Tangspiration: What is Inner Beauty? My Top 10 Characteristics of a Truly Beautiful Woman

Hey Everyone,

Let’s be real. You could look like Miss Universe on the outside but if you’re like the wicked witch of the west on the inside, I don’t believe you can ever be truly beautiful. Whether it’s something simple like opening the door for the next person behind you or a strong charismatic glow, inner beauty I think takes many forms. In fact, it’s something I don’t mind sharing either. So here are my top 10 characteristics of a truly beautiful woman – a woman who encapsulates a kind, powerful and strong heart. Truth be told, I believe sometimes inner beauty is all you need.
1. Loves and Respects Herself
A woman who loves herself is admirable. I don’t mean a woman who stares into every reflective surface, but someone who respects herself to know what is right from wrong. If you love yourself, you’ll know what’s right for you and you’ll be able to stay away from what you know is wrong. A woman who loves herself is a woman who respects her body not to induce self harm, a woman who respects her heart not to fall for nonsense and a woman who respects her soul to seek enriching and valuable experiences.
2. Confident, but not cocky
They say confidence is the most important accessory  a woman can wear. True. With confidence, you glow and feel like you can take on the world. Whatever challenges that come your way, you’ll be able to hit outta the ball park and  you strut walkways like runways. In fact, I think that wearing confidence is more attractive than wearing any beauty product. A confident woman is able to light an inner glow that is contagious in a room of insecurities.
3. Generous Heart
Have a big enough heart to be generous. I’m not talking about money either. Have the heart to love unconditionally, to care for a stranger or many, and to share experiences when needed. Have the heart to teach someone something new, to help someone grow as a person, to sacrifice your time for a person who needs it more. Sometimes people say they’re generous just because they’re giving a few hundred dollars to a local charity. I think generosity means much more than that, much more than a number, I think it means a self-less willingness to give and to service humankind.
4. Supportive and Inspirational
I reckon that you can be real, there’s nothing wrong in stating the truth but I think one should be considerate in knowing when to be supportive and when to be critical. I think if you know that something means a lot to a person, you should support them in any way you can. Be the voice that helps them realize that possibilities are endless and that giving up and failure is always a choice. But it’s not only in another’s endeavours that you should be supportive for, you should be supportive enough to advise them right from wrong too.
5. Considerate and Kind
These characteristics are a given. In fact, they’re probably one of the first things you think of when you think of inner beauty. Someone who takes into account how others are feeling and puts themselves in their shoes is truly kind and considerate. Whether it’s taking out your wallet as a gesture at the end of a date, or being careful about how your words might make someone else feel, kindness is certainly not surrounding yourself with furry forrest friends, but really putting yourself in another’s shoes.
6. Genuine and Real
Be real, especially when it comes to realising that no one is perfect. I think that being yourself is better than trying to be someone you’re not or trying to be someone you know you should be. Perhaps you can’t be all of this, maybe it’s not your nature to do so, then take it as light hearted advice to steer or guide your actions but you shouldn’t feel pressured to become it. Being real and true to yourself and celebrating your individuality is better than being someone you’re not. Period. Also saying you’re the bomb when you don’t practice what you preach is not being genuine. I think a woman should be modest but not self-deprecating.
7. Loyal to Friends and Lovers
Loyalty to me is so important. I hear stories of people cheating on their partners and it breaks my heart. It’s not only love though, because you should be loyal to your friends as well. That means standing up for them when someone is bashing them up, sticking to your values and morals and being genuine enough not to backstab your way through life because we all know what goes around, comes around.
8. Honest and True
No one likes a perpetual liar. To be honest and truthful and not being afraid of the consequences of telling the truth is a beautiful thing. Honesty in endeavours makes a good result worthwhile. It means you earned it. Honesty in life frees the heart of guilt and living an honest life will make you happier. There is nothing wrong in admitting your wrong-doings because it helps you learn and that’s what life is for.
9. Visionary and Intelligent
A woman isn’t only beautiful because of how she looks, she’s beautiful because she has a good head on her shoulders. Intelligence, brains and wit add substance to her beauty. She’s well-cultured, knowledgeable about the world around her, and most of all does not act stupid when she’s not. This isn’t about getting Einstein’s IQ, it’s about being curious about the world and seeking knowledge to know more about your surroundings. Knowledge makes a powerful, engaging and interesting woman. You’re a cultured conversationalist. You don’t want to talk to a woman who stares blankly at you dumbly no matter how pretty she is.
10. Passionate and Strong
A beautiful woman is passionate about something, has a dream or a goal in life and will do the work to make it happen. She’s strong to admit that there is a challenge ahead of her but her passion is strong enough to overcome it. A beautiful woman is also ambitious, strong, and well focused. She wants to get somewhere in life and I think that’s important.

So those are my top 10 characteristics of a truly beautiful woman!

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My current motto: Never give up, live the dream, live your best life!

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