Review: LUSH Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser

Hey Everyone!

LUSH will always have a soft spot for me. I love walking into their stores and being greeted by what I call cakes of multicolored soaps and those classic black tubs that face masks, moisturisers and cleansers call home. In fact, I can pretty much tell if a LUSH store is just around the corner just by sniffing the air, it has a classic smell and  I love it. Today I’ll be doing a review of one of their best -sellers – the Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser. Just like any standard review, I’ll be talking about the packaging, the product, it’s claims and applying it so you can see the before and after effects of its application. Did you know LUSH is coming to Singapore very soon? I’m so excited.
I thought this video might be a good starter though of the origins of the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser:

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LUSH Claims:

LUSH’s description of the cleanser is as follows:

With rose, lavender and kaolin, this cleanser acts as a gentle exfoliator that soothes the skin and controls your skin’s natural oils. Perhaps we’ll see a more polished face.
As with most LUSH products, the Angels on Bare skin cleanser comes in a classic black tub with handwritten squiggles on it. I love this, I think it gives character to the product and is convenient as LUSH products don’t seem to be commercialised and seemingly over-processed. The clumpy mass makes this tub a more than appropriate dwelling.

The form of the Angels on Bare Skin doesn’t take the typical cleanser. It’s like a lump of play dough with twigs in it. Forget about the conventional way of cleansing. It smells amazing with a clean lavender smell. But, you’re probably wondering how to use this though. I mean, there’s nothing you can press down to squeeze some of the product and you’re wondering how the clump can transfer on your face. All you have to do is take a little bit on your palm…

Then, wet the product and the squish the clump into your palm so that the product turns into a paste. Then use that and apply it on your face!

When spread out, it looks just like this:

In fact, let’s do that. First, forgive me for my eye-lids. Not enough sleep makes them do weird things. You can see that the product transfers easily on…

And you’re basically spreading on a face mask like product all over first

before washing the product off…

and being done! I have to say this baby isn’t bad at all.

Overall Review: 
Overall, I love how clean my face feels after I use this and how well the lavender and rose oils work together to really soften the face. My skin feels overall calmer after the wash. I’ve been using it for more than a week now daily and I can’t say that there’s huge improvements of the skin, I think it’s more of a short term, it feels nice after – sort of skincare product. I wouldn’t say it has given me any “longer-term” results. For people with good skin, this is a great maintenance product but for those with trouble spots, I reckon you wouldn’t expect this to be a miraculous cure to all your problems. Be careful if you’re not up for a mess when you’re washing this off as well! I tend to splutter everywhere. Overall though, a good cleanser that makes me feel clean and soft.

I like the novelty of the product, but I wouldn’t say it’s utterly amazing and un-subtitutable. If that’s even a word.

Have you tried the Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser? What do you think?