Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Hey Everyone,
Every now and then when I visit the drugstore, there will be a shiny new foundation that’s just come out. This one in particular has been on the shelves for a while now but that doesn’t make it not suitable for being relatively new. A foundation that boasts to be the perfect fit for your skin and coming from one of my favourite brands, Maybelline, I just had to get it. In this review, I’ll be talking about the claims of this foundation, the texture, colors, and overall look. It seems that Maybelline also recently changed the name of their colors. I’m usually a nude but I think they changed that color to a ‘nude beige’. I can say now that this foundation isn’t one of my favourites.
Maybeline Claims:
This foundation is supposed to:

Thus, you’re supposed to look at a foundation that gives you natural coverage that is almost translucent and flawless. Sounds pretty good right? Well, let’s see if these claims hold any weight.
Bottle Top Packaging:
The foundation comes in a generic foundation bottle which I don’t like because I’d rather pump the foundation out or squeeze it out from a squeeze tube. Because the foundation is a very liquid like foundation, it exacerbates the problem of pouring just too much on the back of your hand. But, this is really a standard packaging for a foundation so there shouldn’t really be any complaints. πŸ˜‰

Free Flowin’ Texture:
The texture of this foundation is liquid. Like a liquid. Very dribbly and runny and very much like the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation which I have a review of also on this blog. Despite the runny texture, it still provides medium to basically full coverage and is great with a paddle brush or with your hands. Your hands will provide a more sheer coverage.

Glowy Finish:
After application, there will certainly be a glow which is why this foundation is mainly suggested for people with dry skin. Oily skin users, please beware, because the foundation will look way too glowy for you and you can just imagine how bad it might get later on in the day. For me, I don’t really like this finish, I’d rather much prefer something a little more matte or a subtle glow.

Lasting Power
The foundation’s lasting power is weak. The foundation doesn’t last long and I think mainly it’s a foundation for your skin to breathe so in comparison with other foundations, I found myself blotting throughout the day and it’s something I for sure wouldn’t wear on a night out with the girls.

Overall Review:
When worn, the foundation was fairly comfortable. I didnt notice too much difference in comfort level. It has a glowy finish that I wouldn’t say is totally natural and I wouldn’t probably leave the house not setting my foundation with a powder. I know it wouldn’t stand a chance of staying on for very long at all if I didn’t. I would give this a 2-3/5. I have oily skin though so it may be a totally different story for someone with dry skin. I will not be making a re-purchase. I found this difficult to be comfortable with.

Have you tried this foundation?

What do you think?

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