make-up trends. Here’s a little snapshot of five make-up trends for Fall/Winter 2011 including – nude make-up, strong brows, orange eye-shadow and dark red vampy lips! Plus, I’ve included a few make-up tips to make these into more wearable versions for every day. Let’s get to the runway!
1. Radiant Nude Make-Up
Nude make-up has always been a classic but for Fall/Winter, designers are taking this trend to the next level. It’s the barely there make-up, the kind of make-up that you’re putting on but knowing that you want to achieve a face that looks like you’re wearing nothing at all. I honestly think it goes quite well with the Fall/Winter weather as the clothes will be in colors of dark green or shades of brown. A clean and flawless skin with a radiant complexion would look beautiful.
Making this trend wearable: To achieve this for everyday, find matte eye shadow shades that are two or three tones darker than your original skin color. I just recently did a tutorial on how you can achieve those nude eyes right here. Check it out. I basically paired a skin tone color and then just in the outer half, applied a darker matte skin tone colour. Then, pair it up with minimal eye-liner and some beautiful false lashes. You can also choose to line your waterline and tight line but may want to leave your lid line empty. For foundation, you should choose a more moisturising foundation because you want a glowy complexion. Keep liquid highlighters handy and for lips, choose a neutral but not nude colour and you’re set!

Fendi Fall 2011

Fendi Fall/Winter 2011

Valentino Fall 2011

 2. Dark, Vampy Lips

I’ve always thought dark and red vampy lips to be the epitome of classic sophistication. It’s such a beautiful trend and it has been spotted on the Gucci and Yves St. Laurent runways for Fall 2011. It’s obviously great for any season and occasion and I’m glad it’s made a comeback this year. The red doesn’t scream tropicana. Instead, it’s tones of scarlet and magenta. I love it.

Make this trend wearable: I think investing in a great lipstick or lip tar would be your best bet. The OCC lip tar in Strutter or Stalker make great tools to have to make this make-up trend work. Always remember to use a lip brush because you don’t want to make any mistakes. These lip products often stain making it hard to remove. Investing in a good red lip liner and layering that one before your lipstick will stop the pigment from “bleeding” or seeping out of your lip lines throughout the day. If this look is too bold for you, you could always opt to pat your lipstick in for a “just stained” effect. It’s one of my favourite ways to deal with bold lipsticks and turning it into an everyday lip color.

Gucci Fall 2011

Gucci Fall 2011

YSL Fall 2011

3. Bold Eyebrows

This season, dark and bush eye-brows ain’t just for your man because bold eyebrows are in as seen on Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander Wang’s models. Dark, defined eyebrows help put a frame to your face. Clean and sophisticated make-up with dark eyebrows are in this season.

Make this trend wearable: I suggest brow powders for this look because you can control the pigmentation of them and they look more natural than regular brow pencils. Always go for shades one or two shades lighter than your original hair because you don’t want the brows to detract totally from the rest of your face. Don’t forget to groom them. Bold defined chaos isn’t hot on any day.

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2011

Alexander Wang Fall 2011

4. Orange and Coral Eyes 

The hottest shade this season for eyes is orange, or any fall color for that matter. Orange has been spotted by Giorgio Armani, Donna Karan and Jill Sander in their Fall 2011 collections. The smokey orange is in, without the use of eye-liner but rather scattered on eyes over glossy and glowing foundation so that eyes are highlighted and the color spotlighted. Beautiful, but a little bird has told me that orange isn’t a color for everyone.

Make this trend wearable: I suggest going for matte shades of orange or an orange with a slight shimmer so that it appears glossy instead of sparkly. You still want to keep with that nude make-up but your eyes will have an orange accent to them. Use a blending brush and your eye-shadow and blend the colour into your crease. You can add some liner but the runways say that it isn’t really a necessity this season.

Giorgio Armani Prive Fall 2011

Jill Sander Fall 2011

Donna Karan Fall 2011

5. Eyeliner Lovin’

An eye-liner is a basic necessity in every girl’s vanity. Fall/Winter 2011 is making eye-liner more fashionable by applying it in new and different ways. As seen in Louis Vuitton and Jean Paul Gualtier, the eye-liner is placed in weird angles to morph the shape of the eye-rather than define it. Eye-liner can not only be used to darken the shadow but also to elongate or enlarge eyes which they have done pretty well on their models. It almost gives a fantasy, cartoon drawing look.

To make this trend wearable: Use a liquid liner, forget all other types. Liquid liner will give you the sharpest and most defined line. Then draw away. Draw around the features of your eye to make them bigger or elongate them. A trend isn’t to follow the contours of the eye but instead do it with a bit of space in between. Have fun, go crazy and see what you can come up with. Illamasqua’s Theatre of the Nameless collection had some shots of a similar trend. Take a look at them here:

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2011

Louis Vuitton Fall 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Fall 2011


So what do you think of this season’s trends? Do you have a favourite you’d like me to do a tutorial on?

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