5 Tips on How To Choose the Perfect Perfume For You!

Hey Everyone,

Finding the perfect scent can be hard. You walk into a perfumery or your local Sephora and in front of you sits hundreds of different brands of perfume. I reckon your little nose gets tired of the scents after a while and for me at least, I walk out of the store with more than a few mixes already on me. Honestly, scoring a free spray is always a hit with me. But, it can be hard to find the perfect scent for the season, an occasion and mostly for yourself. In fact, did you know that it’s always good to have a signature scent? People (cough boys) can recognize your scent better and it helps them be reminded of you whenever they take a whiff of it. It’s like an emotional thing. That’s probably the reason why Marc Jacobs Daisy reminds me of my first semester of Uni, Anna Sui’s Secret Wish of senior year and Chloe of last semester. I’ll suggest some of my favourites as well that I’ve used throughout the years.
1. Compare it to Clothes
Silly enough, what style do you usually wear? Your scent should correspond with the kind of clothes you like wearing. So if you’re into floral prints and pastel colors, you’re probably going to go with Marc Jacobs Daisy and if you’re more sophisticated like a Samantha Thavasa girl or have a pet poodle and like to wear beige or cream than Chloe would be more of your fragrance. If you’re more dark and sophisticated maybe something more musky like Theirry Mugler’s Alien or Marc Jacobs Lola. It depends what you like to wear, your personal style and your fragrance should match that.
2. Compare to Seasons
Besides your clothes, you should look around you to see what the weather is like. I know in Singapore you don’t have much choice – it’s mainly just summer – but in Australia, you do. If it’s cold, a musky and more warm winter fragrance will suit better like Juicy Couture and for Summer or Spring, something light like DKNY Cherry Blossom might be a better pick. Plus can you imagine smelling a musky, tired fragrance during a hot summer day? Not that great either.
3. Trust your instincts
Honestly, I’m not going to lie, perfume is all about personal preference. It’s such a personal preference that it’s so basic that maybe you don’t need to keep in mind the first two guidelines. Maybe all you have to do is smell, like, buy. It’s not something I recommend unless your wallet needs to go on a diet but trust your instincts and if you like the scent a lot and see yourself wearing it, well, it’s as simple as just getting it.
4. Wear the scent and then buy it later
You should always spray the scent that you’re eyeing on yourself and then walk around with it before you think of purchasing it. You need to see how the scent develops throughout the day. Even better, hold your horses, and just get it the next day. If you still see yourself wearing it and if you really like it, then get it but wait. I’ve bought Dolce & Gabanna Rose The One and fell so in love with it the moment i smelt it, bought it and realized that it really had a metal note I did not like as it developed throughout the day. I’ve also made a mistake with YSL Parisienne, the musk after-smell is quite ageing.
5. Observe how the scent develops
That being said, how the scent develops and changes, is a key characteristic that people overlook. Scents have lots of scent layers. They are complex scents, especially the ones you are really paying for. You should make sure to smell the perfume and then smell off it. I’m not sure what the after-smell is, but it sometimes changes. Some scents morph as you go and as you hit the sun, how does the scent change. Especially in hot and humid weather, this is really an important point.
A few perfume tips for the road? – Those coffee beans are there for a reason. Smell them before you smell the next fragrance so that it cleanses your palette. Keep some of your perfumes in the fridge for a refreshing spritz in the morning before you leave and remember to never put your fragrances in direct sunlight!

Smelling good is very important and I hope I helped you find your purrfect scent!

*images by Bellasugar

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