My First Illamasqua Haul from the Theatre of the Nameless Collection!

Hey Everyone!

Sometimes we should revel in the beauty of the night. It’s dark, mysterious and has a certain calm about it that leaves us thinking to say the least. One cosmetic line that revels in the mysteries of the dark is the brand Illamasqua, a well-known UK based beauty known for it’s theatrical and bold colors and products. I have always wanted to try something from them, having just entered Melbourne in Myer stores recently, but never got around to it until a few weeks ago when they contacted me from London to see if I’d like to join their list of bloggers. Thoroughly thrilled, I accepted and they were nice enough to send me some products from their Theatre of the Nameless collection as a welcome gift. So here’s a little haul from Illamasqua and my very first. Let’s go!

Illamasqua sent me their Theatre of the Nameless catalogue. Usually, I wouldn’t bother putting this up but this is absolutely stunning. Look how real those eyes look. The Theatre of the Nameless collection is about 1920s Berlin, cabaret and night-time make-up.

It is a rich and indulgent collection that encompases darkly sophisticated tones and a breathtakingly modern interpretation of the most illicit nightlife in history.

You can pretty much guess the persona of the brand right? Think cabaret, mystery and magic. The make-up in this catalogue is absolutely beautiful.

Theatre of the Nameless: “In this nocturnal den of the dissent leaders of the underworld subcultures, exotic dancers rub shoulders with actors and anarchists. Exhibitionists and Boot Girls openly compete for the Master of Ceremonies eye and all participate in the Club’s endless, pleasure seeking rituals, baptising their senses in an exquisite hedonistic frenzy”
“Teased by the sweet pungent tang of opium, the air throbs with the electric shock of naked flesh. Dare to feel the intensity of the club’s intimate caress by abandoning yourself to the glorious wonders of night-time make-up. “

1. Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Ambition

One of the new products added to the Theatre of the Nameless Collection are the shimmer blushes. They’re inspired by the mirroring of the glimmer of starlight and are intensely pigmented and colour intense so that they aim to brighten, enhance and define the shape of your face.

Illamasqua was kind to send me their powder blush in Ambition, a neutral dusty cool-toned rose.

It looks beautiful on the skin although I was a bit tentative at first seeing it’s cool toned based but after I put it on, my fears were eliminated.

It’s very reminiscent of the Timeshare blush from Everyday Minerals or the M.A.C Blushbaby. The shimmer is not obvious but beautifully subtle. Do use with a light hand for it is quite pigmented.

2. Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Beguile

I’ve never been a fan of pigments because the idea of loose powder scattered all over my clothes has never appealed to me. However, when I opened up beguile and swatched it on my hand, it had to be love at first sight.

It is probably one of the most beautiful silver and white shimmers I have seen in my life – it reminds me of the White Queen, snowflakes and winter fairies and is much better looking in real-life.

The Pure Pigments from the Theatre of the Nameless Collection are supposed to be “versatile performers” – giving a high shine metallic finish either alone or by bringing highlights to eyes, cheeks and brows.

I can imagine this as a beautiful highlight for perhaps the brow bone or the bridge of the nose to bring a translucent and iridescent glow.

3. Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Vice

The nail varnishes from this collection, or nail polishes however you’d like to call them, were inspired by the Wittenberg Platz’s domineering Boot Girls and are suposed to be confident and bold shades.

Vice is described as “deep cerise” or a decent red with a slight dark purple undertone.

It’s interesting because these nail polishes when applied don’t have a high shine factor, nor are they matte, they are in-between.

Illamasqua describes them as a new waxy “rubber-look” finish and I have to say that it’s indeed different than whatever I’ve seen before. I was quite surprised when the polish finally dried to this finish.

And there we have it! My very first haul from Illamasqua, courtesy of this wonderful dark and mysterious brand. It has for sure gotten me intrigued about what other products they have to offer. Look forward to upcoming reviews if anything is note-worthy for a tutorial or review or feel free to request one below!